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Not the best header and I have not written anything in almost a year I do believe BUT after reading the daily local news I stumbled upon some neat video games news!

A group in Kelowna BC, Canada (woot) created this website and they have made, or are trying to make it so that you can play guitar hero on your PC with any and every song available on Youtube and last.FM.

You can choose your video or song and their website generates a track that you can play on your Guitar Hero guitar via PC (they have dowloads for the guitars) and if the song is not playable you can submit it and they will get it up and running in 24 hours, or so they say.

I think this could be a very cool thing if it works, I signed up and since this is in the beta test mode and they dont want tons of people signing up for it they gave the code out to readers only via their webstie The code is totally not castanet so do not even try to sign up to see if this works and leave constructive feedback on it.

Seriously, don't even think about it.

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