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mix avatar 1:06 PM on 03.16.2009  (server time)
Videogame Shooter Owned 15, Unsecured Guns! Happy Birthday!

Remember that dude who shot up his school along with two innocent bystanders with no thanks to Far Cry 2? That mans father might be getting charged for allowing his son to own and keep, fifteen unsecured guns in his bedroom. Fifteen freaking unsecured guns in your bedroom! If that doesn’t set off some sort of alert I really don't know what would!

Oh yeah, he also had a copy of Far Cry 2 somewhere in amongst the pile of guns.

Now, in stories like these how can anyone have the mental capacity to blame a videogame for the shootings? I would have figured bad parenting or the fact that the kid had easy access to one or more of the fifteen guns that he had sitting around his room before I pointed a finger at videogames. People will always like to point the blame on anything and everything else as it seems that people can't hold responsibility for their own actions these days and it makes me sick.

I wrote this blog because I saw a dog today.

Well aprrently the father had all those guns and not the rampaging kid, oops!
I'll leave it up anyways as there is no sense tossing it away as it would ened up being a one liner blog.

Story Here

On that note HAPPY BIRTHDAY Destructoid, they grow up so fast!!!!

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