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2:01 AM on 12.19.2008

Why Don't We Have SSF2THDR Yet!!!!

Those of us in Australia, and perhaps elsewhere outside of the golden country of gaming (but not much else) The USA, Plastation 3 owners are still waiting for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. I played SF2 on the SNES for like a year straight when I was a kid and I need a comparable D-pad and the 360's can barely be called a D-pad. I was so hyped for the game a broke down and bought it on XBLA and while its still fun and all, its just not the same, Its really hard using the analogs.

To cut a long whine short, WTF is going on? is it Capcom? is it Sony? I read somewhere it was a region lock problem, but that doesn't make sense when I could buy it from the US store if I had a US credit card. Its fucked up and honetsly I think I'm kind of burnt out on it now and I don't think I'll get it when it does get released, maybe I'll try and buy a 360 arcade stick instead.

Whats up Capcom/Sony seriously what the fuck?!?! Trust me when I say this fuck up has lost you a lot of money, maybe if you didn't hate money so much you'd have the same content on the PSN store world wide.   read

12:55 AM on 12.19.2008

Games I've Been Gaming Insane Holiday Edition - Fable 2, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Motorstorm: PR, Gears 2, Banjo: N&B

It's that crazy time of year, Christmas, and with it comes several metric tonnes of games. I haven't blogged in a few months and it took the wise sage Yojimbo to get me back in the swing, and with a long hiatus comes a fucking shitload of games to talk about, so without further ado, onward!

The first on the list is Fable 2. This game is pretty divisive and with good reason, it's pretty much just Fable 1.5, but that is not really a bad thing. I spent just about as much time watching my Wife play the game as I did playing through myself, and so I got to see both the Light (my Wife) and Dark (Me) paths the game has to offer. Quite simply put, I really liked Fable 2, its nothing ground breaking but its sweet and charming and all warm and fuzzy, but it also manages to get a bit dirty along the way.

I just wish they could make the game more open, the first game set you in strict paths, and while you can climb over fences in the sequel, you may as well stick to the path becuase it really makes no difference, the games areas are small and confined and I find that irritating because I love the world Lionhead has created. Also the games fucking short, and I expect a bit of length out of a supposed RPG. But over all, I liked it and I look forward to the DLC.

Straight after Fable I jumped into Fallout 3. The two games share a few similarities but are ultimately polar oppisites. Straight up, I LOVE Fallout 3, its easily in my top 3 games of the year. Sure it has a few glitches, bad animation and my game crashede a total of 5 times when I played through, but I don't care, it doesn't ruin the overall experience. The best thing about Fallout is that it takes a fairly common grey/brown post apocalyptic setting in gaming today, and it makes it feel real, poignant and melancholic, and I mean that in the best possible way.

This game made me feel, even when I was just wandering throught the wastes, its truly a sad game and I don't know if the Bioshock-esque propaganda imagery helps or hinders what is the developers biggest achivement. I am by no means talking about the ending being sad BTW because I didn't really find that to be overly emotional, I just mean the general experience of playing the game. As a side note, I would love to see Bethesda somehow implement a modified version of the VATS combat into the next Oblivion because the combat was the worst thing about Oblivion. Oh yeah and can anyone tell me why the guys on Podtoid detest the game so much? I mean I know Jim and Topher like their JRPG's but aside from a few glitches and some bad animation I think Fallout is flawless.

Whats next... Ahh yes Far Cry 2. This is a tricky game to talk about because the first hour and a half of the game are pretty bad, theres a fair bit of tutorial shit and it just takes a while getting accustomed to the flow of the game. But let me tell you once your well and truly in the groove this game is in many ways something of a landmark title for me. I love open ended combat, something the GTA games have completely done away with, and its probably the main thing Far Cry 2 has in comman with the Crytek original.

The fact that I can hide in grass, and approach a senario from any angle and with any gun a choose is quite a luxury. What makes the game more than just an open world FPS is the setting and the story, this game has heavy duty themes in it, if youve ever seen Lord of War, or perhaps Blood Diamonds, then you know what to expect. More games should embraces unique real world scenarios and get away from the cliches because this game, even with a few pacing problems under its belt, succeeds because its sat in the middle of a world full of WW2, Sci Fi marines, and city scapes. Oh and I have to mention the lighting, BEST SUNSET LIGHTING EVER!!!

