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mcbennet avatar 9:11 AM on 08.15.2008  (server time)
A Game I Miss: Body Harvest

Body Harvest was one of the first titles I got for my N64. With a name like that, I mean, how could you really resist?

I was pretty shocked to learn later that the engine BH ran off of was later implemented for GTA3 on the Ps2. (and probably Vice City and San Andreas, etc.) Although the n64 game presented sparse environments and at times really slow character movements, you can totally notice the "jump in anything" game play mechanic that Rockstar improved upon.

I wish Body Harvest was as solid as a ps2 GTA title. Hell, I just wish I had Body Harvest again.

I've seen lego men with more detail..

I must've been 12 or 13 years old, playing that shit. Despite the fruity orange dude you play as, and the cardboard "insectoid" creatures you have to constantly fend off with various era-based vehicles and weaponry, I recall always being on the edge of my seat, and always experiencing a feeling of urgency and dread. The fact that you were constantly timed and always outnumbered really made for an intense experience. Hell, time traveling to save the future from an alien legion is so god damn epic, too. Remember the "hive" stages at the end of each time period? Mortifying!!!

Please take a look at this clip of the game. Eerie music, not a soul in sight. Such a depressing vibe!...Also, the time machine is pure cheese. And we all love cheese, don't we?

I'm wondering if this game runs well on emulator. It might be a silly question, but does anyone know what the deal is with n64 emulators on the psp? This would be the first game I'd get for it.

The PAL box..easily way better than what the US got...note the random implementation of the heroine sidekick's thong-clad ass.

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