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7:46 AM on 08.26.2011

EA, you've been bad, but here's a quick and simple way to make it all good...

Everybody's pissed at Electronic Arts at the moment, either it's Origin-steam-feuds, ridiculous Battlefield-decisions, buying this-or-that-developer and more. Recently the focus is directed at EA for not allowing Turn10Studios to use Porsches in their next opus: Forza Motorsport 4.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm mad at them for all of the above as well, but there is a very simple way for EA to make it all up to me and probably a LOT of other gamers, especially the people of the last and newest group: the people that'll be missing the Porsches in Forza Motorsport 4.

Here's what I'm talking about:

Hear me out now, I want this game, BUT I also want to play Forza4 with my G25, alas since it doesn't work on a 360, we can make a LOT of people happy. First a short introduction for our younger public:

My love-affair with Porsches really started with the original Porsche Unleashed on PC, I didn't have a wheel yet, but I did have a controller on my PC, a kickass soundsystem and I was at a public boarding school that allowed the 6 people in the last 2 years of highschool to have their own private (30 room) floor without any supervision... We all had PC's and we were racing in this game almost non-stop for months after it was released on a small network with hubs and cables hidden behind our curtains and posters and our fireproof ceiling. ( most of us were studying informatics or graphics as a major so we needed decent PC's :-) I worked a whole year to buy a ,ew gaming PC )

The "Factory Driver"-mode was EPIC, you got to drive with virtually every important Porsche ever built, is was the first semi-serious NFS-game in the series in that regard :-) Multiplayer was a blast, especially in knock-out mode since whoever sucked most was left behind and had to wait the longest for his next run :-)

Now, as much as I loved that game back then, it's got a problem. It's Need For Speed, as much as I love the series ( I've owned ever single game they ever made at some time or another and still buy every one that comes out), I've been longing for a more realistic experience, my hopes were aimed at shift, but they've been shot down a bit. Don't get me wrong, I still really like those games, but they're not sim-experiences in my eyes, being used to GTR:Evolution.

So, how to handle all this? Well, first step is, you've been overtaken in the realism-field by Turn10Studios, plain and simple, they've done Porsches ridiculously great for years already now so why not get together, you're a publisher, they're a brilliant dev and their engine simply rocks!

But, all us true fans of simracers that own G25's (and sometimes a lot better) on PC are missing out on games like Forza, where we can change anything we want and get a true feel for the cars and the race. I've driven the 'Ring about 20 laps myself and about 50 as passenger with drivers of various skilllevels and with my limited experience, I truly feel that Forza's representation of the 'Ring and driving a car on edge feels a lot more realistic in Forza then in Shift, no matter how many aids you turn off. And once again, they're great at building Porsches:

So, what to do?

1. Get Forza-engine and port it decently to PC
2. Get Forza-Porsches ( all 35 of them ) and build the whole catalogue of Porsches ever built yourself
3. Give Forza licence for their own 35 plus the ALMS-Porsches, but only for 360
4. make new Factory Driver mode but take all the rest from FM3 :-)
5. release game as PC exclusive ( not 360 as not to interfere with Turn10Studios )
6. PROFIT and LOTs of it

PS: Also, RELEASE IT ON STEAM please.   read

3:02 AM on 08.25.2011

Being Social: How to host a NARP ( EuroNARP4 pics! )

NARPs are one of the greatest things I got from Dtoid, I've been hosting them for 4 years now and we've had about 15 EuroNARPs. The number only goes up with the summer edition, in betweens are decimal numbers like 2.5, 2.6 etc. Since we can always use more people doing NARPs, especially this side of the ocean, here's a short introduction to how to host a NARP.

1. What is a NARP?

NARP stands for No Apparent Reason Party. It's kind of like a LANparty, but instead of using PC's, which are mostly single-player-devices, we use consoles. The benefit is that most of the time you'll have to get to know the people to get to play, as a result, everyone goes home with a bunch of new friends :-)

NARPs come in any shape/size you want them to be, we're lucky to have a dedicated location for EuroNARPs, but you can just as easily do it in your own home/dorm/garage/garden! Which brings us to the most important part.

2.Location, Location & Location!

