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7:40 AM on 02.19.2009

Save Big on Talladega Nights (and some other dreck)

I just thought I would let everyone know that's deal of the day is 65% off of Blu-Ray 3-packs, one of which -- the comedy bundle -- includes Superbad, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, and Talladega Nights.

If you have yet to experience the joy of Talladega Nights on Blu-Ray, now just may be the time to strike.   read

3:47 PM on 12.21.2007

"Velocity Micro Contest"

I humbly submit the following as an example of how not to win this contest.

I figure after everyone else, there's really no way I could possibly embarrass myself....


2:23 AM on 11.14.2007

Dreamcast Love Letter: Iambic Pentameter FTW

Armada was my favorite game on thee.
It filled my high-school heart with so much joy.
Then Power Stone consumed my friends and me
And turned us into shut-in college boys.

Soul Calibur, a game without a peer,
Though Marvel Versus Capcom 2 did try.
I know that Maxi could quite quickly deal
With one Scott Summers's little laser eye.

Oh, NFL 2K you were the best,
As long as Randy Moss was picked to catch.
And Crazy Taxi did exceed the rest:
A find-a-fare game simply without match.

And still, my VMU, it does say "Beep,
More games (and oh yeah, batt'ries) do I need."   read

8:08 PM on 10.20.2007

An Open Letter to Cloopers* of the D-toid Nation

[*Having just dropped a new word into your lexicon (there's two!), I must first define this word before I can continue onto the meat of my post.

The word "Clooper" that I have just invented is composed of many parts. The "Cl-" comes from the common term "Clog", a word used for the "Community Blogs." The "-oop" comes from "Scoop", a word I'm sure we're all familiar with that means "getting to a news story first."

"-er" means "a person that does something." Please retake third grade English.

It is a fortunate piece of happenstance, indeed, that the "-ooper" could also be said to be taken from the word "Pooper", as in "Party Pooper."

In this case, a Party Pooper would mean I'm having a great party -- all my friends are here and we're all drinking and talking about things we think are neat -- then said Pooper shows up and exclaims "Hay guys! I had a party just like this at my house like three hours ago!"

He then runs over to my VCR (I still have one) and pops in a tape of him and two or three people he knows getting drunk on ice beer and carrying on with considerably less panache (hat-trick!).

In this case, my reaction would be to tar-and-feather him while kicking him to the curb, and also taking his six-pack for myself.

Sorry for my tangent. Having defined my new word, I move on to my actual letter.]

Dear Cloopers:

No one cares. Stop spamming.


mispelt   read

11:30 AM on 09.27.2007

There is no Difference Between Casual and Hardcore.

I would be remiss in starting my rant without citing my sources. While not relating at all to the views presented by BlindsideDork, or to the rather lengthy reply by GuitarAtomik, the forthcoming cluster of words has everything to do with their arguements.

You see, at the heart of their debate is one word: "hardcore." This term is one I've had a problem with, because there is no one definition of hardcore gaming, and when I hear the "hardcores" picking on the "casuals" I have to ask myself just what the difference is.

My girlfriend loves Katamari. Loves it. If she didn't have to work in order to make money to pay the electric bill to keep the PS2 running, she would play Katamari to the exclusion of all other things. What's the catch? Katamari is the only game she likes. She plays Tetris every now and again, but she refuses to touch any game -- and I'm using her words here -- "with a plot".

This makes her a "casual" gamer. She doesn't like games with any kind of story. She couldn't care less about your Master Chief or your Liu Kang. She doesn't think she should have to learn strings of button-presses to play a game. Hell, she doesn't play games with buttons. But is there not a hint of hardcore in her complete willingness to remove your eye from it's socket using the left hand of a Mr. Potato Head in order to get an advance copy of Beautiful Katamari?

Would a person that devotes themself to one game exclusively be demeaned -- because let's be real, we say "casual" with a hint of vitrol, don't we? -- by the "casual" tag if that game was Counterstrike? Halo? Madden? Final Fantasy? If your child went through a period (like many children do) of only eating hot dogs, would you call your child a casual eater? Would you say they didn't really like food and call their plates stupid?

What about my roommate and myself? We both work about 50 hours a week. We've played games all of our lives, and we love just about every kind of game there is. Between us, we've put in close to 400 hours on Oblivion, and we still don't have any of the expantions. The fact is, though, that we don't have nearly as much free time as we used to. Between work and girlfriends, our choices are limited.

He's taken to playing Rayman: Raving Rabbids. He likes it because it fits his schedule. He needs a game that he can pick up and put down without feeling tied to. The fact that it saves his progress every ten minutes or so is a huge bonus.

Unfortunately, by the definition I understand, his playing a minigame compilation for fifteen minutes at a time makes him a casual gamer. Does it matter that he spends 90% of his free time playing video games, or is his status decided only by how long he plays in hours? He hasn't unlocked an achievement or fragged a noob since he started his second job, but does the fact that he wants to count?

I, on the other hand, have been trying to play Twilight Princess. I don't like to play it for any less than three hours at a time, because I don't feel like I'm getting anything done otherwise. The problem is that it's hard for me to find that kind of time. I only get around to playing it once a week or so. Can I still be hardcore if I only really play once a week? Does it count that my sessions last forever? Does it make a difference that I'm playing it on a Wii?

My point with all this is that casual and hardcore are very fluid concepts. And in the end, does it matter which is which? What's the point of standing on one side of the line cursing the other? As long as people are playing games and enjoying themselves, shouldn't we welcome them into the fold? Just because someone doesn't enjoy the same games you do in the same way you do doesn't mean they don't enjoy games.

To conlcude, STFUAJPG.   read

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