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mistic avatar 7:39 AM on 08.19.2008  (server time)
10 days till euroNARP: Construction has started! (thx po0ky & viersee! )

Ok, 10 more days till the euronarp kicks off... We've had 1 little problem with the euroNARP-location, I hadn't lived there in 2 years, and my brother has been using his container as a storage area for the same period of time... So you can imagine, the sight that awaited me and Po0ky wasn't pretty at all...

This is gonna be the main area

And that was just the main area, where I had already made space to get my TV, 360 and PS3 in for the first 2 nights. The bar area was a totally different story... My brother loves cars, he has had about 4 since he turned 18 and always fixes them up and then sells them on, this of course results in lots of spare parts, which he stores in the container that is supposed to become the bar.

This is gonna be the bar & chillout area

While we were working however, we seemed to notice that the container was rocking slightly more then it used to... ( 2 years ago ) so we went to check it out... Horror and nightmare visions struck us as we saw this:

Holy SHIT! the floor dropped 7,5cm and is basicly loose

As my father is a carpenter ( and taught me a few tricks ), we set off to fix this issue... What we came up with is basicly the best of both worlds that I grew up in, carpentry and geekdom...

Po0ky making the beams of correct size

But in the end, the problem is solved, the container is more stable then it ever was, and we did it in record time with a small amount of materials...


So now that the container was fixed, we were able to concentrate on the interior, so for the next 2 days we worked like madmen on the inside of the containers, we mostly cleaned stuff up, made the place darker during the day ( so no more glare on any screens, and fixed the first sound system... By the time Po0ky left, viersee arrived, and the next day we worked as well, fixing the racing setup ( and testing/customizing it ), blocking some irritating lights, and just doing general cleanup & setup of devices...

you won't believe how he fixed the cable to the roof... you'll have to come check it out to see it for yourself

So I'm still doing some cleanup work and hopefully tomorrow or the day after, I'll be able to show you the first area for the euroNARP :-) ( check out the rest of my blog if you want more info on the euronarp ;-) )

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