Motorstorm: PR is everything that the original was not. Take the first game and add about 500% more variety, up the graphics meter to 11, and strap in, this game fucken rocks. Its blisteringly fast and adrenalin soaked and I love it. I haven't got too far so I won't go on about it but if your on the fence, jump down and get this game!

Gears of War 2 is without doubt one of the best games I've played this year, as with Motorstorm:PR, Gears 2 takes everything thats good about the first game and quadruples it. It has some of the best action sequences I've ever played, and while its white knuckled its still damn fun.

I still haven't played multiplayer or even Horde because my Live account expired and I haven't renewed it yet, but considering I finised the campaign in two sittings says alot about the quality of the experience (and no its not short). I don't think I have to say much about the graphics,so I'll just say, gorgeous.

I've only played about an hour of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts but I'm looking forward to spending more and more time in that world, beautiful, charming colourful and funny are all words I would use to describe it, everything Rare excels at. I also picked up the original BK on XBLA and I think the game holds up pretty well, it just goes to show that good character design and alot of charm go along way in keeping a game looking fresh, blocky or not the games quite pretty.

Cosidering how many hours I spent playing through that game when I was a teenager I imagine I'll enjoy doing it all over again, oh yeah and ICE KEY!!!

So thats it, I'm still polishing off Far Cry 2 and I'm going to dive into BK:NB alot more over the holidays but thats all for now. Thoughts?

(as a final footer, if anyone wants to play Motorstorm: PR or Far Cry 2 online, send me a MSG on PSN, PSN ID is MilesCosmo. Keep in mind I live in Australia so the time difference screws with things alot)[img]   read

6:22 AM on 09.15.2008

Getting Shafted By the Games Industry

There has been a shit load of talk over the last few days about game retailers trading games and selling pre-owned games for a reduced price. The games industry head honchos are constantly complaining about retailers buying games from customers and then selling them again with no profits going to the developers and publishers of the games. Now I don't profess to know all the details but I do understand both sides of the conflict, and fully realise why publishers and developers are unhappy. This all makes perfect sense... In the US!!!

Don't Fuck With Angry Gamers!!! (I'm well aware this is a puppy and not a gamer)

In Australia and the UK (and I'm quite sure elsewhere aswell) us gamers get shafted all the fucking time. I want to support developers and I believe I do, I spend a shit load on games but hey I want to get the best deal possible in a country where a new game can cost $120.00 Aussie bucks. Quite simply it's complete bollocks.

It's not unreasonable to believe that games should cost the same amount (at very least in western 1st world countries) as they do in the States obviously converting currency to the right amount first. and yet somehow (probably just because we are used to it at its expected) games can cost double what they do in the US, and in the case of some games like Rock Band, never get released (in Australia anyway). I bought Rock Band in Singapore for PS3 and payed less than those in the UK, and the only reason Singapore had it was becuase they imported it from the US, which is why they didn't have the region locked 360 version.

And the 32bit, and the 64bit and the 128bit...

Again, its like this because it has always been like this, and even though times have changed, currency values have shifted and shipping is no doubt cheaper, those of us outside of the US of A are still getting raped with a chainsaw weilded by the games industry, and we probably always will be!

So a word to the US, gamers, developers and publishers, as far as gaming goes you've got it easy, shame about the pile of turd that is your government I guess you can't have every thing

P.S. I am aware that most governments suck, I just couldn't resist an easy jab.   read

6:42 AM on 08.12.2008

Lets Play UT3 D-toiders!

For those who didn't read my previous post, I just bought UT3 (PS3) and I want to play it with D-toiders. So to those who have the power, my PSN is MilesCosmo, lets play some UT3!!!   read

3:17 AM on 08.12.2008

Games I've been Gaming: UT3 PS3 here I come!!!

Hello all, it's been a while since I made a post but I've been doing some serious gaming and I've added a few new titles to the ranks of discs entering my systems.

I am still playing MGS4, and I'm still enjoying it, in fact it just seems to get better and better, amazing visuals and incredibly fun gameplay, what more could I ask for. Hopefully I'll be done with it soon though because I just picked up some other gems at really good prices.

