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11:54 AM on 03.01.2011

Do you Invert?

As far back as I can remember, all the way back to when analog sticks and joy sticks were introduced to me in the video gaming world, I have always felt compelled to invert my Y-axis (vertical) settings in order to play and I donít know why.

Out of everyone that I personally know who plays videogames just one of them happens to invert their Y-axis their settings like I do, so it is obvious to me that the most favourable option is ďnormalĒ. None of my friends understand why I invert and are just as equally annoyed as I when given a controller that has their preference of Y-axis settings reversed. Games that involve free range movement (FPS) or camera controls (3rd Person) must be inverted or I find them unplayable. This does not apply to PC games though as to me, moving a mouse up is up, but for some odd reason when you bring an analog stick into the equation up means down, down means up and I cannot bring myself to use normal settings, though I have tried.

Ahhh, Silent Hill: Home Coming on the PS3, how I wanted to love thee.
The developers allowed me to change the Y-axis when aiming a gun which was AWESOME; however, they seem to have completely forgotten about the X (horizontal) and the Y-axis for the camera controls in every regard. Within the hour, after running into walls and looking at the roof or floor I had ejected the game and neatly placed it back in its case only to be sold the very next day. I actually sent the developers an email, with no response back, because I was so pissed that they left out this simple option from their game! No name game developers making horrible, horrible games have been kind enough to include Invert options in their games, so why did they overlook this simple, and to me, very game breaking setting?

I invert the Y-axis in 3rd person games as well as in FPS games as it just feels right. I think that I have figured out the simplest way for me to try to explain ďwhyĒ I invert .

If I was physically holding a gun and I wanted to aim upward, I would have to lower my right hand and if I wanted to aim down I would have to raise my right hand up. This translates in my mind to moving my thumb down in FPS game to aim up and moving my thumb up for aiming down. This may only make sense in my mind but it is hard to explain why you invert when peopleís retort is ďup is up and down is down, your weirdĒ

Do you invert?

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11:47 AM on 02.18.2011

Play Ultima 4 in Your Browser (My Cousin Did This!)

I just found out through Facebook that my cousin through marriage, Blair Leggett, a computer systems analyst at Zynga (yes Facebook games) who used to work at EA, has ported the entire game of Ultima IV so you can play and save in any Flash friendly web broswer! He has made a few improvements as well as added some features that were introduced in Ultima V.

Just by having the article, posted below, in PC Gamer has increased the traffic to his website by 280%

Play the game now!
Phi Psi Software

This is the facebook post I saw today (I removed comments and faces, obviously)

Screenshots from his webstie

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1:59 PM on 02.16.2011

Dead Island Announcement Trailer

This sent tingles down my spine and I think this is an amazing video that evokes some emotions.
This game has been on my list since like 2006 or when ever it was brought to life.

There is not much more I can say besides: Just watch.

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12:29 PM on 02.16.2010

iRok2 - Youtube, Guitar Hero Everything!

Not the best header and I have not written anything in almost a year I do believe BUT after reading the daily local news I stumbled upon some neat video games news!

A group in Kelowna BC, Canada (woot) created this website and they have made, or are trying to make it so that you can play guitar hero on your PC with any and every song available on Youtube and last.FM.

You can choose your video or song and their website generates a track that you can play on your Guitar Hero guitar via PC (they have dowloads for the guitars) and if the song is not playable you can submit it and they will get it up and running in 24 hours, or so they say.

I think this could be a very cool thing if it works, I signed up and since this is in the beta test mode and they dont want tons of people signing up for it they gave the code out to readers only via their webstie The code is totally not castanet so do not even try to sign up to see if this works and leave constructive feedback on it.

Seriously, don't even think about it.


12:00 AM on 06.04.2009

FREE Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Beta Code Giveaway

Well I have two beta codes kicking around, one for buying inFamous and the other for being in GAP and the funny thing is I actually can't give away the GAP one (fine print) which is weird so I'll give away the pre-order one!

So what would be better than giving one away? Yeah, I can think of lots of things that would be better too but......ya know.

So here's what I'm going to try: CONTEST
The 1st person to make a sentence that's lol worthy using each letter from "Uncharted Among Thieves" in order of the title as the first letter for each word written, will win the beta code. Each letter for each word needs to be in caps and bolded.