As with all things in live, the most important part is having a place to do it. We're really lucky to have Teh Lair ( see first part of article ) but as said before you don't have to have something over-the-top like that :-)

There's just a few things that you need to think about...
- Gamers/Games are generally pretty loud, so if you're doing a 3-day-NARP like we do, warn your neighbors before it happens or find a place where neighbors aren't an issue ( we're "hidden" in a small forest in the middle of an industrial site, surrounded by factories :p )
- Seats!!! Make sure you have enough seating available or ask people to bring their own foldable chairs, nothing sucks more then having to stand up for hours on end...
- Powah!! This might seem logical, but it can be trickier then you think, lots of TV's & consoles together use an awful amount of power so make sure you're using different circuits in your location. We didn't have power until friday afternoon 2pm even though we were there since wednesday. Or to be correct, we had too much power, 400V iso 220V :p

Also, if you do a multi-day-NARP like us, you'll need to provide people with a place to sleep, we set up a campingground in our forest during the summeredition and use the available seats & floorspace in Teh Lair when it's too cold for that.

next up...


You can't have a gaming-festival without games, but which ones? Well, I believe any game is ok and welcome at a NARP, but logically MP-games are the most interesting.

our 2-player-racing-area ( farthest one is on a triplle-screen :-) )

MarioKart NGC ( Wii version is too easy! )


if you read through the recaps of our previous events, you'll find some good tips on which games to play, the alltime classic for any EuroNARP at Teh Lair is "Mashed" on the regular XBOX ( Track: Polar Wharf Weapons: Chaos Airstrike:ON ) this one track gets played more then ANY game ever played at any EuroNARP ( it's what's being played on the beamer up there :-) )


This kinda depends on the size & location of your NARP, we're once again lucky to have someone like Strikeman who is a master of the BBQ. We also have deal with our local liquor-store that we can take along as much beer as we want and then return whatever is unopened ( per package of 24 of course ). Finally we made a deal with the local bakery a few years back, and he delivers our breakfast around 7am when most of us go to bed, so we can get up at 11am for breakfast and more games :-)

On nights where we don't provide food for all, we generally make 1 big order at the local pizza place and they'll deliver it since we order so many pizza's, as most gamers don't make too big a deal about this, there's generally nothing to worry about :-)


1. Get in touch with your local city-group ( or create one if needed ) e.g.: DtoidEurope via their blog
2. make sure it appears on The Dtoid Meetup-page
3. invite friends over, it might make them new dtoid-fans :-)


We have a few rules to make life at the NARPs easier for everyone.

1. Gaming takes precedence over ANYTHING: watching a movie on the PS3 but somebody wants to try out MOVE? too bad for you, Gaming Goes First!
2. Multiplayer >>> Singleplayer: trying out the MOVE on PS3 but a few people wanna play a 4-player-game of COD-splitscreen? Move over mate :-)
3. No sleeping in the couches unless it's too cold to sleep in the tents ( aka don't take up gaming-space if you just want a quick nap :p )

Now, go forth, host & visit NARPs!   read

7:20 PM on 07.30.2011

Motion Control: How it changed FPS for me.

I started out playing PC-games when I was 7, at 8 I got my first home-console ( Sega Master System II ), but I stuck with PC-gaming until slowly but surely the original Xbox and Halo convinced me of the viability FPS-games on consoles... Before I knew it my gaming-pc was hopelessly outdated and I was playing my games exclusively on consoles, as always, I kept playing shitloads of FPS-games ( also racing-games, but that's another story ).

As I grew up as a PC-gamer, FPS's on consoles were a LOT easier then what I was used too but I kept on feeling that nagging idea in the back of my head "I'd have gotten that kill with a mouse!" "Damn movement is sooooo fucking slooow" etc etc however, the comfort of playing from my sofa and no hassles to get a game started kept me on consoles.

Gears Of War, Modern Warfare, Halo3, Resistance 1&2 all convinced me that I "was doing it right", though the nagging feeling still remained... About 2 years ago, I built a brand new gaming PC ( I got a nice bonus at work and wanted to spoil myself a bit :p ) mainly for racing with my G25 in GTR:Evolution, I installed some FPS's that I still had from my previous PC, but even though I thoroughly enjoyed the speed & precission that came back with playing via a mouse, I was missing my sofa...

Then MAG came out for PS3, and I LOVED it, 256 players in a single map is just amazing... I was missing the mouse-speed & precission once again, but just the shear scale of this game kept me coming back...


I've always been a fan of cool peripherals, so I bought a Move-set in the first month that it was available, I got beta-access to "MAG_with_Move" and the first match I got utterly RAPED, I went back to the 'tutorial-section' and played around untill I started to get a feel for it...

And then it literally changed everything for me... Once you take the time to actually get used to playing an FPS-game with a Move-controller it's actually really precise and a lot more enjoyable then a regular controller is when compared to a mouse-keyboard setup.

