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mistic avatar 7:10 PM on 03.09.2014  (server time)
Building a new EuroNARP location: Teh Lair^3 (part 3)

It's been a long time again, the build of the new TehLair has stalled for a few months as well due to Real Life getting in the way a bit, but I'm finally able to give you guys another update on the transformation of my basement to the ultimate version of TehLair!

In case you have no clue what I'm talking about, check out PART 1 and PART 2.

Those who know TehLair a bit, know that one of it's hallmarks is the use of fluorescent paint... So for TehLair≥ we had to do this as well. As this will be the ultimate version of TehLair, I had to use a shitload of masking-tape:
detail of one of the corners:

The endresult is EPIC though:

the next step was installing a decent floor ( with sound-deadening underneath ):


After the floor was installed, we could finally reinstall the door:

All of this was at the end of december, and after all this time I wanted to try it out a bit and since I had to wait for delivery of some parts, we put most of the stuff back that was allready onsite:

This gave us a glimpse at how the endresult would be:

After that, we had a slight ( 2 months ) hiatus, but I'm glad that thanks to the temporary setup I finally got to enjoy my new basement a bit... In february we started work again, starting with moving the last of the items still in TehLair≤.

It was a pretty big pile of stuff to move:

We stuffed it all into a 30 year old truck ( owned by my father ) and drove 100km at 90km/h max to get it halfway across Belgium:

Before the actual unloading, we quickly installed the plinths/baseboards ( that had only been delivered a few weeks before that ):

Finally we had the right seat at the right place:

Next was a whole lot of cleaning, sorting and testing of the collection:

We also built a test-setup for the 2nd area ( still in the same room though ), this'll probably be the setup until I get a chance to build the bar/TV-cabinet that I have planned:

Finally it was time to put up the shelving that had been lying around since october, but not after adapting them to fit the style of TehLair:

Since we were hanging stuff to the walls, we also mounted some of the speakers:

After being in a box for almost a year, Mr Destructoid and his dad were finally placed in their rightful place:

And this is how it all looks now, this side is about 90% done I think:

Next weekend we'll be doing a mini-NARP with everybody that has helped with the renovation and hopefully this summer we'll be able to do the official opening :-)

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