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11:48 AM on 06.08.2009

E3 is over and I sucked it all in so what do I think?



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8:39 AM on 06.02.2009

Another Day of E3 Begins so...

You know what sucks? Having to hack into your own computer because the other people who use it don't want you on it. I'm typing this in safe mode with networking, While I very well could delete the password keeping me from full featured everything I'm just biding my time until I get a sweet Asus Laptop I found at Best Buy.

So I think it's safe to say E3 started out on a MEH note. EA showed off some cool games and announced MMA which is sure to be very interesting. Ubisoft had James Cameron spoil avatar for everyone. which I didn't watch because Raw was on. (Taped it) Red Steel 2 is now trying to be Rising Zan and no Beyond Good and Evil 2 made for a boring several hours, some of which I was watching Raw (which was MEH last night too save for the Flair/Orton fight) When are we going to see another Rayman game anyway? I'd LOVE to see a lush colorful nextgen Rayman. Those rabbids need to die in a fire.

Microsoft showed off Natal (which I mistakenly called Nextal) and new features for the 360 which excited me more than the games. (If you MEH me being excited about Facebook on 360 then you don't know me at all. If I could be on Facebook 24/7 I would be.) Last FM is great but...can we listen to that in game? I like the Sky deal for the Uk but will we get something like this for the US?

I wish Bungie would stop making Halo games. Halo is getting really old, ODST looks awesome but Reach...I don't know it's over kill. The thing is can Microsoft get something people will drool over as much as Halo? Gears of War doesn't out sell Halo so that's not it. I think after Halo Reach Bungie should work on a game that isn't Halo and show everyone they aren't one trick ponys. Even that fanboy hack Kojima takes a break from Metal Gear every now and then (Speaking of which I will remove hack before his name is Snatcher and Policenaughts are ported to XBLA and PSN)

Epic's XBLA game looks pretty sweet too. I forget it's name but as a fan of old school I appreciate Epic making this as it shows they love the old school and aren't afraid to make something besides an FPS every now and then.

Based on yesterday's events I have preorders for Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed II placed at Amazon. I need to see more of how Splinter Cell Conviction plays before I'm totally sold on it.

I gotta take a shower I'll be back later to post my (Probably Bias) thoughts on Nintendo and Sony's Press events.   read

10:24 PM on 06.01.2009

More E3 thoughts

Dear G4 Next year DO NOT show Ubisoft's Press Conference.

UBISoft Soup gave us:

Assassin's Creed II...FUCK YEAH

Q? and Ubisoft working on a Game together? YES

MEH at everything else Ubisoft was showing.

Red Steel 2- No Blood? PFFT and it's a western now... MEH

Tween Games SUPER MEH

I'm keeping an open mind with Splinter Cell Conviction now though. The older games really bored me and were FUCKING HARD AS FUCKING FUCK FUCK

No More Heroes 2- the 3rd reason of 4 to get a wii


hmm Brutal Legend is going to.. Ahem ROCK!

EA Sports MMA....... I'm not a huge fan of what EA's done, NBA Street was the only sports game of theirs I had
But I'm curious as to how they'll handle this since THQ already has UFC. THERE ARE OTHER MMA Groups so we'll see... I'm not an MMA Fan but I respect MMA Fighters and if it turns out decent I might just check it out.

Crysis 2 on consoles...count me I THINK My soon to be new Lappy might beable to run Crysis

APB might be an MMO I can get into, looked great

I'm not fangasaming over Old Republic. Fuckin Nerds

I'd say more but CONAN IS ON!   read

2:21 PM on 06.01.2009

Well then Microsoft's E3 Press con......the Crowd goes Mild...until the end

HOLY SHIT Nextal Out Wii's the Wii.

So we get motion controls with the 360 now, granted this isn't new, The 360 Vision Camera did it. Sony's Eyetoy, the Mocap games. Even the DSI, However voice recognition real time scanning and such...that's new. I'm impressed.

Gamewise DISAPPOINTED. I'm not an MGS fan it's nice the 360 is getting the whole series. I can stop calling Kojima a Fanboy now...I can still call him a hack though. Raiden? Uh isn't Radien WHY MGS2 was the only XBOX installment?

