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mikeyed avatar 9:14 PM on 11.24.2008  (server time)
A Time to Build: Thanksgiving Break

Be grateful for the time you will have to finally finish the Punch Out! game you downloaded to your WIi. Be grateful that a lot of classes are canceled this week and finals are going to be a breeze. Most of all, be grateful that your brother bought Gears of War 2 and rented Left 4 Dead just at the right time for you to come back to your home and not talk to your parents or visiting relatives.

Thanksgiving is the time for gamers all around the world to add one portion of that game they've been meaning to play for so long to their unhealthy holiday gaming habits. We shall all share in the gentle warmth of new games released, old games ported, and any other game revisited.

That new Iron Chef game might help out with prepping that stuffing or carving that first slice. The new Chrono Trigger might teach you never to fuck with time and be grateful for the time you have at a table you share with people you are only somewhat more familiar with than the characters you know in the games you will most likely be thinking about with the people at that table.

Remember past Thanksgiving parades? Well now this year's parade will hold special meaning since it will most likely resemble the zombie apocalypse that you face each time you start up another game of L4D. Imagine any annoying floats as merely the representations of roving zombie hoards, such will be the joy felt with each disgusting band of clown firefighters or bobble-head characters stumbling down the avenues.

Imagine what floats or costumes could have been. A big daddy lumbering down the street? A Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Float? A "Mega Man jumping" giant balloon? A Reggie meat burger palace float? Mushroom kingdom float? A Warthog cruising down the street, with an army of space marines following in a march, and possibly a Halo marching band? A Destructoid Balloon? The list goes on.

Turn Thanksgiving into your own feast of gaming fantasies and pleasures. Build a Thanksgiving parade to video games in your mind (or maybe in jpg?).

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