A few months back, Killzone3 was released, the first real FPS designed from the ground up with Move ( and 3D :p ) in mind and it showed!

yeah, I bought this too...

The sharpshooter is just the icing on the cake, I can't tell you how immersive this makes an FPS-game, you really have to experience it ( and take the time to get used to it ). I'd even venture to say that a sharpshooter is to an FPS like a racing-wheel is to a racing-game, sure it takes some time to get used too and is sometimes even harder then with a regular controller ( try going full-opposite-lock from left to right on a G25 and then try it on a controller :p ) but once you try it, you'll just get bored with a regular controller, there's just so much more fun in playing an FPS with an actual gun in your hands :)

The only "downside" is that soo many people try it for just a few matches and expect to be at the same level as they were before switching to a Move-setup, while you really have to take your time for it, you weren't at the top of the ranking when you started FPS's, nor when you switched from kb+mouse to controller, so why should this be any different? Just GO FOR IT!

So what is the end result for me? A steam-sale brought me Battlefield:BC2, so I'm still playing FPS's on PC with a keyboard and mouse ( guess you just can't stop what you started with ), but on my PS3 I'm almost exclusively playing with the sharpshooter if available, sure it takes some time setting up and finding the setting that work best for YOU, but once you're used to it, you'll never want to loose that precission again... I now find myself thinking "damn I'd love to play this with the sharpshooter" while I'm on my PC :)

So in the case of Move, I'm an avid supporter!   read

6:57 AM on 06.28.2010

Picreport of my slightly Dtoid-themed trip to Singapore :-)

Just got back from Singapore, as a loyal Dtoid-member, I took all my 3 dtoid-shirts with me, sadly only one of those ( STFUAJPG ) is not black, so I had to wear that one the most ( luckily my mother-in-law cleaned it regularly for me so I could wear it most of the days :-)

I left from Brussels in my Kamikaze-shirt, which turned out to be both a great Idea and one of the worst ever in travelling :-) It was a great idea since it's such a recognizable t-shirt. We had just passed security in Frankfurt ( Germany ) when suddenly a security-guard comes running at me, I crap my pants as I've got a lighter and matches in my backpack, both of which are banned from flights, but they didn't find them on me, so I figured he had spotted it after all... but he just points at my shirt and goes "That's from Destructoid right? I'm a huge fan of the site!" so I handed him my contact details so he can join us for the EuroNARP in August :-)

When I arrived in Singapore, I noticed all locals staring at me like I'm crazy, at first I figure it's because of the bright yellow jogging-suit I'm wearing ( very comfortable for 13+ hours flights ), but as we leave the airport with my parents-in-law, my mother-in-law points out that it's not very "nice" to wear a shirt with the Japanese WW2-flag on it in a country that was ass-raped by the Japanese in those days... ( so that's why it was a horrible idea :p )

upon our arrival we went for a late night dinner ( 10 pm by then ) where I stunned Chinese people ( the people suffering most from the Japanese invasion in WW2 ) by still wearing the shirt ( as I didn't have a chance to change yet :p )

Singapore is a city of tech-addicts and gamers, on the first real day out, we found this Sony-booth where a huge contest was taking place in FIFA World Cup on PS3, pretty fucking sweet :-)

There was also a anime-convention somewhere in town ( never made it there in our short trip ) but there were people cosplaying all around town, like these examples show :-)

In Singapore, they try to put statues in the places where they're supposed to be, like this one of children swimming in the Singapore-river. While I "took a dive" a group of Japanese tourists was passing by that obviously thought my pose was hillarious as I saw a shitload of flashes go of :p

For the rest I mostly walked around with Dtoid-shirts all the time :-)

Sadly we weren't allowed to take pics/vids in this arcade or I would've been able to let you feast your eyes on 2 asian teen chicks cosplaying in japanese student outfits totally destroying a Dance Dance-machine a 2 player Expert-mode match... ( My wife wasn't too happy about my looks at them but she understood it was more the awe at the quality of their playstyle :p )

I had gone to Singapore thinking to spread the word about Dtoid everywhere I got the chance, however it turned out that it wasn't needed at all, Dtoid had already invaded BOTH toys-museums!

MINT Museum Of Toys:

I couldn't help myself (vid at bottom of blog):

Magical Children Museum:

In short, Singapore is a fucking great city with 3G and 4G-networks all around, even on the subway you've always got FULL coverage, 60% of the people on any given subway-train is doing something on their smartphone, 15% are playing a PSP and the rest are just staring at you :-)

Dtoid-robot in action:
[embed]177682:31095[/embed]   read

9:07 AM on 11.25.2009

Overcoming the 4th wall, the future of gaming...

