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Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto V this past September, and it has sold amazingly well. It could be on the road to being one of the best-selling video games of all time, especially if the rumor of its upcoming release on the PC, or even for next-gen consoles, comes true. When October hit, Rockstar followed up by releasing the online version of the game. Grand Theft Auto Online is similar to the single-player game, but is played online with other people and can be viewed as a separate experience.

Many people play their games in a straightforward manner, doing what the game intends for them to do and not deviating from the standard gameplay. Others search everywhere for secrets they can find or take advantage of, while still others are interested in cheats and glitches. Cheats often come in the form of official (or semi-official) ways to change the gameplay. For example, GTA V players can enter a code to give their character temporary invincibility, recharge their character’s special ability, change the weather, etc. There are lots of cheats for GTA V with interesting effects. Some give the players and advantage, while others are there just for fun. However, there is no known cheat that will give GTA V players infinite amounts of money for their single-player game. People have been on the lookout for such a cheat for quite some time, because they really want to be able to do that—players who are against cheats would demand to know what the point is of playing a game in which you try to earn money if you’re just going to cheat to get money, but in a single-player game, it’s really up to the player if they can have fun that way—but no one has found a way. In fact, no one has discovered any new cheats for GTA V in quite a while.

The exact opposite seems to be the case when it comes to GTA Online. Not only did players find an infinite money glitch in GTA Online, an exploit of the system that allowed them to duplicate vehicles and sell them over and over again, but said glitch became notorious and caused waves of controversy and chaos amongst GTA players. Rockstar stepped in to take care of the problem at long last—they banned players who used the glitch and erased all of the glitched money from the system—but it has left its mark on the game and disillusioned players who didn’t like the way the cheating unbalanced the gameplay and disrupted the in-game economy.

And of course, players are always trying to find ways to get around such a patch. Even as Rockstar patched the infinite money glitch, some players were hard at work finding ways to exploit the patched version of the game. They have already found at least one new money glitch, and it’s a safe bet that as soon as Rockstar patches that issue, they’ll be on the hunt for a new one. This might be a cycle of events that never ends, especially since an online game, by its very nature, is more dynamic than a single-player experience, and so has more room for new glitches and problems than a single-player game does.

In short, players might have uncovered all of the GTA V cheats, much to fans’ dismay, while GTA Online cheats resemble a minefield. The future could hold anything, but most fans of the GTA series probably hope it does not hold any issues as controversial and damaging as what has already occurred in GTA Online. It’s time for things to calm down so the game can restore its good name.

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