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2:00 PM on 02.01.2008


if you didn't know already, the quarry are in burnout is magnifique!

on another note, the way of the future is to have Skate and Burnout happening in the same online city. imagine skating along when some jackass buzzes by on his 5th burnout, and launches you to the other end of the map.

I don't do news, because if my unconnected ass has heard it, it's probably already been reported ad nauseum. So as not to collect more flack from dtoiders about a tiny, pointless post i will further my imagining of a perfect game world:

EA as a corporation has a tendency to franchise the crap out of all their games. To remedy this I propose a single EA with games mashed into one giant hub world. Drive your Burnout car to the football stadium to take part in or watch a game of Madden Football. After, get drafted and sent to die in a Battlefield war. Then come back and go on tour with your Rock Band. The game would be more than a hub for all EA titles it would be the world they existed in. Think Home, but with an actual point. Your own persistant avatar, but not dependent on marathon gaming sessions.
The game world would come for free with any EA game, but activities within the world, and specialized/new areas (sports stadiums, warzones, new cities) would arrive via newly purchased games or microtransactions. Obviously this wouldn't have to be an EA creation, I was just using the massive company as an example based on the number of suitable games in their line-up.   read

11:39 AM on 01.17.2008

Much like the Rod: Still looking for a reason to believe

Here i am grooming the internets, like a vermin starved monkey, and i start to notice a disturbance in the cosmic congruity. A pattern of wishy-washy back talking and whateverisms. A blight on an otherwise spotless landscape of gaming news. I'm talking about Game Developers. We all know them, at least we know their work. Some are more outspoken than others, and i think thats fine. All of them have a pretty sizeable audience that is willing to listen to them schill out their opinions concerning the state of gaming today. Here's the catch: try to make some sense. Or at least, try to be consistent in your woes, or wows.

**For those who donít like long winded opinionated essays written for the sake of boredom, just skip to the end I summarized it nicely there**

In particular, these complaints about sales. Whether it is EA, Capcom, Konami, Hudson, or Valve; someone is always willing to stand up and complain about sales. The PS3 has been a tried and true whipping boy for this since its arrival. The only concern: a not colossal install base. Apparently this massive install base insures that your game will sell well, and your company will make large throbbing profits, subsequently making your ancestors proud. This complaint has been used to excuse previously exclusive games to commit techno-adultery, and become multiplatform releases. Games like Devil May Cry 4, and Grand Theft Auto 4, once PS3 exclusives, are getting all jiggy with the 360 as well. While this is nothing but good news for 360 owners, this in turn hurts the PS3. You see my dear Developers, by taking the exclusives away you have effectively neutered the PS3. You created your own problem by throwing, not exciting exclusives, but uninspired (and undeveloped in most cases) ports of games that had already been released on 360 at the machine for launch titles. Then complained because the masses didnít feel compelled to spend their hard earned money on a console that mostly had games they already played on another system. Not to mention, in some cases these once PS3 only games are now being developed with the 360 as the lead console. Also newly developed games are ignoring the PS3 based on this, and the lovely ďits too hardĒ complaint (that seems to be popping up less since games like Uncharted, and Ratchet have arrived). Yes, this larger install base would remedy all the PS3ís problems. The games would be awesome, and plentiful! The world would hold hands and sing in glorious video game harmony! Kratos would share a 6-pack with Master Chief and Mario! Or maybe not.
You see, thereís this other system. Itís called the Wii. Its fresh control system has captivated a broad audience in a way the video game world has never seen! Having the largest install base consisting of a broad spectrum of gamer types (casual, hardcore, etc.) you would think that this console would be the golden child of every developing house on earth! Youíd be wrong, dead wrong. Apparently these 3rd party houses are sad because their games donít sell on Wii. Indeed the only games that do sell are the Nintendo 1st party franchise games: Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. Is this because Wii owners are picky, ill-informed, or just label whores? This canít be because the other games are an endless array of mini-game collections. This canít be because the few games that arenít mini games have atrocious controls that have been needlessly developed to include the most waggle possible. This canít possibly be your fault developers? The Wii has more exclusive games than any current console on the market, yet youíre not making any money on it.
Perhaps instead of complaining to the masses, and blaming all your problems on everything that happens to come into the well trained sights of your pointing finger, you could get to the root of the problem, and fix it. Sit back and take a good look at the games you put out (and didnít put out) this past year. Instead of throwing 10 crappy games out, throw 5 decent ones, or better yet, 2 awesome ones. If youíre going to make a multiplatform game, make it the best experience on all the consoles it is released on. If you are going to make an exclusive game, make it something that is unique, and specifically for the intended audience. Make it something worth buying. Make it something worth developing, so if the audience is blind or distracted with something more shiny at least you will catch the eye of the one that will truly appreciate it. Make it something you can be proud of. In other words:


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