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Another Day of E3 Begins so...

You know what sucks? Having to hack into your own computer because the other people who use it don't want you on it. I'm typing this in safe mode with networking, While I very well could delete the password keeping me from f...


More E3 thoughts

Dear G4 Next year DO NOT show Ubisoft's Press Conference. UBISoft Soup gave us: Assassin's Creed II...FUCK YEAH Q? and Ubisoft working on a Game together? YES MEH at everything else Ubisoft was showing. Red Steel 2- No...


Has hell frozen over?

...cuz for my birthday I'M GETTING A WII Madworld, No More Heroes, the house of the Dead games (and other light gun goodness) The Confirmed US release of Tatsunoko VS Capcom and the goodness on Wiiware plus a few other bells and whistles I can't pass this shit up. So I'm making a jump to the darkside


Time for more musings

I WAS going to wait until tomorrow but I have gaming stuff on my mind. LOL Fanboys The other day I was talking to somebody, a PS3 fanboy. Who has firther proven that PS3 fanboys are complete idiots. He made the following s...


A musical Tribute to Mai Shiranui

So just HOW MUCH DO I Like Mai Shiranui Enough to write a amusing and admittingly not that great becuase I didn't have time to make the words sound right so I just adlibed most of the song. None the less My Favorite SNK ...


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