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9:56 AM on 08.11.2014

Playable Characters of Heavy Metal Death Pirate - Part I

Enter the heroes of the game! They are divided according to their gameplay types:


Hideo - The Death Pirate

Age: 16

He survived the "Black Monday" in South Town ten years ago. He's now an operator in training in the J-Academy. His ultimate goal is to prevent the atrocity caused by the "Black Monday". He will soon discover he's possessed by an obscure power: the Death Pirate. What is the Death Pirate and why did it choose Hideo to carry its purpose?

Type: Run n'gun
Strength: C
Power: A
Life: A
Defense: B
Speed: A

Judau - The Squier

Age: 17

He considers himself as the top pilot of the J-Academy. Hideo is the operator of his J-Suit. He seems selfish and proud but he can show a bit of compassion when needed. The Squier is a slow J-Suit but it comes equipped with the RX Canon, a very deadly weapon.

Type: Run n'gun
Strength: A
Power: B
Life: B
Defense: B
Speed: C

Gunter - Xenon The Lord of Unforgivable Darkness

Gunter is the shy guy of the academy. He signed in as an aspiring pilot to become a hero but he ends up in the operator class by a strike of bad luck. Unable to accept this fate, he will disguise himself as Xenon, 'The Prince of Merciless Darkness" to become the Superhero he always wanted to become. In this disguise, he will have a totally different persona and he will create his own personal Army of Darkness made of elderly and yakuzas...

Type: Run n'gun

Strength: B/ Power: B/ Constitution: B/ Defense:B/ Speed: B[/font][/size][/color]

You can check the official website for a lot more infos:


And if you want to give us a vote on Greenlight:


Heavy Metal Death Pirate will be released on PC on September 3rd through Desura.   read

7:11 AM on 08.04.2014

Heavy Metal Death Pirate on Desura


Heavy Metal Death Pirate is the game I created and it's gonna be released on Desura! I know, I know, Desura accepts most games but I'm still happy that some people might play the game.

So, what is Heavy Metal Death Pirate? It's basically a platformer... but with a few twists:

- 7 unique playable characters and three different types of retro gameplay: Run'n gun, Beath 'em up and Shoot'em up. Yes, you can play a character from a Final Fight type game or fly through the levels like in R-Type or rush towards your enemies like in Metal Slug!

- Light RPG elements: Level up your characters and upgrade their techniques.

- Huge content: 26 unique stages with different environments, 40 enemies and 17 bosses.

- Massive storyline: Follow the story of your heroes in 29 episodes with many NPCs too.

The game runs on 60 fps. It took me one year and a half to make it all by myself and I'm very proud of it! It will be released on Desura on September 3rd.

More info: Official website

Steam page: Please vote!


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