I got Eternal Sonata for $29 (I'm in Australia so thats pretty sweet), and UT3 (PS3) for $65, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love JB Hifi. Eternal Sonata is great, its colourful and beautiful and totally cheesy, some of the prettiest graphics have delicious sex with some of the lamest voice acting in the world. Its actually quite comical and I can't help but laugh between the cringes.

And UT3 is as I expected totally UT. The last UT game I played was the original on PC and this is pretty much the same but with amazing graphics, and damn are they nice graphics. As soon as I booted it up I fondly remembered its brutal speed and off the wall silliness. But I love it, its fun and a good change of pace from games like COD4, back to basics is sometimes very nice.

I have also been playing some Forza 2, I never finished it and going back to it was fun, I'll probably play some more over the next few weeks. My sister in law (who is only about 7 years old) was in town with her parents and she wanted to play Kameo, which basically meant me playing all the actual game parts. This didn't really bother me though as Kameo is a great game (despite what some people think) and even though I've finished it it was fun playing it again.

So that pretty much sums up the games I've been gaming. To all those people who are playing UT3 on PS3, why not send me a friend request and we can play some multiplayer, my PSN name is Milescosmo, cheers.   read

1:41 AM on 07.19.2008

GTA4: The most frustrating game I've ever played

I just finished GTA4, perhaps I'm a little late, but hey the game really started to drag so I left it for a while. What I want to say is that the final mission and a few of the ones leading up to the end were the most frustrating pieces of gaming I've ever endured. The final mission verged on being broken, on one occasion I died where you fall into the water from the helicopter next to the boat, I had full health and your not supposed to die there, I had no idea why it happened.

On top of that I made sure I had plenty of rockets to do away with the final bad guy, but hey what good are rockets when they vnish into the ground after theyre fired, presumably so you don't kill him till the devs want you too. I hate how the game forces you down a strict corridor which you cannot deviate from. If the game design hadn't failed me I would have finished the game a good hour ago but no I had to repeat myself several times before I got it, the game simply fucked up and made me die.

My point is that this game makes a great first impression, but not only did it bore me by the end, but it frustrated more than just about any other game I've played. Sorry but I just needed to vent, I felt like I was going to murder someone after that.   read

3:29 AM on 07.17.2008

Games I've been Gaming, I have internet back!!! (I think I just came)

Well well well, to all those who care, I once again have internet (oh boy was it worth the wait as its now faster). I have a new job, in a new city, and im enjoying some new games. I mentioned in my last post that I was going to attend Game On, a history of videogames expo, I mangaed to get there on the last day and suffice to say it was pretty good. There were some great old games, I got to play Virtual Fighter, which was pretty lame actually, and in a sense best of all, Asteroid.

Asteroid blew me away, I had never seen the original machine and I have to say, I still don't know how they managed to create the graphics, the shots you fire in the game are super bright, and it seems to be on a regular monitor, very cool. Anyway, there were many other things to see, I played the original Street Fighter, or as it was quite hilariously titled, Fighting Street. Ken and Ryu have never been so wooden, but it was fun none the less and it was playing on a PC Engine with CD attatchment.

This is the one I played but I didn't take the pic

In addition to that I relived some childhood memories and played SNES Street Fighter 2, and it was as great as I remember. Unfortunately Camera's were not allowed, which in turn makes a liar out of me as I promised photos, oh well.

I also recently purchased MGS4, which was probably a stupid idea because I'm still playing GTA4, and a whole bunch of other unfinished gems. For a person who has never played a MGS game, I have to say that I'm enjoying it, I find it equal parts genuine emotion, retardedly cheesy, and great fun. Plus the graphics, particularly in cut scenes, are crazy good. It's just so camp that I love it, and I am surprisingly emotionally involved in the story and characters even though I often don't know whats going on.

So I really have to finish GTA4, I'm right at the end and its kind of becoming a chore to play, I just want to finish. I just finished the missions from the mafia guy whos in the hospital, I think I'm almost there. In addition to that game I have Assassins Creed, Burnout Paradise, Resistance, Dead Rising, and Rock Band to finish, I'm both horrified and excited at the prospect of finished them.

