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10:23 PM on 07.22.2010

do an intro, like a boss. Plus top ten games of all time!


im megan. c:

so, im introducing my self and whatnot.

^thats me. with bayonetta. <3<3<3<3

uh, lets see. i like to draw:

^ * not that well, ahah.

top ten list of games. lets do this.

Uncahrted 2: Among thieves.
i mean, almost everyone loves this game..
not much to explain. c:

chole, <3

Katamari Forever

This game literally, blew my mind. Everything about it is just so... strange, yet, adorable yet, absolutely addicting. i couldn't out this game down when i bought it. i just love love love it. The whole, " imma drop you in a random room, k now roll a big ball beetttchhh!" concept is just freaking hilarious.,


Once again. Alot of people love this game. myself included! Its, mario with a 'build it yourself!' attitude. Plus sackboys a cutie. c:

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
(nintendo ds)

This game, ugh, I love Roxas, and this game just made me cry. Seeing how he love and survived in the organization was just, amazing as a kingdom hearts fan. This game, ive beat it like, four times now, and i just never get sick of it.

Pokemon Heartgold/ Soulsilver
(nintendo ds)

omg. i grew up on pokemon. Gold was always my favorite game and this remake of it was exactly what i wanted from a pokemon game. Who doesn't like pokemon? c:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
(nintendo wii)

I know alot of Zelda fans don't like this game. But i absolutely adore it. The darker, more mature art style so suites the Zelda series, in my opinion. The twilight relm was meh, but i still overall LOVED this game.

The Sly Cooper series
(playstation 2)

I couldn't pick. I love these games so much, that i couldnt pick between them. But Sly Cooper and pals are some of my personal favorite game carecters, and honestly sucker punch needs to get their hands out of Cole McGrath's undies and MAKE SLY 4. my god..

3. Kingdom Hearts 2
(playstaion 2)

This game brought my into the gaming world. I joined fourms about, i made fanfics, (ugh...) i drew picure after picture of riku X sora bullcrap, i mean, this game is amazing. Its storys kinda fucked but, what ever. Disney + Square Enix is amazing. Final answer.

2. Bayonetta
(playstation 3)

In my opinion, Bayonetta is THE sexiest female in gaming today. SHE DONT NEED A MAN TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, SHE GETS OFF BEING FREE. I love the game, the stlye, the fighting mechanism, the guns, the swords, I just. I love it all.


The World Ends With You.
(Nintendo Ds)

My goodness. I cant tell you, how many hours i put in this game but. Its well over 100.
The fighting, the pins, the noise, the reapers, all of it, its just perfect. When i bought this game, i thought it'd just be the same shit coming out from squeenix. But, its different, its fresh, its so good. Its definately not as popular as i should be. And the art style. Ugh, so perfect. Just perfect.

k, well, thanks for watcing me ramble on there.
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