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Zinc: For all your System 11 needs

It might be old news to some but I just recently discovered Zinc. Now some System 11 and 12 games are getting to be playable in MAME Tekken 3 chuggs and most others have echos and such. Zinc plays them at a nice brisk pace....


MAME IT UP: Forgotten Namco Classics

Namco releases some 15 billion versions of Namco Museum every generation since the 32 bit era and many great titles have yet to see the light of day on these collections. Tonight I'm going to take a look at 3 classic Namco Ar...


Fun with Omegle

For those that don't know Omegle is a website that connects you with a complete stranger either an asshole or chinese person. I've had some amusing convos on this thing this however is probably the best Enjoy Connecting to s...



Remember how I said there's not penalty in Blazblue for dropping games? Apparently...it TELLS YOU AND POTENTIAL OPPONENTS HOW MANY GAMES YOU DROPPED. Mark this day on your calenders.....I admit I fail. I have also come to t...


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