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mbradley1992's blog

10:30 AM on 07.02.2009

If I tried to finish Fracture, I would have to be sent to an asylum.

If you didn't read my other blog on Fracture, I'll give you a tiny back story. I started it, got through about an hour of it and hated it. Then, a bunch of people on CAG began to tell me it gets better the deeper you get, and...   read

2:55 AM on 07.02.2009

People who like to comment suggesting how to make blogs better.

There is something I have noticed in my two weeks on the D-toid community. When someone posts a blog, a flurry of people like to hit it up in one of two ways. They either 1) actually extend the conversation in their comments ...   read

6:48 PM on 06.30.2009

Quantum of Solace and Fracture Impressions

So, I finished Quantum of Solace (PS3) last night. I was surprised that it got as many mixed reviews as it did. I really thought it was a decent game. It had some issues, but it wasn't anything to stay away from. I don't feel...   read

6:59 AM on 06.26.2009

First podcast! Today @ 10AM CST/11AM EST

Today at 11AM EST on I will be doing the first cast LIVE! If you want to check it out, I'd greatly appreciate it. Search for The Addicted Gamer when you get there, select the All Channels tab unless it has already started, and I'll be going on about 11 EST, 10 CST, 8 AM PST LIVE! Come tune in and watch! It'll be on iTunes by Monday if you can't make it!   read

1:03 AM on 06.26.2009

A "hello", and about my blog, podcast, and website!


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