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mistic avatar 11:54 AM on 11.26.2007  (server time)
History Of A Gaming Lounge ( PICS )

as a response to some other guys request to post our gaming lounge (can't find the link now), I decided to grab a little in my past pictures since my current setup is basic and simple ( yet extremely fun to play with but more about that later! ). Currently I'm living with my girlfriend and we haven't got enough space to dedicate to mutch space to gaming, but we've just bought an appartment, it'll be done by september 2008 and then I'll go do again what I like best, creating spaces custombuilt for lots and lots of gaming and fun :-)

It all started a few years ago in my freshman year in College... I brought over my old Sega Master System II from home to relax a bit in between pc-gaming-sessions, however soon me and my friends played more on my SMSII then on anything else... I decided to get some more stuff in... About 2 years later, i had a collection of about 10 consoles ( going up to an xbox, PS2 and NGC as newest consoles )... My relation with my then gf ended in a nasty way and co-incedently a friend of mine wanted to leave home around the same time. We decided to rent a place together and design it all around my collection...

the result was tehLair...
full gallery(external)

We opened up the place every night, and every night it would stream full of friends to hang out, watch movies and play games... at the same time it gave me an oppurtunity to have fun casemodding the hell out of some cases:

this one was called the BabyEscape, for obvious reasons ;-) It was my first '3D-case, at the moment of this pic, it was about 2 years 'old' so you can see its pretty study :-)

my next creation was called theEscape for the guy on top and the woman in the front trying to get out, my passion for blackligths reached its peak at this time :-)

and the front:

6 months later I built a new set of cases for me and my (now ex-)gf:
mine was called Think:

and hers was 'thePinkLady' ( note that the word on the side was her nickname )

2 years later I went to India for 4 months, after that I had to move home again, there I built an entirely 'new' Lair, "tehLair≤":

in the light

other side

in the 'dark'

but as I said, now its a bit less 'out there' since I live with my GF, but in "Gaming-Experience", it has certainly improved, thanks to the marvelous invention called the X-Rocker... The ULTIMATE GAMING CHAIR...

not a ridiculously hideous pink/blue shell from pyramat, but a nice (fake) black leather rocking seat filled with a sh*tload of speakers... now I really feel "in" the game :-)

also perfect for racing with the X360 racing-wheel...

and not just for gaming...

hope you enjoyed this, I'll probably be posting some more about the cases in a later post with some more pics and stuff (if ya like ) and off course, sept/okt 2008 I'll show you guys "tehLair≥" ;-)


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