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1:24 AM on 07.23.2010

Hey there sexy!

Ok guys I just had a random internet argument so Iím going to have to vent. For those who have met me in the forums know I have no problem with sexy ladies. In fact a good portion of my posts comprise of this.

We all know that women are over sexualized in games . Oh nos grrrrrrrl gamers and their feminist ideas! Just hang for a second. This is gonna be an experiment more than anything else.

Male characters while idealized are not over sexualized. Yeah I hear you.
He has rippling muscles.

He looks like a movie star.

Heís 100 times sexier than I will ever be with my shirt off.

But there is a difference between idealization and sexualization.
This is idealization.

This is sexualization.

See the difference? Yes . No? I mean come on man you can see her nipples she might as well be naked. Here letís try again with the same character but in different poses.
The ideal.

The smut.

Now letís try with guys
. This is idealization.

This is sexualization.

You starting to get it now?
You see when one looks at a character in popular culture you expect him or her to be ďperfectĒ. But does that character make you think of sex? You see that is the issue. Itís not a matter of her needing to be fully clothed its how she carries herself.

That is what women have been bitching about in regards to female character designs.
Too much this.

Not enough this.

Men however for the most part have been spared. I mean come on look at this.

If his dick sprang from his Speedo I wouldnít be surprised. I mean would you? It makes you uncomfortable doesnít it?

But hey at least you can get a laugh. Heís making funny faces and everything.

From a female perspective when I see this I feel uncomfortable too.

(Yes Bayonetta is an awesome game)
I mean her body language is saying Ēcome and get itĒ. I DONíT WANT IT!! I just want to play a game. I mean fantasies are fine but all the time....

It's a predominately male hobby and men donít like to look at men and think of sex. I get it. But I need a break too.

I had an art teacher in high school that would complain about crotch less super heroes. Whole rants. She would get so animated about it. And since a few of us in the art club wanted to draw comics she felt the need to remind us of the physical inaccuracies of the situation.

Look here is Super man.

And here is Christopher Reaves as Superman.

Notice a difference? Sure heís no David Bowie but still.

How is it possible that comic book Superman can be wearing a suit snug enough to show his muscle definition. I mean it may as well be a second skin but he has as much dick as a Ken doll.

Now you will have an urge to inspect the crotches of well known superheros just to try and prove me wrong. My work is complete *maniacal laughter*

So bless your lucky stars. And the next time a woman bitches about female representation in video games think for a second. You donít have to deal with the majority of male characters looking like this.

(yes it's a male)
You have options. Itís not like the majority of male representation in games is the bad bad bathhouse.

Yeah yeah I know it looks gay.... Grow up! You're just having a problem with the fact that these men were drawn and posed in a way that emphasized their sexuality.

It happens to women all the time

Hell even Japanese games donít depict all males as pretty boys. Just look at fighting games.

And then look at female fighters.

What? Makoto isnít woman enough for you!!   read

12:33 AM on 03.21.2010

Gaming again.

It feels good to hold a controller in my hands again......

For the last two years I haven't had the time or the presence of mind to play video games. Not that I didn't play anything at all but I didn't have time to really finish any of the games that I started. So now I have a decent amount of me time and would like to get back on track. I have a Wii Ps2 and a 360. Any one have any suggestions for games I should try?   read

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