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mistic avatar 1:52 PM on 12.16.2013  (server time)
Building a new EuroNARP location: Teh Lair^3 (part 2)

After a few weeks of silence, I finally have some time to provide you guys with an update to my previous blog. In the mean time, a LOT has happened and Teh Lair^3 is getting its final shape.

This'll mostly be a pic-report as most explanation is in the first blog :-)

We've installed the power plugs (19 in total):

Of which several ones are on the ceiling:

Strikeman fixed the power box so we now has 6 power lines with each about 4000 Watts available, should be enough for anything we can throw at it :-):

It's truly a nice example of craftsmanship:

The final pieces of wall have been "wrapped" as well:

The UV-lighting is ready too:

A load of bars to mount the LED-strips:

Insulation materials for the ceiling:

Mounted the bars on the walls:

Quick test-setup of the LEDstrips:

I felt bad about being able to see the LEDs from the LEDstrips, so I installed another piece of wood in front of them to improve the lighting even more:

And the end-result is AWESOME:

No-Use and I cleaned up the whole place ( 40/50 pounds of dust from weeks of drilling and sawing ) so we could start painting:

The whole place is literally underground, there's no natural light, so I picked a few very bright colours for the walls:

So that's the current status, hopefully I'll be able to start mounting the insulation this week and next saturday we'll be installing the floor if all goes alright, then the temporary setup can be placed until the rest of the stuff in TehLair^2 can be moved there, I'll keep you guys updated!

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