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Gamer (duh)

Ive been in love with games as long as I can remember. My first gaming experiences were on old computers like Texas Instruments and the good old Amiga 500. I currently game on my computer, wii u, and ps3.

I'm pretty obsessed with game music as well. I find that after youve played a game, if it has great music, it always takes you back to the places youve been to.

Im a dad gamer which means its harder to find time to myself to play games these days (but I still manage to find quite a lot of time for it!).

Some of my all time favourites:

Another World (Out of this World)
Relentless (Little Big Adventure)
Super Metroid
Resident evil 4
The Neverhood
Zelda (cant decide which one)

Currently/recently playing:

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Okami HD
Gta V

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To me, the future of gaming is all about virtual reality. As a former Oculus Rift dev kit owner I am very excited about how virtual reality is going to open gaming up to a whole range of new experiences.

I wanted to create a piece that would express how life consuming VR could be in a humourous way. It's possible to read my illustration as an attack on the perils of escapism, but to me it's a tribute to the future of VR and living the dream...

I created this illustration by making the entire scene out of paper, photographing it, and then touching up any imperfections in photoshop. I have a bunch of other illustrations I've done using the same technique on my website


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