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In the Venetian sculpture exhibit at the National Gallery of Art there is a helmet, or burgonet as the Italians might have called it back in the day. This burgonet brought me back to a simpler time. A time when PS2s were still the rage. A time when DLC had yet corrupted our innocence and WW2 FPSs were still dominating the market in a sad, sad way. When we felt incorruptible, no?

Well, Final Fantasy 12 MMORPGed up the joint. The true break from the traditional FF turn-based formula. Now even the most Internet-less person could enjoy the feeling of power grinding in the same way as any PC gamer without the nuisance of human interference. More importantly, Venetian-style garments were back in vogue. Anybody and everybody could stat buff whilst looking like a Renaissance (Wo)man. It was beautiful, if it weren't for the ease through which one could beat the game it could have been so much more rewarding.

Dear reader, this helmet encapsulates the last Final Fantasy to be released of its own accord without the benefit of accompanying titles or a sequel already in the making even before its release. This helmet is dedicated to a simpler time and to a great enthusiast for the pixelated past. Chad Concelmo, here is the helmet for you.

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