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metroid avatar 9:17 AM on 12.17.2007  (server time)
portal: the after aftermath(also is it even worth talking???)

why bitching about a game that is out for a view decades while i can just move along,playing wolfenstein with some stupid 13 year old noobs online,because i dont wanna,because there where no other game that gave me a harder impact than portal,i mean look at the game,a rarely girl protagonist in the lead,a awsome evil genius,,the gameplay and ofcoarse the song still alive,if you had no acces internet the late months(not now afcoarse,smart ass dick),you saw how the valve fanbase(oh its hugh) react at this so called experiment based on a new engine:plushes,cakes(i no i laught my ass out to),toys,coffee mugs,doujinshi,a custom made parking permit ticket,and ofcoarse the infamous release forms,but why,why all the merchendise,why all the troubling,why you ask,i dont no,it is not commer... wait BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!
thats why its so impactfull for the mainstream with hype feeded games like team fortress 2 and hlflf 2 eppo 2,it was just in there shadow,say onest,do you buy indie games???,was portal the first game you played after you bought the orange box?????
its mean but portal would be faided if it was seperate sold,its was put in the hall of faided fame next to no more heroes,psychonauts,grim findago,king kong,shemnue and the others(the crappy ones),its harshe but true,for the greddy mainstream portal isnt a game,its a snack.

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