Ok I think I've ranted enough, quickly though, loving all of the announcements out of E3, I think I need a new PC to play some of the sweetness thats coming, like Biowares latest offering, and lets not forget Diablo 3. And not to seem like a traitor, but the guys a are doing a bang up job with thier coverage.

Catch ya all later.   read

8:17 PM on 07.07.2008

A new city, no internet, and a Games Expo!

Hooray for the wonderful communications company that is Optus, I love them for completely fucking up my request to relocate my internet account to another Australian city, fanfuckingtastic. Anyway a quick update to the Dtoid community as the seconds tick away on my internet cafe account, I now live in the wonderful city of Melbourne, been here a week and aside from some vomitous pyrotechnics last weekend (drinking) things are going well.

Why am I posting this on Dtoid? well it just so happens that these a videogame history convention happening here in the coming weeks called Game-On, I shall be attending and I'll be posting photos in due time, that is when my internet is back up and running.

"I'm headin out Californie way, I hears they got a whole bunch of Inernet down dere"

Anyways, I look forward to joining the community once more, cheers.   read

8:21 AM on 06.18.2008

The Last Few Weeks in My Life Have Been Stressful and Awesome

As some of you may have read in one of my last posts, I recently returned from Singapore with an awesome haul of goodies (at extremely good prices), which included the awesome (and currently unavailable in Australia) Rock Band. Some of you may also know (although I doubt it) that me and my wife are moving to Melbourne in a week and a half,so the last few months and weeks have been fillled with packing and fixing up our house so its fit for renting out. In addition to this a good friend of mine who also happened to be a long time gamer buddy, recently returned from world travels (breifly) to catch up with family and friends. So as you can imagine, things have been pretty intense but also alot of fun.

My haul minus Time Crisis 4

So we had our first big session of Rock Band, it was only three player because we only have one guitar, but it was a blast, and I have to say I do kind of get a kick out of owning a game that 99.9% of Aussies haven't played and many haven't even heard of. We started with a quick game fo Time Crisis 4 before going straight to Rock Band which we played for hours interspersed with small doses of Perfect Dark Zero (Shut up all you haters, I like the games multiplayer and me and my old friends used to play alot of Goldeneye on the N64 so we played the facility map) and Skate which is an awesome game. We then later tried to get a WLAN game of RA2 Yuris Revenge working (classic) but one guys computer was not having it so we gave up and played mor Rock Band. Lots of fun was had.

Before I left for Singapore I did some game shopping at JB HIFI (great store) and picked up a copy of Assassins Creed (PS3) and Dead Rising. Assassins is better than I expected, sure it has problems, but its beautiful and I enjoy most of the voice work and each Assassination victims story and motivations for being horrible, all in all its pretty good. Dead Rising is an odd one, its awesome but as one Alex Navarro (former Gamespot, current Harmonix employee) put it, the save system is verging on being broken, and yet its got great characters and story, and its just plain goofy. Walking around in tight childrens clothes with a costume horse head on, bludgeoning zombies with a bowling ball never gets old, also word to the wise, Katanas are extremely effective for slicing up bodies, if the need ever arises.

Zombie killing = awesome

I also feel I have to comment on Capcoms proprietary game engine which I believe they have used for all their current gen games, Its simply beautiful, Dead Rising is a stunning game and it runns amazingly well. I kind of wish Capcom would farm it out to other developers like Epic does with UE3, because I'd love to see what other talented hands (perhaps non Japanese dev teams) could do with the tech.

In addition to all of these awesome gaming sessions, I've also been trying to fit in finishing GTA4 (nearly there, I think), and playing Burnout Paradise (PS3) which I love. Burnout isn't the kind of game I'd normally play but its just so much fun and it looks stunning, more developers should aim for 60fps, theres a pretty amazing sensation of speed in the game.

The other game I picked up in Singapore was a Japanese copy of Folklore. Now its all in english which is great, but for some reason my PS3 doesn't recognise it as the same game as the Aussie version of Folklore that I hired and my wife got quite far in. So we have all these save games that we can't use with the game. Its quite weird because when I make a new save the file goes into the same folder as the other version saves, but the thumbnail is slightly different featuring the Japanese font for the title text, very odd. Even stranger is that in the manual theres a picture of the title screen which has the cool Japanese title font, but when I load it up it has the PAL version font, its like the game is detecting which region its playing in and adjusting the title screen accordingly. Also worth noting is that my box art says Folklore, not Folksoul, strange.

