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mr spooky's blog

12:04 AM on 06.01.2009

Eminem gets owned by Brüno (little NSFW)


During Bruno’s grand fly over entrance technical difficulties cause him to fall right into Eminem’s lap. Ass in face, Eminem’s crew start to get rough and pushes Bruno around. Em gets pissed and storms out.


2:31 AM on 05.20.2009

Earthbound Orchestrated Music

Earthbound orchestrated music and look closely at 38 second timer. Let the fans enjoy. hint its yellow and is wearing an outfit

This one seems a very interesting video of mother 1 video from the 80's. I wonder where are these child actor’s today? Did they ever get a copy of the mother series or not?

Here are a glimpse of their faces.

Who are these kids?   read

1:50 AM on 05.15.2009

New Metal Gear site!
Once you get to the website on your web browser (FireFox) go to "View" and click on "Page Source". In the Page Source you will see this text: <meta name="keywords" content="Hideo Kojima, MGS,METAL GEAR, NEXT, game, konami, kojima game, KJP, Kojima Production ">

It will say Metal Gear and I also found something Interesting. You have to look at the pictures carefully.

This is Solid Snake in both pictures okay.

Okay now look at this very carefully. You can barely see Solid Snake here and his chest says 5 on it.

I'm not kidding about these pictures. Just select the 2nd key of your mouse zoom in once on the Konami website.

4 Bwark-Kupo

3:43 AM on 05.14.2009

Playstation 3 Slim Exist Pictures

I just found out this might be the new PS3, which looks very slim to me. I'm not sure if this real deal or not. If this is real then someone might get fired for the pictures. I wouldn't mind getting a Playstation 3 slim this year. Don't judge the PS3 slim yet until e3 Expo or from Sony headquarters. Rumors have been spreading about a new PSP and PS3 for sometime now.

The main source is from this site.   read

9:29 PM on 04.14.2009

Final Fantasy 13 Demo Alive Now! Video


Final Fantasy 13 Demo is now available for someone before launch. To be spoil or not to be spoil.   read

3:05 AM on 02.25.2009

Mario 2-D paintings

Bowser Gets the Princess After All.

Super Mario Bros. abstract

Dr. Mario

I like the last one because its humorous and neat to look at. The artist name is Johnny Yanok. I like his art style (60's/70's) it reminds me of a few cartoons from cartoon network and Nickelodeon show angry beavers.
Website:   read

5:48 PM on 02.11.2009

Samus Aran Cosplay +Update+

Another person pulls off the look for Samus Aran look. You be the judge of this cosplay outfit against Pixelninja. I'm just wondering how do they get the material to compose that look and form?

The rest of the photos are
Just click on the Samus Aran web link. This website doesn't seem to give me a link to photo page, odd.   read

12:02 AM on 01.26.2009

Duke Nukem Forever Release Date Guess

Dear Dtoid readers,
I was recently thinking about Duke Nukem Forever release date. Well after watching the trailer a 2nd time I notice the American flag. Now if I put U.S. flag plus the word forever (4) I get Fourth of July, which is my guess for the release date for Duke Nukem game. Im pretty sure 3D Realms might show the game in action during this years e3 June 2-4, 2009. My other guess would be this summer of 09. I just found this recently on saying this, On January 12th, 2009 George Broussard posted on his Twitter account "Game developers often say 'Cutting is shipping'. We begin this year with a vengeance and a chainsaw". Now who is George Broussard, maybe someone involved with Duke Nukem from the past or present? George Broussard is a game producer and designer known in the PC game community as one of the two creators of the widely successful Duke Nukem series. Duke Nukem was original released on PC: January 29, 1996 and MAC a year later. The game looks ready to launch this year.


5:51 PM on 01.25.2009

Crazy Russians steal Giant PSP


Damn, these guys are crazy, breaking a street ad for a peace of plastic! Looks like PSP is still popular in Russia.

I actually seen this even more Bigger PSP billboard. I just don't know if any of you have seen this PSP billboard in new york or not?   read

2:46 AM on 01.24.2009

Metal Gear Solid: Raiden Girl Cosplay

I bet you want this cosplay outfit for Anime Festivals to win first prize. Slice and dice to her moves. The cosplay outfit is only 95% completed, a few more touches needed to complete. From the great Pixel-Ninja

Your close up Raiden Girl   read

2:18 PM on 01.23.2009

Marvel vs. Capcom, Happy BURFDAY

January 23, 1998 Marvel vs. Capcom is released in North America and it's been a decade (11yrs). So guess what I did went across the street in a Laundromat that has Neo-Geo and Marvel vs. Capcom right beside it. The Laundromat use to have a pinball machine, Killer Instinct, many other Neo-Geo games. I never knew why i can sometimes easily play as Evil Ryu, which is actually Akuma powers. It was released on Arcade, Sega Dreamcast, and PlayStation. I use play this all the time anywhere because of all the characters you get to play including hidden stuff. The Duo Team Attack allowed a player to control both characters on his or her team simultaneously for a brief period of time. the characters had the ability to use their super moves to finish the opponent faster and worthwhile in 2-D. The gameplay was pretty good and fluid with all those 2d sprites flashing all over the stages.

Also enjoy this small show from the past, in which they mostly review great games.
In this episode they talk about MVC in all its glory and some retro games.

[embed]118946:17157[/embed]   read

7:46 PM on 01.19.2009

Adventureland "Arcade" scene


It's the summer of 1987 and James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg), a recent college graduate, is looking for a job. He finds it at a local amusement park and learns it's the perfect course to prepare him for the real world. He also finds love working at the amusement park. Greg Mottola directed Superbad the movie. Release Date: 27 March 2009


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