I've recently become a beta-tester for Real-TimeRacing. For the purpose of this blog, I'll need to explain a bit what the idea is behind this game. Since it not just overcomes the 4th wall, it totally obliterates it...

RTR is a game developped by Simbin and iOpener Media. Simbin is known for its awesome GT(R)-series and Race On on Xbox 360. While iOpener media is a fairly new company. The idea is that you're able to join real-life races from the comforts of your own home. They do this by placing GPS-consoles ( developped by the European Space Agency ) in the racecars, which enables them to pinpoint their location on track up to a few cm's precisely. Then they send this data to their gameservers and render the virtual cars on those exact locations.

And not just the cars, weather-conditions, flags ( like yellow-flags, code-60 etc ) are also sent to your home so you have the same experience whether you're racing in real life or in RTR. Their latest demonstration was during the "10 Hours of Zolder' ( currently the only available track ) where they actually participated in the race with a virtual team ( while at home 5000+ players were also racing ). We were able to actually see the cars pass by on track as they were zipping along in the game on their demo-machines which was absolutely amazing.

here's a short video of the possibilities:

The 4th wall is a real problem for them as they can't have the 'real-life' cars driving through virtual cars, so if a 'real-life' car is about to pass a virtual racer, their AI-system takes over for a very short time, makes the pass, then relocates itself on the 'true' location and passes control back to the 'real' racedriver. At the moment this is a bit hit-and-miss, sometimes the passing is done really really well, at other times the shit hits the fan and crashes occur, however they've only been in beta since late this summer so it will surely be perfected in the longer run.

I think this beta gives us an unprecedented view of what gaming can (and most likely will ) become in the future. This implementation is just the start I think. No longer will we be playing against other gamers, we'll be playing against the real-life specialists in most sportsgames with the AI filling in the gaps.

They could put these modules into player's helmets and the actuall football for American Football, the same with virtually ever other sport on this planet. The level of skill we'd get from opponents like that would be phenomenal! Of course there will always be gaps that need to be filled, but by the time this gets commonplace the AI-level will probably have become more then advanced enough to fill them.

Sure it won't really work for shooters and RPG's, but who cares about realism in those? I really believe this will be the next step for sports-games... I've been trying to beat the professional drivers in RTR and I'm having a pretty hard time keeping up with them, especially in the 'less then ideal' situations ( like rain or night-driving ). The great thing for sim-lovers like me is that they also show you great racing-lines, so I really hope this'll become commonplace in other racingtitles!

what do you guys think of this?   read

12:52 PM on 08.07.2009

EURONARP 2: It's coming and no-one can stop it!

The time is nearing... Gamers from all over europe will once again get the chance to join in for a massive celebration of destructoid and our gaming passions... What began last year as a cheap alternative to the PAX-meetup in the US of A has become a regular event ( although its only once a year a "BIG" one )... and it is time to celebrate the one year aniversary by having another BIG EURONARP!

So I want to invite you all to EURONARP2! Of course, as is the idea, at the same time as PAX, so we start on Friday the 4th of September and we continue until Sunday the 6th of September.

to give you guys an idea of what to expect, here's some recaps of the previous euroNARPs ( big and small ):

the recap of the first EURONARP:
EURONARP full recap

then we tried out what it would give to have a NARP dedicated to one brand (it was awesome and became the guiding idea for 'minieuronarps'):



and we've got a dreamlocation for doing our NARPs, better known as "Teh Lair":
Teh Lair

Since we try to make the "BIG" EuroNARP an all-out-gaming-festival, we allow people to bring their own stuff, we've put up our website again where anyone can register that wants to come to the EURONARP and where you can register the consoles and games you're going to bring, so that we can provide space and power for everyone :-) Last year we had about 10 TV's and 50+ consoles :-)

So if you want to join in in the maddest NARP on this side of the Ocean, register at our site and join the thread in the forums for general discussions about the EURONARP ;-) EuroNARP-site

btw, since Po0ky is such a cool guy, he's released the NARP-site as Open Source, so anyone that wants to use it for their own NARPs can request the code from him!

So hope to see you all at the EURONARP!

mistic   read

12:58 PM on 08.04.2009

NintendoNarp Recap! (finally :p )

Yeah I know it's a bit late, but as I'm preparing for a new job ( gonna start my own company this month ),
setting up a mariage AND organising the next EURONARP, I've been pretty busy the last few weeks :-)

SO as a small appetiser for the BIG euroNARP coming up in exactly a month from now, here's the recap of
the NintendoNarp we did a few weeks back ( 10th of July ). As this was just a 'miniNARP', it only lasted 1
night ( "BIG" one is 2 nights and 3 days ). But what a night it was...

