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mgspada avatar 7:35 PM on 02.21.2011  (server time)
MC Wateva and Brett McCabe Interview Dan Silvers of Lantana Games

For those of you that don't know, which is most of you since I don't post to this lovely community nearly as much as I'd like to, I have a hip-hop comedy act known as MC Wateva. I portray an incredibly ignorant youth who raps and waxes hip-hopic on the world around him. Occasionally I have taken the opportunity to bring MC Wateva off the microphone and onto the, uh, microphone, well, not rapping. Yeah.

Anyhow, my friend Brett McCabe of The Early Show with Niki and Sarah and I got together and interviewed Dan Silvers of Lantana Games, a Boston area indie game developer, about his company, their products, and their future. It's a fun little interview that, while I distract the shit out of him, contains a pretty solid discussion about indie gaming and game development. Check it out!

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