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mr korosu avatar 9:29 AM on 08.13.2010  (server time)
Awesome vidya: The Neverhood

Have you ever mentioned one of your favourite video games to a friend only to find out that, not only have they never played it, they've also never heard of it? I have. The Neverhood is one of those games. Since I love this game so much, I have decided to put the end of my summer holidays to good use and tell you fine people about it; because I'm sure some of you have also never have heard of it.

The Neverhood is a relatively old point and click adventure game for the PC, made in 1996. It's made using only clay, stop-motion animation which makes it look very original. Other than that it's your typical point and click adventure game: you solve various puzzles, collect all sorts of shit to use for later puzzles etc.

I don't really want to talk about the story much because part of what's fun about the game is that you discover it yourself. There is no intro to tell you any backstory; the main character, Klaymen, just wakes up in a room and off you go. You collect tapes as you progress through your adventure that tell you what happened before you woke up in the room. All the characters in the game are awesome. They're all very funny and you'll definitely enjoy watching the story and the characters develop.

The music in this game is so good I don't have the words to describe it. You will be humming, tapping your feet and probably downloading the soundtrack. All the tracks are original and suit the mood of the game perfectly. Seriously, it's good. Being a relatively old game, your best bet is to search for a download if you want to play it. There's some sites where you just pay a few bucks and they give you a version of the game that will work on vista/windows 7 to download.

Basically, if you're a fan of the point and click genre, play it. If not, then play it and you will be (or at least a fan of The Neverhood). This is awesome vidya at its most awesome.

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mr korosu

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