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mikewa avatar 5:15 PM on 04.10.2012  (server time)
Dreaming: The Compilation

Dreaming is a wonderful thing. Here is a list of our dream games so far. Listen up developers; this is what we want.

RPG/Action RPG
Final Fantasy VI and VII Remake
FF12 HD release or PS2 classic release
Chrono Trigger sequel(not Chrono Cross)
Persona 5
Kingdom Hearts 3
Dark Cloud 3
Mega Man Legends 3
Shenmue III
Fallout 4
Steambot Chronicles 2
Oblivion/Skyrim-style RPG set in the Old West.
Knights of the Old Republic 3 made by Bioware
Dragon Age 3 back to its roots
Megaman Battle Network:
New Mass Effect trilogy
FF13 Versus
Knights Crossing
Dragon's Dogma
Wild Arms VI
Lord of the rings RPG
New kings field
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG
Remake of the Earthbound/Mother trilogy
Legend of Dragoon 2
Breath of Fire VI
Tail of the Sun II
Land of the Elder Scrolls
Jade Empire 2
Baldur's Gate 3
Record of Agarest War

Half Life 3
Battlefield/Battlefield bad company 3
Counter-Strike 2(or 3, whatever)
Doom 4
TimeSplitters 4
Star Wars: BattleFront 3
Star Wars: BattleFront 4
"a game that you could be a space marine." (sarcasm much)

Proper Jak 4
Classic Crash Bandicoot reboot
War of the Monsters 2
Psi-ops 2
Red Dead Redemption 2
Legacy of Kain reboot
Viewtiful Joe 3
New Onimusha
New Jumping flash
Zone of the enders 3
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Breakdown 2
New Okami game for PSVita
MediEvil 3
Rayman and Friends
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Jet Set Radio 3
Kirby Air Ride 2
Matrix: Path of Neo sequel
Dead Island type game done right
new Shadow Hearts game
Psychonauts Sequel
Musashi: Samurai Legend 3
Orginal Adventure Game Idea
Klonoa 3
Oddworld: The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot
New Ape Escape
Orginal Ninja Game Idea
Sequel to Gun
Another old school Megaman Game
Hack n' slash game developed by Retro Studios
Remake/sequel/whatever of Streets of Rage
Remake/sequel/whatever Scott Pilgrim vs the World game
Orginal: A Game of Gumshoes, pal!

Killer Instinct 3
MvC4(Why not)
PlayStation All-star battles game or whatever

Fallout MMO
Orginal: Zombie MMO
Orginal: A call for true persistence in MMOs

Warcraft 4
"A RTS where you can hop into individual units. They used to try to make games like this before hardware could really handle it. Would love to see someone try now."
FM Punks

Resident Evil back to its horror roots
Deadly Premonition for vita

Crash Team Racing Sequel
Karting Evolved
Motorstorm pacific rift 2

Rock Band 4
Guitar Heros got game
Proper Frequency/Amplitude sequel
West Side Story

Downhill Domination sequel
Freekstyle sequel
Jet Moto 4
NFL 2kxx
MLB Power Pros after 2008
Kinect Poker Game
Follow up to Links golf game
"Since I was a teenager I had this idea of a BMX game in an open world (a neighborhood with surrounding woods/trails). It's a racing game or a trick game, you have an editor to make your own courses through people's yards and shit. Arcade type stuff, not like a BMX sim.. but physics that make sense to people who rode those bikes as kids/teenagers. "
"...sports games take the approach of Fight Night Champion and have a proper single player story mode. Like a sports-themed movie that you play, basically. I think that idea is more interesting than the majority of career modes that sports games do currently."
"Ken Griffey Jr. baseball, like the same cartoon-style game that first came out on SNES, and with real players."

Tetris attack to get some arcade love
Blast Corps

Orginal: A Social Experiment
Orginal: Zombie Apocalypse Simulator
Megaman in UMvC3
LOST game worthy of the TV series
"Kickass Bible game"
Surge of True Retro Games( Mega Man 9)
An awesome arcade revival in the USA. Thus places for bi-weekend game tournaments maybe.
Orginal: Wax-and-wane
An orginal nintendo game
Orginal: Destiny and Alternate Realities
"I would dream for them to actually release the last guardian. "
"I want game companies to continue making new games. My dream game right there. "

Recently Achieved Dreams
Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3
Twisted Metal
A good sonic game(Sonic 4/Sonic Generations)
8 bit mega man

*If I missed your blog entry or if its categorized wrong please pm me. If your idea isn't on the list then add it to the comments. Cheers,

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