It all started on friday, I couldn't wait to get away from work so I left about 2 hours early to pick up Po0ky and
Poele at Po0ky's place. My car was loaded with games, peripherals, camera-equipment, chips, glorious
belgian beer, energy drinks and a whole bunch of cookies. Since I'm the guy who built "Teh Lair³", it was
quite important we got there first so we raced from Po0ky's place to "Teh Lair³" for a night where there's
nothing but games and a very fine haze...

We got to Teh Lair³ about an hour later and started unwrapping right away. Since we only come here once
every few months, everything is "neatly" covered in dust-blankets, and most controllers/cabling/lightguns and
other shit is stashed away in carboard boxes under the seatcovers.

We just finished setting up the first Wii when it was time to pick up ZUbZub from the trainstation, so we
headed out, picked him up, stopped on the way back at a supermarket to stock up some more for the long
night, and picked up some of the legendary french fries from the local "Frituur" ( fries-shop :p ).

What followed was once again a whirlwind of games, cable-madness, mind-altering experiences and just
jolly good fun :-)

We went through all the classics, since we had every nintendo-console ever sold in EUrope ( except for the
virtual-boy ), we could basically experience anything we wanted from Nintendo's past, provided someone
brought the cartridge :-) For instance, we couldn't play the crowd-pleaser 'Goldeneye 64' since Poele didn't
bring it, so we threw in some 007-MP-Madness from the GameCUbe-era, and as it turns out, it wasn't half as
bad as we had feared. If course, there had to be some Mario Kart, but as nobody had brought the
cartridge/cds for that one either, we played the N64-version on the Wii with the Gamecube-controllers...
that's 3 generations at the same time!

EuroNARPs are being held in Teh Lair³ for 1 reason, its where I store my collection, so there's always weird
stuff to try out that you never had a chance to try before... like playing Tetris with a Wii Balance Board:

What I especially liked about this specific Narp was that we put the NES and the Wii right next to each other
and then compared games from the 2 most diverse eras in Nintendo's history. Here you can see "Umbrella
Chronicles" next to "Duck Hunt" ( sorry, the rest of the pictures was majorly blurry since I didn't notice my
camera was still on 'manual focus' ).

the games might look totally different, they both pull in their players soo much that not one of the 3 is looking
at me taking a picture :-) ( though Po0ky does seem to be very into the game :-) )

Later in the night ZubZub and Poele played the original Prince Of Persia for about an hour and got to level 4/5,
I don't really remember exactly...

And I don't even have a clue which game they're playing here since this was the stage of the night where
we found a SNES-emulator on the XBOX and started trying out all games that we had never had a chance to
play or never even heard of... ( like I never had a clue there was a "Theme Park" on SNES or Wolf3d on SNES

Do you know?

and finally after a long night of gaming ( from 6pm to 6am ), we all went to bed, but I was up first and got this
shot of Po0ky and Poele waking up just 4 hours after we went to bed, just to start playing again until noon :-)

so now it's on to the BIG EURONARP...

starting the 4th of September and ending the 6th of September at the usual place :-)

see you all there!   read

9:22 AM on 05.14.2009

DtoidEurope's Latest Event Recap: *limited* SEGANARP

Ok I'll be honest, not many people knew about it on time, but it was just a minor one... However, too give everyone a chance to join in for the big one at the end of the summer ( end of august beginning of september depending on a few variables... I just want to let you know that the EURONARP-scene is still very much alive :-)

Based on a last minute whim, Po0ky and I organised a SEGANARP in Teh Lair². The rules were simple, anything was alowed, as long as it was playable on a SEGA-system :-) Since SEGA hasn't really released any recent consoles, all HDTV's were banned as well :-) Just plain old oldschool fun...

The first joy of RETROGAMING:

As usual Po0ky and I made it to teh Lair² first, after we picked up ReX and ZubZub at the nearby trainstation... We hadn't had time to unload the car yet so they were squeezed in the back of the car, together with 3 CRT-TV's and a whole bunch of crap. The first hour was spent connecting everything up and searching through huge stacks of cables for the right ones... the downside of having about 30 consoles in one place. ReX and ZubZub settled in on the Master System II, while Po0ky was trying to get the Mega Drive working ( the Genesis for the US'ians )... While I gave the dreamcast a testdrive with a round of Le Mans 24 Hours. Even though it has been more then 6 years since I last played the full 24h race in that game with 3 of my friends, I still remembered the track like it was yesterday and won my first race in an instant. After the good workings of the DC were established, we turned our attention to the Genesis, since none of the 2 available ones were displaying an image on the TV's.

