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The eighth generation of video game consoles is upon us, and while some players say it began with the launch of the Wii U back in November 2012, others feel that the next generation hasnít truly begun yet. But either way, no one can deny that the next-gen systems will hit this month, with the release of Sonyís PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013. It has a launch lineup of 23 games, which include first-party titles, third-party titles, and indie titles. There will undoubtedly be many PS4 Cheats in the weeks to come.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is one of the PS4ís exclusive launch titles and is possibly the most highly anticipated launch title for the system. The latest addition to the Killzone series is another first-person shooter that follows the story of a member of the Shadow Marshals, a special forces organization. If Shadow Fall has cheat codes, itís a reasonable assumption that they will unlock new weapons. Since special skins and moves are being offered as preorder bonuses, there is a good chance that unlockable costumes will play a role in this game, as well.

While not a launch title, February 2014 will see the release of Infamous: Second Son, the third game in the Playstation-exclusive series, Infamous. Previous entries in this open-world action-adventure series have had unlockable abilities and cheats for easily obtaining powers and experience. Second Son will probably feature similar cheats and unlockables, as well as trophies and secret trophies, which players may need guides to unlock. Second Son promises new skills and upgrades to the gameplay fans love, so it is certainly a game to keep an eye on.

Battlefield 4 was released in North America on October 29. It is not a PS4 exclusive title, but instead is a third party game playable on both current and next-gen systems. With that in mind, the PS4 version is expected to be quite similar to what has already been seen from Battlefield 4. This first-person shooter features unlockable weapons, including weapons unlocked for multiplayer mode through the playerís actions in single-player. It also has a series of dog tags scattered throughout the game, so there will be guides to their locations. If there are cheat codes, the nature of the gameplay would suggest that they would unlock things such as weapons, invincibility, increased health, and so on, although they would probably only work for single-player mode, to keep multiplayer fair.

The PS4 has a strong line of launch titles, such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4, and an additional list of launch window titles that raises the total to 33 games released by the end of 2013. Even once the year ends and the launch window closes, games such as Infamous: Second Son give fans a reason to be interested in the console in 2014, and there are many more titles on the way Ė you can check out a list of them, along with cheats and codes, at Cheats.co. There will be numerous cheat codes and strategy guides made for these games, as each will have its own unique features. Gamers should definitely take a look at the list of upcoming games and consider picking up a PlayStation 4 on November 15.

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