Crackdown 2, MEH
Halo ODST and Reach, MEH
Splinter Cell Conviction, MEH
Modern Warfare 2, MEH
Forza 3, MEH STILL doesn't look like a Gran Turismo killer to me and that's really what it needs to be.
Left 4 Dead 2, I still don't have 1 dammit

Beatles Rock Band, Nice choices on the setlist They included I am the Walrus. Hopefully While my guitar gently weeps makes the game. Omitting that song from the game is almost as unforgivable as no Mai in KOF XII.

Facebook on XBOX live to me was HUGE news mostly because I fuckin live on Facebook. I'm pumped about that. Granted Wii and PS3 have Facebook already which brings me to my next complaint...

I'm disappointed that we STILL do no have a web browser for the 360 EVERY other console even the Wii and DS have one so why aren't the Maker's of IE putting one on 360?

Oh right......I'll crash too much and infest the 360 with more viruses than Firefox would...

The Next step for the 360 needs to be web browsing they NEED to do that now. the 360 is as of now (We'll see tomorrow) the most feature packed system on the market so it remains to be seen what Nintendo and Sony have up their sleeves.

So a new addon that out wii's the wii and Facebook connectivity are the big ones which again......the other consoles and handhelds are Already facebook ready....Myspace too and GULP even Friendster....remember Friendster?   read

8:01 AM on 06.01.2009

As I Gaze into my Crystal Ball the Following will happen at E3

Which are serious, which are jokes? Read on to find out?

-Microsoft announces they've stolen yet ANOTHER game from Sony, Sony Shows off God of War 3.... which is some how announced hours later for the 360...

-Ubi Soft Shows off Killing day...for 360

-Nintendo has another shitty press conference that does NOTHING to appease it's hardcore fanbase. Reggie goes missing and is found weeks later somehow floating down the Mississippi river.

-More fighting game comebacks will be announced. But nobody will care that Zero Divide is coming back. The Previously announced Wii return of Toshinden is met with laughter. The new Darkstalkers HD Remix collection will be met will fangasams worldwide.

-Tatsunoko VS Capcom is multi Platform in the US and adds US exclusive characters.

-PC games will be getting no love this year.

-The PSP Go will be met with MEH's that will be heard all throughout the LA Convention center.

-DOA 5 is announced with a new feature...Wardrobe malfuctions AND for the first time in the history of the will have a coherent story line, No more fighting over vegetables...

-Nintendo's new Wii Suck will be the surprise hit of the show.

-BlazBlue Supra % will be announced as well as it's next upgrade Blazblue Double# both games are just mild gameplay tweeks with Boss Ragina playable, they still will retail full price.

-1500 FPS games for 360 will be unveiled....nobody gives a shit cuz all anyone plays on 360 is Call of Duty and Halo anyway.

-Inspite of the controversy and uproar RAPElay is coming to XBLA and PSN.

-Somehow someway the gaming gods allow Deathsmiles to come the US...Konami are still dicks and Deny the west Otomedius.

-Digdug CE is the next Namco classic to come XBLA

-Somehow someway Sony will unveil something will make PSN equal with XBLA...and the crowd goes mild.

-Capcom's 2nd mystery game will be a new Strider.

-The biggest RPG of the show...will be for PS2

-Sega shows off 20 new sonic games nobody gives a shit about...none of them are a Mega Man 9 styled Sonic 4

-Lara Croft will be in western Versions of Final Fantasy XIII this will be shown during Microsoft's press event.

-Chronos Me (not me but somebody named me) and that other douche will leave a comment about how fail this is...I ignore them.

-Square also annouces they're shutting down production of a Final Fantasy VI Remake they have sent out cease and desist letters......and it's THEIR OWN DS REMAKE they're shutting down, only because Fans of VI are making it.

-Oprah has a game annouced for Wii.......her zombies will make it the best selling game ever.

-then the dark lord rises and the world ends.

