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Players like cheat codes for many different reasons. Maybe they want to play the game without fear of death, so that they can do all sorts of crazy things they couldn’t accomplish during regular gameplay. Maybe they want a slight edge. Maybe they just want to have fun by seeing how they can alter the game world. Rockstar is definitely a company that understands their fans’ love of cheat codes, as the Grand Theft Auto titles frequently have a long list of codes with various effects. For example, there are plenty of cheats for GTA San Andreas on Xbox 360 that enable you to do all sorts of things.

Are you interested in cheats that have practical effects, where you can look at them and see how this actually helps you in some way? There are plenty of codes that can help. Give yourself infinite health or filled your weapons with a never-ending supply of ammunition. Gain the ability to swim underwater without ever needing to come up for a breath of air. Snatch up a prize of $250,000, while also filling up your health and armor meters. Maybe you would like to lower you wanted level, to diminish the pressure on you for a while. On the other hand, maybe you want a little more excitement in your game—don’t worry, you can raise your wanted level just as easily. Would you like a motorbike? Use a code to spawn one. Use a code to spawn a hydra or a hunter. Use a code to spawn a jetpack and take to the skies!

Unlock new vehicles—and then maximize their stats. For that matter, if there are specific stats you would like to maximize for your character, there are codes that can help you there, too. Additionally, many codes have a counterpart that creates the opposite effect, so you can try out all sorts of things.

Are you, on the other hand, interested in cheats that will change the gameplay experience and just make cool things happen? There are plenty of those, as well. You can change the weather and time of day to anything you want. Bring on the storms, the clouds, the fog, and much more. If you want to run around the city in a perpetual midnight, just enter the code. You can even just speed up the clock and watch time fly by.

Speaking of things flying, have you ever seen a car fly? You can in San Andreas! All you need to do is enter the right code. In fact, a flying car can even take you on a journey to the bottom of the sea. All you have to do is combine a few cheats. Give yourself infinite health, give yourself infinite air for breathing underwater, and let your flying car sink to the bottom of the water for a unique marine experience.

All sorts of things can make the world a little more interesting, to say the least. Turn pedestrians into Elvis. Fill the city’s traffic with aggressive drivers and let chaos ensue. For added chaos, activate Chaos mode. You can change the gameplay through other modes as well—Adrenaline mode, Yakuza mode, and Killer Clown mode, just to name a few.

With all of these codes, you just have to enter them from within the game. Enter the button combination quickly and smoothly, using the D-pad for directional commands. When multiple directional commands are in a row, try to slide your finger from one to the other. If you can’t activate the cheat, keep on trying and make sure you are entering it accurately. It should work, although once you quit your game session, all cheats will be deactivated until you enter them again.

If you’re more interested in glitches and tricks than actual cheat codes, San Andreas has plenty of those as well. Make your way to Liberty City, even if it’s empty, or break into Area 51. Use a trick to get lots of money. Learn how to send a driverless “ghost car” through the streets. Check out some fun Easter eggs built into the game. All this, and much, much more awaits you. Therefore, no matter what you are interested in, you’re sure to find a way to spice up your GTA: San Andreas experience. 

If you'd like to see a list of all the cheats available for San Andreas click here.

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