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Why Don't We Have SSF2THDR Yet!!!!

Those of us in Australia, and perhaps elsewhere outside of the golden country of gaming (but not much else) The USA, Plastation 3 owners are still waiting for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. I played SF2 on the SNES fo...


Getting Shafted By the Games Industry

There has been a shit load of talk over the last few days about game retailers trading games and selling pre-owned games for a reduced price. The games industry head honchos are constantly complaining about retailers buying g...


Lets Play UT3 D-toiders!

For those who didn't read my previous post, I just bought UT3 (PS3) and I want to play it with D-toiders. So to those who have the power, my PSN is MilesCosmo, lets play some UT3!!!


Battlefield Bad Company demo = fun

I had a play of the BFBC demo today and I gotta say its pretty sweet, and suprisingly seems to have a decent plot and pretty good writing to boot. I especially liked the music at the menu screen, the game has a sense of humou...


About milescosmoone of us since 10:54 PM on 01.28.2008

Love Games, Love Music, Love them together, like a big pot of awesome sounding, gameplaying, gooey goodness. Im a musician, and a gamer, I love my 360 when it works, and my PS3 when theres a good game to play.

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