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10:30 AM on 07.02.2009

If I tried to finish Fracture, I would have to be sent to an asylum.

If you didn't read my other blog on Fracture, I'll give you a tiny back story. I started it, got through about an hour of it and hated it. Then, a bunch of people on CAG began to tell me it gets better the deeper you get, and so I decided to give it an honest shot and set out on a mission to beat it. I can't do it. It is horrible.

I picked the game up about at the second mission. I have been playing through it each night up until this morning. I did not have to head off to ye ole' job today, so I got up about 8 and gave it some more of my time. I had to turn it off before I broke my PS3 controller. I only made it to the next to last level before I almost started to curl up into a ball and cry myself to death.

The gameplay half works and half doesn't. The terrain tool is practically useless except for game-forced use in puzzles that are all the same. You can't use it effectively for cover because as soon as you get a decent sized cover wall set up the enemy knocks it right back down. It doesn't harm enemies in any way, and it doesn't really aid in much. Yet the whole game is based around this broken concept that wasn't implemented well at all.

The story takes off into a really odd, confusing, and WTF plot. It starts out with emphasis on this guy named Sheraton and how the west coast uses genetical manipulation to make soldiers while the east coast uses technological advancement to make better soldiers. It ends up turning into you hunting discovering and having to hunt down this big robot. What that has to do with anything, who knows. It really did not keep me engaged at all because I didn't have any clue about what was going on.

The AI made me really lose my temper. They do not work in any kind of tactical way whatsoever. They just come out of their spawn point and start shooting. Every battle is the same. You fight through about 10 enemies, then you move onward, and repeat. The AI is punishingly difficult. I'm not a sissy, I can run through COD4 on veteran easy, but this was horrible. The creepers give you 3 seconds before they pop out of the ground, and then after you kill them, they give you 5 seconds before they are back again. So when you are trying to solve a very delicate puzzle that takes terrain-deforming accuracy, the creepers come and screw you up and usually make you kill yourself by accident. The devs also decided it would be cool to throw 20 enemies at you at one time, 7 of which have deadly rocket launchers, and take about 10 headshots to kill. The enemies are dead accurate and hit you with every shot, even if you are behind cover, and they use grenades CONSTANTLY. You can not stay behind cover worth your life because of all the grenades. At one point, during the drive section which was about 5 minutes before my mental meltdown, there was so much crap going on that the game bugged out on me! My health wouldn't regenerate anymore because the game freaked out. So when I came up on one of the easiest sections, I died instantly because I had no health! Another game bug is that it loads at the worst spots ever. I was in the middle of an intense battle where I had low health and was trying to pull out of it alive when the game decided to start loading. When it came back, I was in a total different spot of the map and I had half a bar of health lower and then within 2 seconds (literally) I died.

This game is broken in my opinion, and I don't see why the devs released this in the first place. I can't put it back in my PS3. There is just no reason or point to beating the last two levels and dealing with the bugs and horrible/punishing gameplay. What motivation do I have? The story is not good at all, so I really don't care what the hell happens to "Jet Brody" or the east coast. I would pay that Sheraton asshole to blow the east coast up and take my copy of Fracture with him!

I give on this game. I have a 20 game backlog of other gamers I have been waiting to get to, and this game is not worth my time. And as far as the glitches and bugs go, it was not my PS3's blu-ray drive or hard drive because Far Cry 2 has been working for about 2 hours now, and I haven't seen a single load screen or bug.

I'm wondering though, has anybody else had this horrible of an experience?   read

2:55 AM on 07.02.2009

People who like to comment suggesting how to make blogs better.

There is something I have noticed in my two weeks on the D-toid community. When someone posts a blog, a flurry of people like to hit it up in one of two ways. They either 1) actually extend the conversation in their comments and discuss the article or 2) they drop a ton of f-bombs and tell the blogger that their blog has something wrong with it. Now, don't get me wrong, but I hate blog trolls and spammers just as much as the next guy. But when you write a comment to tell someone that their writing is junk or there is some other problem with their post, don't say, "Dude, your fucking writing looks like shit. Go fuck yourself asshole." or "You're such a fucktard. This sucks you asswipe." All that does is make you an automatic douche. The community rules do ban certain things like spamming, being a troll, and also, BEING A DOUCHE BAG. Now, if you are in a heated debate, say, about the 360 or PS3, and somebody says, "The 360 sucks balls. All they do is talk about Halo shit. I fucking hate Microsoft.", then an appropriate response very well could be, "Well at least the 360 has some fucking games to play in the first place, asshole." That would be somewhat acceptable IMHO because it is conversation based. I hate f-bombs, period, but I know that other people like them, so they are fine in a conversation text. But when criticizing a blog, don't be a douche. If you are pointing out a violation of community rules, then by cussing the person out and being an asshole you are breaking them yourself.

