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Hello class, Iím Professor Milky. Yeah, youíve fucking heard of me.
You might remember me from such films as Long Winded Overly Complex Lecture Vol. 1-23, Angry Rant, Long Winded Angry Rant The Return, Return of the Overly Complex Long Winded Lecture on Obscure Scientific Topics Part 15, and The Adventures of That One Insane Guy in the Ventrilo Server.

Also, I like pie.

Iím Professor Milky and I approve this Message.
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12:11 AM on 10.31.2007

HERBiE at the Olympics.

Way back in the early 80ís someone decided to make a game a bout a retarded man who went to the Olympics. What more can I say, Itís a game about a retard at the Olympics, I mean honestlyÖ

SO without further delayÖ

HERBiE is a hack of the original game Hunch Back Olympics by Century Electronics which was released worldwide in 1984. The game plays as one would expect, simple Track and Field style action. If it werenít for the lovable Hunch Back, or HERBiE the retard, these games would have no reason to exist.

Is the game fun? No, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it is what it is.

There you have it Cats and Kittens, Weird game #1 is in the books.

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2:58 AM on 10.26.2007

Today we will begin our exploration of the wonderful world of Sammiches.
We will begin with a simple yes delicious sammich for our first lesson.

Milkyís Ham and Cheese.

First we need some bread, a whole wheat or eat based bread works perfectly in this case.
Go ahead and butter both sides of the bread slices. Yes, that is correct both sides, it is honestly not that difficult so donít cry.

Now we need some medium sharp cheddar and some Black Forrest ham.
Two slices of each will do. Put the ham and cheese slices in the bread and drop that bitch in a fry pan over medium low heat. Once your bread has achieved the desired level of toasty darkness flip the fucker over. Now open it up and add two paper thin slices of Fuji Apple. Remember to only add the apple once you flip, so you donít cook the apple too long, unless you want it all soft and mushy. Finally when the cooking is finished, add a small amount of mild honey mustard.

Now, eat your sammich.

Tune in next time for weird games