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mistic avatar 3:37 AM on 07.19.2008  (server time)
EuroNARP Registrations + MOAR info! ( 29th to 31st of August )

As the EuroNARP comes closer and closer( 29th - 31st of August ), registrations are slowly dripping in. Since I was stupid enough to post the registration-information at the bottom of a wall of text, I'm reposting it ( together with some more information about the NARP itself )

Frist of all, if you have no clue of what I'm talking about, check the previous news about the EURONARP:


Secondly, here's what you need to do to register for participation:

To get an idea of what to expect in regards to people, please send an email to tehlair [ at ] put as subject "EURONARP SIGN UP YOUR_DTOID_NICKNAME" with the information for the NARP.

- Need Parking space yes / no
- Need Spot in tent ( you have to bring your own sleeping bag/mattress ) yes / no
- Will Bring
- tent ( with spare spots if any )
- console ( which )
- TV ( what kind )
- peripherals ( RB-kit/lightguns/etc )
- Need pickup from train station yes/no

Of course anyone can bring their own controllers/games ( then you're sure there'll be enough to go around ) as well! just be sure to lable everything clearly!

Also if I can say that there's going to be a set amount of people, I might be able to get some sponsoring going :-)

At the moment we've got about 10 people from dtoid that confirmed they will be there, plus some of my local friends who'll be helping out with the building and competitions :-)

There's a forum thread going on as well where people are trying to get together a group for travelling from the UK...
-> Go here <-

I managed to find a picture of the Star Wars poster that will be you'll all be able to win if you come to the NARP ( the one from Dungeons And Dragons is right below it ). Its not a very clear picture as it was taken back in 2004 when my camera wasn't as good as the one I have now :-)

Fucking sweet! isn't it? It honestly hurts me to think of getting rid of it, but in my current ( and soon new ) appartment, I simply don't have the space ( nor the approval of my GF ) to hang it up so it would be better for the universe if the poster found a nice new place on the wall of one of you guys!

I'm still looking for a prize to have a contest with this baby:

It prolly should be a snow/skate-boarding game :-)

I've been asked about my PC's a few times and I've decided that if enough people are joining in at the NARP are also intrested in doing some work on their PC's, I'd be more then willing to have a 'tutorial'-afternoon, explaining how to build something like this:
( colours are your own choice of course :p I just like bright stuff ;-) )

So get those registrations in fast! :-)
See you all there!

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