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G'day. My real name's Tom and I'm a 15-year old Sydneyan. As to what games I like, I like games. That basically sums it up. As long as it's a good game I don't really mind what type of game it is, although sports games have been fairly uninspiring to me. I also tend to be more of a lone wolf, my parents don't let me get online multiplayer (unfortunately). I have aspirations to be a videogame journalist or an author, either one's good.
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It's 7 o'clock in the morning and I'm sitting on my couch trying not to wake everyone up while playing endwar (it's a difficult skill, trust me). Playing as the russians, the battle winds down and only one enemy is left with nothing else around it. I could easily just use an airstrike, but airstrikes are boring. A themobaric warhead rains down on them instead. Massive explosions follow and I try not to laugh as the enemy gets blown to bits.

This is a scenario that I relive almost every morning. I could easily just kill them some other way, so why do I use a WMD instead? It's probably the same reason that I give my engineers and tanks flamethrowers before I give them armour. Guns and cannons are boring. Fire and explosions? They're much more fun. Who cares if I'm contributing to the destruction of the globe? The Europeans should have considered that before I forced them into a . . . hang on. The Americans should have considered that before they attacked the motherland.

In conclusion: FOR THE EXPLOSIONS! - I mean uh . . . .motherland, yeah.

(Sane part of me's note: I sincerely hope I don't end up in control of WMDs or I'll probably end up blowing up the world for giggles).