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mikewa avatar 2:02 PM on 09.26.2011  (server time)
Obscurity: Space Fishermen

Space Fishermen. I'm sorry let me say that again; SPACE...FISHERMEN! So yes this is Japanese and yes it never came to the U.S. but a demo did; and thats what I played. Back in the day, around 2003, I was still a student in high school. I couldn't buy all the time and didn't even have a computer. I did have was a subscription to the the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine(OPM.)

June 2003, issue 69, OPM had this jewel tucked away under their "Extras" section. Playing it was kind of amazing at first. Getting a chance to play a before it even comes out. Not knowing of course it was out in Japan and never will come out to the U.S.

Now it wasn't the best demo in the world being so short (limited to 15 minutes), and having only one stage. So I played it a few times; many in fact fumbling with menus and trying to find out what the hell I was doing.

To describe the I would say you are basically flying around an island(in space), shooting your electrical line fishing rod, while wiggling the lure until a dot on the radar goes off. Then pressing x I to jerk the fish (most of the time aluminum cans or baseballs) out of the water and then moving the analog sticks to the on screen prompts. Eventually there was some sort of boss fish that shot missiles or something.

The rest is like any other fishing video game. You can use captured fish as bait to catch other fish, other lures and fishing spots, and blah blah blah. Doesn't sound like fun? Did I say It's fishing?In SPACE!!!
The only complaint I had was OPM didn't do a Japanese import demo every month.

If you are interested at taking a look of some game-play go here:
More screens and boxart below:

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