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megatron0016 avatar 9:54 PM on 07.17.2009  (server time)
Fanboy Weekly: Bad Buys

Welcome to Fanboy Weekly: Once More With Feeling Edition. For those that haven't checked it out yet I have been writing a new weekly feature for Game Observer. I thought I would repost the older issues so that those that haven't scoped it out yet can enjoy them and that hopefully you will all like it enough to head over to Game Observer to check the newer and current issues of Fanboy Weekly.

Welcome back once again to Fanboy Weekly. This week Iíd like to discuss something that all who partake in the joys of digital distribution have undoubtedly run into at least once: bad buys (thatís bad BUYS, not bad GUYS, as my editor had a hard time with). It happens (the bad BUYS). Something looked better then it really was; you had a bad case of retro goggles, or whatever the case may beÖ it happened. But what If this didnít have to be the case, given that Nintendo so far refuses to provide demos for their digital content? So how can they take the sting out of a bad buy? Let me tell you.

I hate to say it, but they would have to take the GameStop trade-in model, though with a few adjustments of course. See, thereís something to be said about a game not costing you a dime as far as shelf space goes. My thought would be to offer half the trade-in points of the initial value so long as you are willing to relinquish your gameís digital rights. What this does is it makes you feel far less burned when you end up buying a piece of crap game. That in turn will make a customer far more likely to come back and use this service again.

What this also does is no matter what Nintendo will still get paid. In fact they will even still get the full price of their game out the purchase. I say this because the only thing you would get back is points onto your account. The genius here is that even the money that they give you back will still end up in their pockets and you can knock a few bucks off the price of whatever game you do end up settling on.

The end result is that you end up with a game that youíre happy with when itís all said and done and Nintendo ends up banking on everything you do in the process. The beauty of this is that unlike brick and mortar stores the vendor will never run into overstock issues; ideally the trade-in values would only decrease if the sale price decreases.

So there you have it. The digital distribution solution to bad buys. And this one didnít even cost you a dime.

The Fanboy has spoken.

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