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SSFIITHDR First Impressions

Alright so I just went ahead and downloaded the full version of SSF2THDR without ever bothering to try the demo out first. Having been a long time fan of Street Fighter in all its incarnations (mostly a fan of SFIII in arcade...


PunchOut Photoedit - 2nd Attempt

You might have seen my edit from yesterday's post. Well I am at it again. This will most likely be my last edit of this pic, cause I'm really sick of looking at it. Anyways, the minor adjustments might go unnoticed to some, b...


I AM 8 Bit Photoedit

I was taking a look at the Art Attack Friday picks and couldn't resist putting my own touch on the Punch-Out fight poster that was put up at the exhibit. Have a look see. The Punch-Out Wall I feel this way it ground this somewhat unrealistic fight in reality.


CabinetOS - Full Flow Demo

This demo showcases the new look and feel of the UI. I felt the original to be too cumbersome to work around. It also shows off the full flow from selecting a sorting criteria, to a sub seletion and finally selecting a game a...


CabinetOS - Sorting Demo

Aha! The project moves ever onwards. This time I bring you a demo of how the sorting works, as well as showing you the subsets of developers, letters, years and genres that will be featured in this amazing Front End applicati...


CabinetOS - Noise Demo

For any of you having read my previous post calling all artists for background images for an arcade cabinet front-end, here is a small demo of what I am currently doing. It's all quite hard-coded at this point though. Th...


Calling All Artists - Arcade Cabinet UI

Hello D-Toid Community, I am currently working with a colleague of mine on a front end application for selecting MAME roms for play in a custom arcade cabinet we are also building. We both have tremendous programming skill, ...


Man this sucks

Well after have gone through the trouble of building up a fairly sizeable gaming library and setting up my whole place for glorious HD gaming over the course of 6 months, I come home last Thursday to nothing less than a broke...


Super Stick Bros. Development

For my software engineering practice class, we are developing a fighting game in the vein of Super Smash Bros. The catch is however that all players are simple geometric shapes - Circle, Square, Dots, Line, Triangle and Stick...


About miketavaone of us since 3:11 PM on 07.03.2007

Mid-twenties gamers with roots starting with SMB2. I am a software engineering major with only a year to go until completion. I hope to land a job with a gaming company as an associate producer or at least some sort of engineering/program design area of work. Hopefully 2-3 years of that stuff will get me far enough ahead that I can then set my plans of Studio creation into motion. The header at the top of my profile is simply the evolution of my "company" logo - Seventh Border, currently going through registration processes, extremely slowly. However I do have an official T-shirt, and a shitty slogan - harumph.

As for my technical prowess, as stated earlier Software Engineer with 2 games, and game-ish project in my portfolio:

o Wooden Crusaders - a sort of Warcraft turn based strategy game
o Super Stick Brothers - a simple Smash Brothers rip off using simple polygons as fighters (circle, triangle, square etc.)
o Arcade Front End - a UI/OS for selecting games for use in a MAME cabinet, will be up for distribution soon.

I am proficient or knowledgeable in the following programming languages:
o Java
o C/C++
o Python
o ABAP - bloody useless

I've also dabbled with some multimedia stuff such Adobe Photoshop and Premiere.

I only game on my 360, though I might look into PS3 soon for Blu-Ray mostly ;).


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