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Just a simple Belgian ( actually Flemish ) guy. Father of 3 awesome kids, a boy (3yo) and twin girls(1yo ).

I'm also the main host of the EuroNARPs and "owner" of Teh Lair ( but I get a LOT of help from my best mates so I don't really see myself as the actual owner )
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Well I've been wanting to post a few pics of my casemod(s) for a while, but what time would be better then when there's a contest going on? :-)

Well, where to start?

this once used to be a nice standard white case, without any holes / sculptures on it...

then I got my hands on it...

the pics are quite old, simply because I had these online allready and I'm at work where I can't get to any of my "newer" pics...

Well, I've named this case "Think" ( previous cases were the "Nokia Experience", "Baby Escape", "PinkLady" and "TheEscape" ), now I'm designing a MrDtoid-case which I'll hopefully be showing you soon ( if I win this contest prolly a lot sooner since I won't have to actually buy a new case/PC ;-) )

first of all, you probably want to know WHY I called it "Think", well it was the concept of this case to signify the special bond that can exist between man and woman... Therefor I placed two 'heads' on my case ( male and female ) and connected them with a 'lightning neon' ( that died on a LAN a few weeks later... but I can't exchange it since its embedded in the heads with superstrong epoxy... that was a hard learned lesson :p ) to signify that special bond...

and because I'm a linux-user, I also added this in a cutout on the mother-board-side of the case, and at the same time its a small hint to everybody who's NOT using linux...

As I'm a huge fan of japanese animation, I built in a windows with Alucard on it on the CPU-side, also to 'show off' my hours and hours of work that I had spent stuffing the cabling into little blue tubes and the painting of my cards ( tip, don't put more then 2 layers on a graphical card, because it WILL overheat eventually :p another hard lesson learned...)

and since I'm not too big a fan of CDROM-drives, I hid mine from view:

and Open Sesame!

and since it cost me sooooooooo much time to build the keyboard for 'theEscape', I just kept using that same keyboard... ( I cut of all the sides of every button and then placed a nice little neon-wire in it, cleanest keyboard I've ever had, NOTHING could stay in it :-) )

couple of random factoids:
CPU = Athlon XP 2000
RAM = 1 Gb
GC = Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti 4200
HD = couple of disks amounting to about 500Gb
( well I use linux, so this is really powerfull and fast machine :-) )
* the big "black thing" in the front is a sigarette-lighter I had built into my case, way before they were mass-marketed by the modding-companies...
* the switches were imported from japan to make sure they were not too common
* all work was done by hand even the fucking linux inside cutout which took me 3 days to get completely right (great practive for my wanking-arm though :p )
* Only 4 people ever saw the 'think'-light enabled, me, my ex-gf and her parents... I built it in their shed in the backyard, but while transferring it to the LAN-party where they had the casemod-contest ( finished it the day the LAN started :-) ), something must've broken inside the lamp because I allready redid all the wiring to be sure, but it has never given light anymore since that one faithfull 2 hour testrun :-( ( and you can be sure, I've fucking cried my eyes out for that and hit myself over the head for being so 'it has to be strong' with glue and epoxy.... then again, 4 years later, all the rest of the casemod still works perfectly :-)
*every hole that draws air in has a homemade replaceable filter in front of it ( that's why the one on the front looks so 'odd' ) so there's almost no dust going in to my case... (made it with the same filters you use in the kitchen above the fire-thingy, really cheap and easy to do :-) )

So I hope you guys like my modding-work, and hope to be able to pleasure you all with a MrDtoid-case this year...
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