-Hardcore game of show will be Bayonetta or Assassin's Creed 2

-Game of show for the mainstream drones will either be Halo 3 ODST or some causal Wii game nobody gives a shit about.   read

10:54 PM on 05.25.2009

What I'm watching- Anime Boston Stash edition

Been awhile since I did one of these's what I got on tap from AB.

An Odd Choice since it only exists to write fan fics for... I happen to like it. Plus one of my 2 best friends loves Weiss.....

then again she's a Yaoi fan girl...

If Boogie Pop Phantom and Blade runner had a baby...this is it's retarded offspring.
Ergo Proxy may as well be called "What the fuck is going on here"

It does have a few things going for it Re-L is HOT but without her make up she's generic.
And the end theme is Paranoid Android. But over all I kept hearing about how Unique and unlike other anime it is..... I have yet to see it other than...It uses a Radiohead song for it's ending.

Ryuhei Kitamura Is the Japanese Uwe Boll. Azumi and it's sequel were made for Weeaboo's and Weeaboo;s only.
This Movie has a cameo by the most overrated game producer of all time....The shitastic Hideo Kojima.

The movie is just flat out cheesy and horrible........

and that's why it's so awesome that and the ending. Plus nobody has a name so it's easy to follow.

This is the ultimate edition so it's pack with extras and shit.

This isn't a classic But Central Park Media is a good company to turn to for those obscure yet interesting
OVAS and Series. Baki has it's followers and it's a good way to cap off any marathon. It's short, has great action but isn't overwhelming.

NOW we're Talking......... Afro Samurai is the new Ninja Scroll. It does for today what Ninja Scroll did in the 90s.

Anime made for the west has been...for the most part a Miss. You can't really say Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust was was well animated but the voice acting ON BOTH FRONTS left alot to be desired and the ending was just WTF?

AFRO doesn't do this. First off.......Samuel "English mother fucker do you speak it" L Jackson.......That's already win. THEN Music by RZA.....OH SHIT...........GONZO WHAT GONZO MADE THIS....Fuck I'm in.

When It aired on Spike I wasn't overly impressed but seeing the DVDs of it and it's even better superior sequel....... BUY IT Just fucking buy it......NOW I DEMAND YOU. If you love Ninja Scroll. You'll Love Afro even more.

Big O

Speaking of Anime made for the's another one of the Greats. Sentimental Favorite here and one where the Dub is the only way to go.

Unique Anime both look and story. They don't make em like this anymore.

OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT........ that was me when I found this was out in the states as a GOOD DVD.

well.....besides the dips in picture quality at random times........AND the fact that the ENDING SUCKED.......
FUCK it's Hokuto no Ken and it's a US Release BUY IT so we can show Toei there's a Market for ken and his skull busting ways.

BTW Heart's death in this one was BAD ASS!

Haven't even started yet.... I like the designs and it's Gonzo....and VAMPIRES...

Yeah Ithis should be good

HERE is a Unique Anime. Just a good slice of life story.... Probably watch this last. awesome find of the day........A Ghibli art book

Question for the commenters

In a Fight Who wins

Kenshiro or Afro Samurai?   read

11:52 PM on 05.23.2009

Anime Boston 09- Video Game Cosplay


Yeah that's alot of images...

Pictures are worth 1000 words.   read

12:11 AM on 05.20.2009

Has hell frozen over?

...cuz for my birthday


Madworld, No More Heroes, the house of the Dead games (and other light gun goodness) The Confirmed US release of Tatsunoko VS Capcom and the goodness on Wiiware plus a few other bells and whistles I can't pass this shit up.

So I'm making a jump to the darkside   read

12:00 PM on 05.12.2009

Time for more musings

I WAS going to wait until tomorrow but I have gaming stuff on my mind.

LOL Fanboys

The other day I was talking to somebody, a PS3 fanboy. Who has firther proven that PS3 fanboys are complete idiots. He made the following statements

- The 360 is dead becuase HD DVD Failed and everything looks better on PS3.

