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mikeyed avatar 1:22 AM on 07.17.2009  (server time)
DoW 2: Orks in Progress, Part 1

Space Orks. The anti-space marine. They're a clanky, unrefined race that stretch the limits of realism in terms of space-travelling war machines. In Dawn of War 2, they have vehicle units that spew smoke and appear to be Frankensteined out of any parts available to the ork engineers and mechanics. Ground units are ultimately specialized.

With exception to the ork heroes, no single ork unit can be fashioned to become a stand alone unit. There is only one unit that wields grenades and only grenades, Jumpaboys jump (sometimes to their kamikaze-style death), nob squads smash, and shootas shoot. The two most dynamic units are sluggas and the rokkit unit. The former can repair and melee, while the latter can function as artillery and anti-tank.

However, the point of this article is not to break down strategy or give stats, but merely to discuss my own interest in this strange, albeit physically strong race. How it functions as an exception to most races in the RTS format. The manner in which their quirky strategy, or lack thereof, and characteristics as a race bend the rules of conception in terms of building an RTS faction.

The closest science fiction-based relation the space ork has is the reaver from Firefly. If you have yet to see Joss Whedon's Space Western, then I will just have to say go watch it, and you will be searching the racks after ward for a browncoat to proudly display your unwillingness to fall under the wheel of somebody else's concept of what progress "should be".

Well, much like orks, reavers just barely function as a space-travelling band of raping and pillaging aimless scavengers. In order to compete with their technologically superior foes they push their engines to the limits. They persist by raiding others and recruit through intimidation, torture, and mutilation. They revel in a world of ultra violence, yet still have managed to form a society all there own.

Unlike the zerg, which are creatures that maintain their society through a hive mind, orks survive through brutishness moving with a raider mentality. A religious or corporate-run society does not appeal to their lifestyle. If there was one word to best describe the style of government that an ork society would most likely adopt it would be decentralized.

The ork borrows from all races, absorbing almost none of the real intelligence necessary to innovate their army, focusing mainly on improving their ability to smash one as gruesomely as possible. Similar to the Viking, they thrive on war. However, they are less reflective about the afterlife. It's a civilization where all revolution of logic has ceased to exist.

A society without sentimentality, organized religion and business, self improvement, and vanity. They're not even necessarily efficient. One can only assume there is one belief/edict/hope/want/will/wish to understand here: strife.

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