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3:55 PM on 03.25.2008

10 ways to Kill with and iPod.


1. Connect an iPod into a wall charger while your bath tub is full. Connect the iPod, and drop it in the tub, with your friend, your girl friend, your wife, or yourself, in it.

2. Tape someone to a chair and play Two Princes by The Spin Doctors until the person begs to be shot. At this point you have complete control over the victims death.

3. Lodge down throat.

4. (If you have the 1337 sk33t) Program the iPod to kill, simple.

5. Drain the battery acid found in any iPod battery into one's drink, preferably Coke, Pepsi, or any alcoholic beverage.

6. Smash the butt of the iPod off the temple of ones head until pulse stops.

7. Douse your iPod in gasoline, find a house with people inside, or better yet, use your own house. Ignite said iPod in or around house. (Use your judgment and pyro skills.) Make sure you block off all exits before you light said iPod.

8. Scrape off the finish, paint, etc. Eat the shavings. Poison works its self. If this fails the first time, you may need to swallow the battery.

9. Find ingredients to make a bomb, make bomb, simply throw the iPod next to the bomb so you can tell it was "involved" in the death of yourself or others.

10. While driving your car, simply take your hands off the wheel, and place them on your iPod, search for your favorite song (while increasing speed of the car.) This is the most popular choice because everybody loves to drive, and everybody loves music. Most deaths this way are accidental, Results may very.

FYI, If you use an iPhone or anything similar, they will do the job just as well, if not better.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs
--Part time KKK member.

I am not suggesting, or encouraging you kill.
Therefor I take no responsibility in your actions.   read

12:03 PM on 03.24.2008

Hate messages :]

If I'm Xbox, or anything else that you can get in contact with the people you play against, I never seem to fail to receive at least one hate message. After being told I'm a faggot, I suck, I'm a nublet, I cheat, whatever, I have come to find that I actually enjoy it and find it quite hilarious. Am I just being a smart ass? I guess. I gave it 2.7 seconds thought and I'm probably going to pass the blame off to my friends/gamers I play with, at least for the nasty XBL messages I receive. When you play with people who mic spam, you are likely to be considered one in the group as well. As I wish to separate myself from Dropkick Weavers (the main man of terror on my xbox live friends list.) Send him a message calling his fat or something, I would enjoy it if you did. Anyway, I try to seperate myself, but being that I am the only one in my little 'clan' of friends who has a Vision Camera, I am usually the one who send a nasty picture or insulting one. Not going to say anything specific. You can imagine. But if you find yourself getting a terrible Rep on xbox, you may want to ask yourself why, because once you do know, it's alot more fun.

But, I have made rules on who to make fun of on Xbox Live.
1. Anybody with a speech impediment, hilarious.
2. Anybody who you can bet hasn't gone through puberty.
3. Drunk people (Yes, I believe I've seen them on there.)
4. People who you find smoking bongs over arcade games with Vision Cameras.
5. Obviously, people you dominate, you have the right to bash.
6. People who bash you, return fire.
7. And we all know the all talk no walk people, bash them.

What do you think is the biggest trash talking filled game is currently?
I say Call of Duty 4.   read

1:21 PM on 03.23.2008

Why Digimon is a failure.

This picture can easily turn anybody from watching, buying, playing Digimon.
Looks to be another case of, "Well, where not selling anymore, back to hentai?!"

Case Closed.   read

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