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I am currently a procrastinating Master in Computer Science student. My research focus is on AI for games but am interested in all aspect of game development and design. I competed in an international game design competition "Dare To Be Digital". More info about the game(Flux) we developed can be found at

I want games to be the next artform and feel that finally we are starting to get things right in game design(intuitive interfaces, awesome music and good plot lines). We still needs lots of work in areas like intuitive interfaces, camera AI, and challenging players in the right ways... and getting rid of pointless walking in games. WALKING IS NEVER EVER FUN for a player! I also strongly believe that we need to back off on graphics and more processing time on smarter AI NPCs. Players cannot get emotionally involved with Zombies.

Generally known to rant and love a good logical argument.

Favorite saying "The truth is... there is no truth"

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media haze
11:53 AM on 04.22.2008
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