This is the difference in the box art.

This is my copy

This is the Jap title screen

So this coming monday all of my consoles, my TV and games are going into boxes and being shipped accross the country, off to bigger and better things, wish me luck.   read

9:11 AM on 06.11.2008

Battlefield Bad Company demo = fun

I had a play of the BFBC demo today and I gotta say its pretty sweet, and suprisingly seems to have a decent plot and pretty good writing to boot. I especially liked the music at the menu screen, the game has a sense of humour in a serious battle setting, it makes for interesting black humour.

As for the gameplay, its fairly reminiscent of COD4 but with vehicles and destructible evironments, its very fun and the netcode is sweet, I didnt experience lag once, and thats rare. The graphics are nice, especally the character models and textures, but it seems to be running at a lower rez, like COD4. I only played the PS3 version so I can't speak for the 360 version (My live account has expired and I haven't renewed it yet).

All in all it looks very promising and its a rare case of a demo making me want the full game, I'd suggest everyone who likes those kind of games should go check it out.   read

10:34 PM on 06.07.2008

The start of the affair: SNES in the early days.

Ahh the SNES, probably the best most prolific system of our time, not only did it have so many titles, but so many quality titles. While there were many games to rave about on the system I want to talke about three games, the three games that solidified my love of games forever. I had played NES at friends houses many many times before the SNES had come out and had loved it, I remember distinctly being at a mates house and we hired out an import Japanese SNES and Street Fighter 2, one word AMAZING.

It wasn't long before I had a SNES of my own, after much pleading I got one for christmas not long after it had launched in AU, and I got a copy of SF2 and Super Mario World. SF2 took up a huge amount of my time in the first few weeks, playing with friends, trying to beat it with every character, and then on one weekend I popped in SMW and a whole new world of awesome opened up to me. Me and my sister stayed up till the early hours of the morning and made through about half of the game, simply fantastic and one of if not THE greatest game ever made.

That is until I picked up a copy of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and let me just say, WOW. This game took over my life, every day after school, every weekend until I reached the final boss, and believe it or not I never finished it until far more recently but that game has stayed with me and i will never forget it.

How aesome was this map? totally awesome thats how.

These three games changed my life and have no doubt solidified my place as a gamer for years to come, in the words of Chad Concelmo, AMAZING!   read

9:56 PM on 06.04.2008

I return from Singapore bearing gifts... for myself (pics included)

Hello all, I have returned from Singapore and I bring back with me many treasures. To begin with let me say that as an Australian I pay way too much for games and that some products are not even available so as I go down the list of things I bought I'll say how much they cost me in Singapore and how much they cost here. Oh and I almost forgot, the Aussie dollar is doing pretty well, to the tune of $1.38 Singaporean, now onward to the items.

I walked away with the following

1. Rock Band Special Edition PS3 (for region lock puposes)(not available in Australia yet) $350.00 Singaporean

2. Burnout Paradise PS3 $69.00 Singaporean, about $100.00 AU

3. Folklore (Japanese greatest hits edition) $49.00 Singaporean, about $100.00 AU and with worse cover art.

4. Time Crisis 4 with Guncon $129.00 Singaporean, Not sure how much here, but alot more to be sure.

5. 2x Dual Shock 3's one white one black, both at $72.00 Singaporean, $99.00 AU
(thats insane)

6. PS3 Remote, I think it was about $49.00, I think thats a better price than AU.

Now remeber the Exchange rate, take about 15-20% of those prices, Oh yeah.

Now if any of you are wondering why i only bought PS3 games its entirely down to the fact that they're region free, there were lots of cool 360 games I wanted but theres no real way to be sure that they would work.

This might not mean much to you Americans, but to those of use in EU and AU it means a lot. Here's some pics...

The first haul.

Cool cover eh?

The final haul.

Some arcades in Singapore

Some Covers of some games, some of which ive never heard of (hows the lost odyssey cover, cool).

I just thought this was funny.

So there you have it, if our deprived of cheap games I recommend Singapore, its got lots of other cool stuff too but I pretty much just bought games.   read

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