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Seems everything FFVII is related the original game's price goes up.
I finally obtained a Copy for the low low price of $78. Appears I might be getting a Black Label (I hope it is)

But I gotta wonder why does a game with nearly 10 million copies floating around. Cost so much resold?

I saw a sealed black label copy on amazon for almost $600. Sup wit dat?

Similarly other square titles fetch quite a bit too. Xenogears, some copies of Bushido Blade 1 and 2, Einhander goes for near retail used. That fighter they did that wasn't Tobal.

Are Square fanboys that snobbish that they overvalue an overrated company?

Then again the bouncer is pretty cheap.......

I still don't get why Final Fantasy VII is sold so high when it's not that rare at all........

Fuckin fanboys.

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