A few hours of frantic DC, Saturn and Master System gaming, Viersee, Simon and Viersee's Girlfriend joined us for the remainder of the night. We fired up the dreamcast for a quick set of rounds on powerstone 2, at the same time Viersee and ReX were trying to destroy eachother in X-Men Children of The Atom on Saturn... The dreamcast was switched to Rival Schools 2, Project Justice and Simon, a PSX-veteran of Wipeout finally saw the light as he tried out the Saturn Version of this brilliant game.

So again a few lessons learned, one-type-NARPs are brilliant, since it limits the choices of available games, and thus there are less hiati between games :-)

The next one will be a Nintendo-only-NARP.

so be sure to keep an eye on this blog or join the DtoidEurope group   read

12:31 PM on 02.04.2009

10 things you didn't know about mistic

1. mistic hasn't eaten any sugar for almost a year now

Well that's what happens when they find out you've got 'Reactive Hypoglycemia'... Basically its the exact oposite of Diabetes. With diabetes, the problem is that you haven't got enough insulin, but in my case, my body creates a HUGE dump of insulin each time I get some sugar in me ( resulting in a huge sugar-level-drop ). So the only way to prevent an 'attack' from happening is making sure the 'trigger' isn't triggered, so no more sugar for me... It's fucking hard not to get any sugar, and it totally blows, but I've lost 20Kgs in the process, so I feel kinda good about that, also pretty satisfied that I don't have the sugar-level-fluctuations any more because they sucked even harder :-)

2. mistic smokes too much...

'nuff said to be honest

3. mistic organised the EuroNARP

and following op with some new stuff, minieuroNARP + EURONARP2 and the Dtoid Europe Group

4. mistic loves building gamerooms

as can be seen here and here

5. mistic has a really bad temper

I'm usually a calm and casual guy, but hit me on the right spot, and I'll explode into rage, fury and screaming... I can't help it, it just happens...

6. mistic dislikes sports that have no board involved

yeah really can't get myself to do any sports actively, especially if its not snow/skate-boarding... but I can't do those anymore since I've got a bad back and ruined my ankles with skateboarding :p

7. mistic loves travelling

what can I say? the crazier the trip, the more likely I'll try to get it done :-)

8. mistic is trying to stay away from IRC

it's just so damn addictive :-(

9. mistic wants everybody to start using linux

I can't help it, I can't help it, I just can't help it... Linux is soo good etc etc etc :-)

10. mistic loves video & photo

got Canon EOS 350D, and a Panasoniv NV330 :-)   read

2:15 PM on 01.18.2009

Save the Wii before we kill it!

*writers note: please know I own all 3 consoles, plus a decent gamingPC, so I'm not biased nor a fanboy*
Lets set the stage a bit, imagine you're a Publisher, planning to release a new franchise on Wii. You've got 2 offers from developers, 1 game a hugely aggressive and promising hardcore game ( think Project:H.A.M.M.E.R.) and the other a novelty "minigame" collection. The first game will set you back several millions of dollars due to the amount of work that has been poured into it and the other will cost you about a million dollars. Of course you start by doing some research about the market...

first we need some numbers:

Here is the list of games that have sold one or more million copies for wii ( in total ).

See the full list here

and here we've got the top-scoring games for wii based on their reviews.

Source: Metacritic
Click here for the full list

So you'll probably notice a few thing immediately.

1. If you are Nintendo, your games will sell like crazy...
14 out of the 20 best selling games for Wii were published by Nintendo, sadly you are NOT nintendo, and there can only be one Nintendo.

2. High review-scores don't equal high sales, rather the other way around...
(Unless they are made by Nintendo)
only 1 game from the top 25 in reviews made it into the top 25 most sold games for WII, Guitar Hero 3:Legends of Rock. But 3 games that are in the top of the list for sales got madly bad reviews, yet they sold like hot buns with boobies on them.
Big Brain Academy -> MC Score: 68 -> Rank: 135 -> Sales Rank: 11
Mario & SOnic At the Olympic Games -> MC Score: 67 -> MC Rank: 146 -> Sales Rank: 7
And the most horrible game of all, hated by all core gamers:
Carnival games -> MC Score: 56 -> Rank: 235 -> Sales Rank: 12

So even though Carnival Games is considered to be a horribly bad game ( there are 234 better ones available on Wii alone according to the 'core-audience'), it sold close to 3 million copies.

another 2 nice examples of this are "Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition" and "Game Party".Though RE4:W is ranked the 6th best game for Wii (score of 91), it is only at the 27th location in regards to sales ( 1.76 million copies ). GP however is ranked as one of the WORST games for wii, with a rank of 332 and an average score of 25/100 (WTF!) it sold almost the same amount of copies as RE4:W namely 1.72 million.