Like The following (can't use example)
Uncle Norman Calmy Heated Another..............etc It's kinda like what you did in preschool with your first name to describe yourself.

Also, you must have an avatar to be eligible to win and I will only ship the code via mail and you must pay for shipping. I ship all my boxes with rocks and weights so that they are treated properly during transit. I'm not responsible for lost or stolen items and could care less really. The prize will be shipped when the the large yellow thing in the sky is at it's peak on the 5th day on the new season.

Or I could just e-mail it to you.....yeah, that might work as well :)

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1:06 PM on 03.16.2009

Videogame Shooter Owned 15, Unsecured Guns! Happy Birthday!

Remember that dude who shot up his school along with two innocent bystanders with no thanks to Far Cry 2? That mans father might be getting charged for allowing his son to own and keep, fifteen unsecured guns in his bedroom. Fifteen freaking unsecured guns in your bedroom! If that doesnít set off some sort of alert I really don't know what would!

Oh yeah, he also had a copy of Far Cry 2 somewhere in amongst the pile of guns.

Now, in stories like these how can anyone have the mental capacity to blame a videogame for the shootings? I would have figured bad parenting or the fact that the kid had easy access to one or more of the fifteen guns that he had sitting around his room before I pointed a finger at videogames. People will always like to point the blame on anything and everything else as it seems that people can't hold responsibility for their own actions these days and it makes me sick.

I wrote this blog because I saw a dog today.

Well aprrently the father had all those guns and not the rampaging kid, oops!
I'll leave it up anyways as there is no sense tossing it away as it would ened up being a one liner blog.

Story Here

On that note HAPPY BIRTHDAY Destructoid, they grow up so fast!!!!   read

1:00 PM on 02.19.2009

Save The Dolphins, Freezing Water!

Just saw this on the news at work and I read up on in!

The Dolphins followed a school of fish into a bay, they are assumed to be hungry. A storm came in and they now have became stuck due to the water freezing them in a little area just 100 feet from shore.

They are continuing to swim in circles to try and prevent the water from freezing but their area of water is getting smaller and smaller and if they are not rescued soon they might drown!

The dolphins can also be heard crying the entire time :(

Hopefully they save the little buggers, I hate seeing any animal in trouble!   read

2:40 PM on 02.01.2009

Nine Things You Never Knew About /\/\ix!

Totally jumped on the bandwagon here, I was going to make a list with ten things but damn I had nothing to write in 10....

1) Besides video games, car stereos are a huge passion of mine and I actually had a complete car stereo before I even owned my first car and Iíve spent easily $10k in the past 9 years on said audio equipment. Iíve also attended around 15 or so competitions and I have 11 trophies and 5 certificates.

2) I am 23 and I am banker! Thatís right I screwed you ALL over..mwa ha ha ha. Kidding as I live in Canada and we are doing pretty darn good and I have not lost a second of sleep worrying if my job is in jeopardy. I did four years of college and I received my BBA with my major in marketing and yeah, I now bank, weird.

3)  My lucky number!
Iím very empathetic and I get choked up easily, gotta problem? I got teary eyed at the end of Gran Torino and any sad chick flick (my GF likes em) Iíll be the one with watery eyes and not her. Hell, even if something overly happy happens Iíll tear up!

4) Iíve moved quite a bit in my life times, 9 times to be exact and I absolutely HATE IT!

5) I consider myself to be pretty artistic. I love to draw and sketch but I cannot get anything out of my head onto paper the way I want it to but I can look at a picture and re-create it. I love drawing cartoons but anything I try to draw that is life like (real people) = fail.

6) I love music, hence car stereos. I play guitar and piano and I am self taught in both areas. I can sit on my computer for hours making up stupid songs with audio programs. I love to tap and beat out rhythms and it annoys the crap out of anyone who can hear me as I guess I donít know when to stop.

7) Someone else on Dtoid is deaf in their right ear, well I am very hard of hearing in my right ear and I was born that way. You can also re-create this amazing experience by getting someone to cover their mouth with their hand and talk to you as thatís what it sounds like in my right ear, all muffled up.