Just thought I'd mention that. I have a good feeling that somebody or some people are going to leave comments just like I talked about above in their comments to this blog. But please don't. I am a firm believer in being a tattletale, so don't treat me like shit for posting my opinion. I'd really appreciate it. :)   read

6:48 PM on 06.30.2009

Quantum of Solace and Fracture Impressions

So, I finished Quantum of Solace (PS3) last night. I was surprised that it got as many mixed reviews as it did. I really thought it was a decent game. It had some issues, but it wasn't anything to stay away from. I don't feel bad that I paid $20 for it. I do feel bad that I bought Fracture, though. I posted a blog on a few days ago talking about how horrible I thought it was, and someone asked me to give it another shot. So after I beat 007 last night, I popped in Fracture and gave it one last chance.

Quantum of Solace was frustrating sometimes; the enemies seemed to have the best aim in the world. Also, it was find of jumpy as far as the story goes. If you have not seen the movies (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace), don't start playing QoS until you do. It can get confusing unless you have seen the movies and can fill in the blanks for yourself.

One more gripe and then I'll move to the good. The cover system is odd. You have to really master it in order to enjoy it. I didn't start liking it until the last level, really.

Anyways, the good. Great weapon selection, hit detection is AMAZING (better than COD: W@W), the AI give you a challenge, the action is quick and intense, large weapon variety, weapons just feel good (the snotguns feels extremely good), and all in all, this game is an excellent shooter. The multiplayer is not COD: Modern Warfare or Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 quality by any means, but it is really good and can give you lots of fun. The only thing I would really change is that the map system isn't very good. I would personally liked to have seen maybe a radar to show enemies, because ot be honest, it was kind of annoying to have to pull up your cell phone everytime you needed radar in the middle of a firefight, only to have a pesky enemy that you couldn't see because there was no radar shoot you and make your map close out. Will I ever pick up the game past the multiplayer? Probably. It is worth a $20 purchase. The story mode is short (only took me a little under 6 hours), but again, it is a great game for shooting guys, blowing things up, and letting you turn your brain off for a while. Not the next best FPS, but it is worth about $20.

On to Fracture. I posted a few days ago on talking about how I could not get through the second level because it sucked so bad. I decided to revisit my enemy last night. I am about 3 hours in, which is 2 more than when I posted. I have reconciled some of my complaints, but I also have more.

Only a few of the weapons really feel right. The rocket launcher doesn't make me feel like I'm firing a rocket launcher. The story is a little better than before, I'll give it that. The terrain tool is still useless to me, though. The combat still is flawed to me, too. If I shoot a guy and use 14 bullets, and he is still shooting me, something is wrong. However, there is a rail type gun that is cool that does have some "oomph" to it. Headshots work sometimes. Final gripe: the AI still sucks to me. They have no tactical aspect. They just run out and start shooting (which, by the way, hurts majorly because their bullets seem to do lots of damage to you, and since there is no cover system at all b/c the terrain system fails to work as cover, you just have to take it and die). There is also a huge problem with random enemies just popping up when they feel like it.

All in all, I still hate it. But I will try my hardest to beat it without breaking my PS3 in frustration first.   read

6:59 AM on 06.26.2009

First podcast! Today @ 10AM CST/11AM EST

Today at 11AM EST on I will be doing the first cast LIVE! If you want to check it out, I'd greatly appreciate it. Search for The Addicted Gamer when you get there, select the All Channels tab unless it has already started, and I'll be going on about 11 EST, 10 CST, 8 AM PST LIVE! Come tune in and watch! It'll be on iTunes by Monday if you can't make it!   read

1:03 AM on 06.26.2009

A "hello", and about my blog, podcast, and website!

[color=green]Hi, fellow Destructoid folks! My name is Morgan, and I am an amateur video game blogger/journalist from Mississippi. When I say amateur, that means that 1) I do not have more than 1-20 readers, 2) I do not get into any press events nor do I get any real contact with anyone in the world, and 3) I waste all of my time working, and I do not get paid a cent for it. But, I don't complain. It's just a hobby of mine. At the current moment, here is what I am doing. I am building my website (should be up in a month or sooner), keeping a blog up ( The Bradley World of Gaming, and also starting a video podcast/live show/youtube channel which is recorded on, so if you get a spare moment, come see one of the live shows sometime.

I joined the Destructoid community now in hopes that I can make some friends and some followers who might follow me on my blog/site/podcast. I did a blog and a show last summer with a guy I know, but it didn't really go anywhere at all. So I'm trying again!

If you are skeptical of my knowledge of the video game world, I can assure you that I am CONSTANTLY involved with the video game media. I follow no friends on Twitter, just video game media. I log about 6-8 hours a day on GiantBomb, Gametrailers, and now Destructoid. I also have 12 different podcasts that I listen to and watch every day on the video game industry. I'm rooted pretty deeply.

So anyways, that's just a short intro. I will now start putting all my blog posts from my real blog ( The Bradley World of Gaming) on here as well, so hopefully it can get started. I blog and talk about all sorts of things besides news and reviews. Sometimes, I like to throw out posts that get conversation started, but it is hard to do that when there are no readers to converse with! So, if you don't mind, swing by my other blog once or twice a day, and just leave a comment or something. Or, check out my show or (coming soon) podcast and website.

Thanks a bunch for reading this post![/color]   read

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