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mooserson's blog

11:35 PM on 02.11.2008

TO Kill A Mockingbird-Pun Fans Welcome Please anyone who may visit my To Kill a mockingbird ytmnd and give me feedback. I am proud of it since I havent really made to many of these time wasters before. I have a life but it is in my other pants. Oh and I went to the Scientology
protest in chicago and had a blast. We are doing it again on the 15th. Happy vday   read

3:09 PM on 11.21.2007

Mooserson's Doldrums of the Sometimes

Oh yes well since everyone, I live in chicago, is off and left me at home and they live on the north side blah blah blah (even my gf is at a movie without me but is that just me being subtle as all bloggers are at interposing the fact that they do in fact take play the ultimate game (of love)) BUT so you may have already seen this if you are vigilant and well traveled as I am not. Enjoy this. I dont think I hve ever laughed so hard while being home by myself except for the "at meets ceiling fan" video. Grannie is in town for Turkey Dick and I am not up for bridge or swapping recipes or stories about the civil war and why secession and North Carolina are so great and since that is all she is to me, JK gmama jk, here I am.   read

6:17 PM on 11.19.2007

The Meta Blog Entry

So is it a rule that these blogs have to be about "vijya" games or can I do this about like other shit so I dont need to have another blog blog on another site. I mean I want to talk about all the bois at skool and like the gossip but I feel constrained! Tell me can I be a free bird or forever retoided. Fuck grammer or whatever that guy said.

ANyways today I bought some popcorn caramel kind for my moms bday in a nice tin and also other stuff.   read

8:30 PM on 11.18.2007

WHO ELSE doesnt "get it" from nintendo great games??

Hmm well this is my first blog and it is more of a forum post than a blog but anyways I was wondering this question for a long time.... SOoooo I, having a Wii, own Mario Galaxies, Zelda Twi Prin, and Metroid TrEs, and for some reason while they are all great games I just dont feel the "life changing ultimate gaming experience" from these as when I play, say, call of duty 4 online or various RTS games, or others even Ocarina of Time. Now that Galaxies is the number one game of all time over at gamerankings I cant help but feel that I misunderstand something. I mean maybe I want hardcore games but why is a game like this Mario rising above games that are simply more enjoyable and relevant and fun to people who arent fanboys? Fix me. Do I just expect something other than what is on the system I bought. I dont know.   read

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