- Fighting games are Dead (went LALALALALALALA when I told him all the awesome coming out this year)

- RPGs are Dead (also went LALALALALA when I told him how awesome Lost Oddessy was before finding he was a Stupid PS3 fanboy)

- he also covered his e-ears and went LALALALALALALALA when I pointed out just HOW MUCH the 360 is out selling the PS3 before he countered with the PS2 sells more than the 360....OF COURSE IT DOES/HAS it's 9 YEARS OLD

God I hate PS3 Fanboys. Not that fanboys of other consoles aren't annoying even the ones of my preferred console the 360.

Anyone notice how the Nintendo fannies have been REALLY quiet lately?

How is the DSI doing sales wise anyway? Last I heard ok but it's not setting the world ablaze.

I really don't have a Problem with the PS3. I don't like PSN but the PS3 has some nice exclusives and if LBP wasn't getting a PSP installment I'd be strongly considering a PS3 down the road.

Mega Man needs a face lift

If you haven't checked him out or don't know about there's this funny guy from Canada doing Mega Man run trhoughs he inspired my ill fated Mega Man 9 run


Inspired I popped the Anni collection into my 360 and proceeded to learn I've lost my Mega Man Mojo. (Playing through 3 with out dying is not something I can do anymore) So I'm watching his run through of Mega Man 5
He makes the game look SOOOOOOOO easy. (it's not at least for me it isn't) Anywho, I got to thinking, For 10 capcom should really change him up. I loved the retro refit to 9 but something about 9 feels lacking, the music is great but the stage layout is pretty poor. TOO MANY SPIKES. and the Step back to making it play like 1 and 2 with No slide didn't help. The Endless stage is probably better than the whole fuckin regular game. In retrospect while 9 is definatly an installment I hold in Higher reguard than 4-6 it's not one I do by much.

So what can we do to Mega Man the OG series that hasn't been done? How come when you beat a robot master you only get 1 of his attacks? How about we......CHARGE for the 2nd attack? Hmm? Maybe the ability to dash as well as slide? Toss a few elements from X in maybe? Fans want that. I know Capcom has been all about the fans lately. The thing is with a game like Mega Man it's been so long and SO MUCH has been done in other games it's hard to innovate. Inafune and Co (or the FANS) had best come up with some unique weapons next go around like how about one that functions like the rewind in Braid? (Betamax Man) Or one that allows you to control the enemies around you. Cool stuff like that. Also.....I love 8 bit as much as any retro gamer but HD Mega man PLZ? You can have the same great gameplay just at a much higher resolution.
It's my main beef with 9. Mega deserves better than that.


I saw Wolverine Origins last week. As an action film fan I Loved it. As a Wolverine left something to be desired. They didn't explain why He goes by Logan (which if you've read Origins is PRETTY IMPORTANT) Stryker has nothing to do with Weapon X in the comics. Sabretooth May or may not actually be Wolverine's brother (then again he's dead no so.....W/E) Back when the first Xmen movies hit I was against Hugh Jackman as Wolverine but having seen Origins.....I'm a fan for life.

Movie may both be win and FAIL but the Game......OH FUCK YEAH Best movie game EVER it's one I gotta pick up. The Demo impressed me like no other demo has before or since. So keep an eye out.

Tekken 6

I was skeptical Tekken has been MEH for awhile after the fanboy wining caused Tekken 4 awesome features to be dropped from 5 I had my doubts 6 would be any good, the Cast didn't impress me either. 2 Lesbians, A matador, a generic Fatass, Hauzer only blue as the boss then BR added a robo girl and a homosexual. NOT IMPRESSIVE AT ALL...

But they actually for the first time since Tekken 4 changed up the gameplay. FINALLY Everyone has new frames, New moves, even lost some moves NIIIIIICE. I should be pissed they changed Nina (she's 2nd only to Mai on my Game characters I want to fuck list) But I welcome the change, Too easy when she hasn't changed at all since Tekken 2. What else Multi Teired stages.....TAKE THAT ITAGAKI YOU JOBLESS HACK
The Rage system seems interesting, and Yoshimitsu has changed too


I'm sold I haven't preordered yet because I'm hoping for some kind of limited edition package. I missed out on the one for Soul Calibur IV but Tekken 6.....I won't.

had Tekken 6 not been annouced as multi platform I'd probably be considering a PS3 right now.

