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mooserson's blog

11:35 PM on 02.11.2008

TO Kill A Mockingbird-Pun Fans Welcome Please anyone who may visit my To Kill a mockingbird ytmnd and give me feedback. I am proud of it since I havent really made to many of these time wasters before. I have a life but it is in my other pants. Oh and I went to the Scientology protest in chicago and had a blast. We are doing it again on the 15th. Happy vday   read

3:09 PM on 11.21.2007

Mooserson's Doldrums of the Sometimes

Oh yes well since everyone, I live in chicago, is off and left me at home and they live on the north side blah blah blah (even my gf is at a movie without me but is that just me being subtle as all bloggers are at interposing...   read

6:17 PM on 11.19.2007

The Meta Blog Entry

So is it a rule that these blogs have to be about "vijya" games or can I do this about like other shit so I dont need to have another blog blog on another site. I mean I want to talk about all the bois at skool and like the ...   read

8:30 PM on 11.18.2007

WHO ELSE doesnt "get it" from nintendo great games??

Hmm well this is my first blog and it is more of a forum post than a blog but anyways I was wondering this question for a long time.... SOoooo I, having a Wii, own Mario Galaxies, Zelda Twi Prin, and Metroid TrEs, and for ...   read

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