So you're thinking about this game you want to release, and you've seen these numbers... What would you chose?

The "Casual" game obviously has the lowest requirements, I mean even if the reviews suck like hell, you've still got a good shot a selling a huge load of them. While the "hardcore" game is a wild bet, it can get rave reviews and still sell like crap ( Okami didn't even reach 1 million copies worldwide ). So in these 'hard economical times' you'll probably want to go for the 'safe bet' and bring out the "casual" game...

This is why we ( the core gamers ) need to step up to the plate... If Okami is mentioned on dtoid, it sounds like everyone has it, yet I rarely see it in people's wii-game-collections when they post their gamesetups ( I haven't got it either since I was making the same mistake most of us are making ) So I've just ordered it online to make up for it :-)). We have to start buying more games for the wii, there are some absolutely brilliant titles available on this system, yet none of us seems to be getting them, eventually all publishers are gonna start thinking the way you were just thinking... Most of us say whenever we can that our Wii is in fact just collecting dust on our shelves, while there is actually no need for that at all...

This weekend I've commited myself to play my Wii again, and started of by finishing some more chapters of Call Of Duty 3 ( bought COD4 for 360 and COD5 for PC ) though I once rented COD3 for 360 ( before it was decided that renting games is illegal in Belgium ) and I realised that it is in fact a better 'experience' on the Wii... Sure the gfx look like crap compared to the 360-version, but hell, planting explosives and handling the cranes or even driving are so much more fun in the Wii version! So I'll be getting COD4 or COD5 for wii as well, just to see the difference in playing experience ( and to support the "core-games" of course!) After that I played some "No More Heroes", another core-game that didn't even sell a million copies, and though I absolutely love "Devil May Cry" on the 360, the fights in NMH are just so much more enjoyable! Especially doing the finishing moves :-)

What started all this for me was a blog by Phoenix Gamma about something maddox said in an interview.... Specifically this bit:
I'm really fucking tired of people who play Xbox 360 and PS3 calling themselves "hardcore gamers." Look at the list of top 10 games on 360 up above. See anything in common? Those are the games that most people play on 360, and with the exception of Braid, they also happen to be the most popular, most heavily marketed, and most consumer-oriented games in the industry. It'd be like someone eating a meal at McDonalds and saying "I'm a foodie!" No, you're not. If you're into movies, you don't go out and see Jurassic Park and call it a day. You try to see movies that try new and interesting things. The types of movies that only someone who has watched thousands of movies could appreciate for doing something unique.

Similarly, if you're a hardcore gamer, you should be looking for new gaming experiences. You shouldn't be satisfied playing the same old mass market games. Not that these games are bad, but they're not for "hardcore" gamers any more than McDonalds is for hardcore foodies. If you're a hardcore gamer, go out and play Katamari Damacy, track down an old copy of Radiant Silvergun on Saturn, or play an indie game like World of Goo. These are the experiences that move gaming forward. Not blockbuster sequels like Halo 3.

Sure we all know maddox is the ultimate troll, but in a way he's right... Sure COD4 was awesome and all that on 360, but it wasn't nearly as new and refreshing as the controls on the wii-version of COD3, you actually have to throw your grenades in the Wiigame! now that is a novel idea!

I fear however that if we don't start supporting these core-games a bit more in the future, they'll just die out, because for publishers all that counts in the end is MONEY, no matter how you turn it and since we like dissing the wii better then actually paying attention to some of the great things it delivers, eventually no core-games will get released anymore since they're just not financially viable!

So, if you own a Wii and another console, maybe consider getting a multiplatform game in the Wii-format next time, sure it won't look as spiffy, but a lot of the times, the experience will be more fun then it's more serious counterparts, and isn't that what it's all about in the end, the fun you get from playing these games? Trust me, contrary to what a lot of us claim, there are some great experiences to be had on that white-waggle-box!   read

11:46 AM on 01.17.2009

How to build your own kickass racing seat if you're lazy and not very handy :-)

* Quick plug: check the rest of my blog for info on EuroNARPS *
So you're a racer, maybe you've even got a nice racingwheel for playing...
But where do you play, and how to attach the wheel? Read on to see how to build your own cheapass racingseat!