Alrighty that's it for me

Anyone else catch the House Finale last night?

WOAH........Awesome shit right there.

I know why Kutner killed himself....he realized he was in Epic Movie.   read

12:45 PM on 05.11.2009

A musical Tribute to Mai Shiranui

So just HOW MUCH DO I Like Mai Shiranui

Enough to write a amusing and admittingly not that great becuase I didn't have time to make the words sound right so I just adlibed most of the song.

None the less My Favorite SNK Character gets the Love SNK is refusing to give her.

For the stupid harmless song click the link below and download

I do want to stay away from shot quickie blogs like this but COME ON NOW a Song about Mai?
That's gotta be an exception

In all fairness..........I think it's more about 2 other things than Mai her self.

MAI PRIDE!   read

1:10 PM on 05.10.2009

THE RETURN OF THE MACK- Gaming musings

Back with a new Format, we'll see how long this lasts.

Retro remakes

While I was gone, DAYM VOOT hit XBLA, and Space Invaders Extreme AND Akinoid hit as well. Thats some damn tasty gamage. I also find out that a new Platformer is hitting XBLA YES!....But more on Platformers later.
Retro Game Challenge on DS is a great idea. I wish more companies went that route I'm all for the Old School but repackaging a 20+ year old game every few years so it's on a new console.. EH Give us something new every now and then. Fez I think that's GREAT it's a new game that has the qualities of the Old Cave Story too. I'm down with a new Space Invaders or Akinoid, Mega man 10 8 bit style but I really want new games done in the old retro style that aren't sequels. There really needs to be more of that.

The fuck happend to platformers

It's been so long since a good console platformer that gamers are starting to forget what Platformers are all together, some Einsitens at Hardcore gaming 101 are scraping and calling Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge platformers.......UH NO. The PS3 and we all KNOW I HATE THAT WASTE OF ELECTRICITY at least has LBP and Ratchet and Clank. But now if we want our platformer fix we need a PSP or DS XBLA has a great looking old school platformer on it's way called Splosion Man here's a look


FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But this genre seems to be limited to downloads and portables.......where's the lush hardware taking advantage of platformer? Our console GPUs are too busy rendering a dystpoian under water city or post apocalyptic DC rather than Lush surreal worlds that a platformer could have.

Remember Plok? On the SNES? I'd LOVE to see a game like done in 3d...

I miss the Platformer

More of SNK's shit

I am going on record now that IF King of Fighters XII Ships without Mai....I am boycotting. So far there's no annoucement she's in the game instead we get 2 Fan UNFAVORITES in the Console KOF XI.... If SNK doesn't care what the fans want then why should we support them? Do they realize the figurine sales they're missing out on by not including Jenet and Mai?

and WHAT THE FUCK I love Shmups and all..but unless KOF Skystage is EXACTLY like Twinkle star sprites it's not going to sell.

Does SNK think Money is Toilet paper or something?

Hey at least Arksys still loves us giving us some awesome extras with the first run of BlazBlue. But Ya know something......Blazblue really needs more hot bitches.

Alrighty I'll be back in a few days with more musings.

So what do you think? Should I stick to this format?   read

12:05 PM on 04.15.2009

Sort of Apology and date of the challenge

I was going to Hold off on the apology for alittle longer but Too many innocent are caught in the Cross fire.
To those innocent people whom I may have insulted for no reason. I apologize.

Now as for the Haters........

Shit's on now.

I require 2 days to get rid of any rust I have in Soul Calibur IV and SF IV. Friday at 9 will be the showdown.

Anyone who just wanted to Spar (Char and Usedtabe) can face me anytime while I train.

Now Here are the 4 Games you can challenge me in

Soul Calibur IV
Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Guilty Gear XX #reload

Best 3 out of 5

To totally get rid of me all challengers must utterly destory me. If I win I stay it has to be a total sweep. If you beat me more than I beat you then I'll stay off the site for a month or more depending on how many times I'm defeated.   read

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