8) My favorite sports are Volleyball, Basketball and Ultimate (Frisbee) I currently play Vball every Monday night after work and I hope to get in on some Ultimate this summer as I need to get into shapeÖ.

9) I have a man room, thatís right a MAN ROOM! Itís got my computer desk (computer as well), trophies, beer fridge, figurines, wall scrolls, movies and games in it!   read

11:01 AM on 11.03.2008

Small Contest: LBP Kratos Costume/Package Giveaway

After trying multiple time to net a Nariko costume for my GF via a trade I have decided that it is time to give away my spare Kratos costume pack code on the best site evar! So I will post a link below where you can go to enter to win at'm just messing with you.

Contest Rules
1) You must be a regular on this site and at least have an avatar and one blog. Simple as that and fail blogs don't count.

2) Make sure I am on your friends list for the PSN (ID: Saffron) as if you have LBP and you have yet to add me that's almost a fail right there. Need to do some x4 player stuff to get those pesky prize bubbles!

This came up when I search sackboy and it's pretty random and awesome so I used it.

How to win
1) Post a comment on why you deserve the code and after 10 comments, or 10 minutes of no one else posting I will send out the code via PSN to someone who deserves it.


I will drink beer and smash the bottles on my keyboard and whose ever name I can spell the closest with the keys that fall off will win. Actually this would be a pretty damn cool way to give stuff away....hrmmmm

GO?   read

2:20 PM on 09.24.2008

Murder Based on a Movie? Probably VGR!

A 25 year old man in Rome tried to stab a priest to death, this man told police that he was trying to imitate the movie "The Da Vinchi Code".......Now I know what you are thinking holy crap, not a video game?

More can be read about this news Here

Now it's not too often you hear about movies being involved to do with murders in the news as we are on a video game site but I'm sure we all know the REAL underlying reason is the video game and not the wait and watch.

GASP   read

1:06 PM on 09.23.2008

You Can Win A G.O.G. Beta Access Key!

Well I just got a special invite code from Good Old for a friend to gain access to the beta and since Destructoid is full of nice people I thought I would give it away.

First person to Paypal my account with $50 and send me a picture with........just kidding.

The person who posts the 23rd comment gets it so post as much as you like as I have no talent for awesome giveaways and I decided to stray away from the 100 comment ones.

Oh and comment #23 will get it (technically comment #24) just to keep it clean.

!we have a WIENER!

I handed it over to Cataract, woot him!

There is someone handing out another one though, just read the comments.....

Good Luck.   read

11:50 AM on 09.11.2008

Good Old Games - Awesome And Easy

For those of you who signed up to the Good Old Games ( Beta check your e-mails as the fun has begun! I checked before typing this and I could not find anything on GOG about discussing the beta as I did with Resistance 2 so hopefully I'm not breaking any rules......

The aspect of this site is to be able to purchase those older hard to find games at VERY reasonable prices and I must say, it is about time someone offered this! All the games offered on the site will cost either $5.99 or $9.99 with no added costs and this includes taxes.

"All the prices shown on our page are inclusive of value added tax (VAT) and sales tax. So it's always $5.99 or $9.99 per game, no additional costs!"

So there shouldn't be any reasons why you won't buy a game from as pirating can no longer be an excuse when these games are made so easily accessible and at a nice price point.

Buying: Only Credit cards can be used as they are looking into other funding options
I purchased Fallout with my credit card (97% done) and the processing time took about 6 seconds. Once you have payed for a game it appears in a list in your account under "My Games" so you can keep track of what games you have and quickly launch into discussion boards about them to chat or to get help.

As well as downloading the game its self you get access to other various things with the game. You can download: Avatars, mp3 soundtracks, COLOR .pdf instructions booklets, hi-res wallpapers and a reference card for quick access to the games controls. This all becomes accessible and free when you pay for the game! I would assume that not all games come with the same extra downloads though.

The games come in a .exe file so there is no need to download any new programs and you can keep the file on your computer for multiple downloads and if you delete it you can re-download it from with no limits (DRM free!) You just can't share your account (don't be a looser now)

This site is going to make a lot of people very happy as it allows users to now have access to many of their favorite games and it's so easy to do!   read

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