If you really like racing games, chances are you've got a racingwheel, however its most of the time not easy to use it, attaching it to you desk with a deskchair is just plain uncomfortable and if you've got the 360-racingwheel from M$, you'll know that putting it on your legs is far from ideal :-)
1. the stuff you need:

a) carseat, preferably bucketseat ( more 'realistic' )
b) 1 standard size multiplex wooden plate ( 240 cm x 120 cm or 94,5" x 47")
c) 2 big & 2 big but smaller then previous L-shaped Irons with a groove in them ( see picture below this list)
d) a number of 'flat' L-shaped irons ( basically as many as you like, but 4 at the least )
Optional: Handlebars & seatbelt

2. where to find it:
a) Carseat, you can find in any junkyard, or if you're lucky/patient you'll find a good deal on eBay.
b) your local woodshop
c & d) your local hardwareshop
Optional: hardwarestore and the junkyard/eBay

3. Woodwork
If you've got the materials, you can do it yourself, but if you're lazy like me or don't have the materials, most woodshops will pre-cut your plywood plate for you if you give them a plan of what you'd like.

So here's a plan I quickly drew up in Paint for you guys :-)
note that the sizes are in cm's ( since I'm a eurofag :-))

You basically just need 4 pieces of wood.

1 baseboard: 70 x 140 cm
2 sides: 60 x 40 cm
1 tabletop: 30 x 70 cm

4. Assembly.

I first attached the seat to the baseboard by mounting it on the L-irons and then screwing the L-irons into place.

I think the best idea is to place the seat as far backwards as you can.

The next step is to create the table to which we'll attatch our wheel. this is done in just 2 steps:

Then I stopped taking pictures because time was running our for the first EuroNARP to begin and loads of other stuff still needed to be done, but the rest of the pictures clearly show what was done afterwards.

Tadaaaaaaaa it's done already!

5. Optional stuff.

You can mount the handles as you saw on the picture above, I've got 2 in the front and 2 in the back to make it easy to move around.

here's a way of mounting your seatbelts:

6. Race Like Hell

on the EuroNARP we tested it out with the 360-wheel ( the seat on the right is the first one I ever built but wasn't strong enough to hold the power of my G25 ) the one on the left is the one you just built :-)

Well I hope you guys liked it, and if you build one yourself, or have built one yourself already in a differnt way, sent me a PM or show us some pictures!   read

12:35 PM on 01.12.2009

Eurofags, Pay attention! MiniEuroNARP coming soon + first EURONARP 2 details!

Well it's been almost 6 months since the last EuroNARP, so we'll be doing a small version of it to celebrate my brithday! ( 2 days only in contrast to the 3 days of the true EURONARP )

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, go check out the recap of the first EURONARP:
read it here

the final survivors of the first Euronarp:

Since it's my birthday next month, we'll be celebrating it by having another NARP, this time a smaller version of the EURONARP, but in the same location...

check it out here

There'll only be space for about 10 people, so registration is required and limited! Just send me a PM to register and you'll be in for the exclusive preview of EURONARP2. Which will be "Bigger, Better and more Badass" :-)

we've learned a hell of a lot from the first EURONARP, so the next one will be a lot better :-)
We'll ask for a 15 euro entrance fee for the miniNARP, but all drinks, food and snacks will be free ( as previous visitors can attest too, food was great :-) ) If you want to join, the miniNARP will officially open at noon, 22nd of february and last untill the evening of the 23rd. ( Once again, it's in Belgium, 15 minutes from the highway or pretty reachable by train if you can't get here by car )

Like the last edition, there will be lots of beer, games and fun to be had :-)

As for the details on EURONARP2, in keeping with the spirit of the last EURONARP, we want to provide an alternative to all the poor eurofags ( like us ) who can't join in the yearly PAX-meet, so once again, we'll be doing it on the same date as PAX, so this year the event will be hosted in the weekend of the 4th of September. If you want to join in, keep an eye on my blog since registration- other details will follow in the next months ( the miniNARP will also be a meetingplace to decide on items for EURONARP2 so details will surely follow shortly after that )

So if you want to experience an EPIC night of gaming with your fellow dtoid-eurofags, be sure to join us for the miniEuroNARP ( if you're fast enough ) or otherwise join us for the mega-awesome-epic-crazy-EURONARP2!!!   read

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