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3:50 PM on 08.25.2015

Is Taz: Wanted for GameCube any good?


11:47 AM on 08.21.2015

Get Konami to make a new Gyruss!


9:43 AM on 08.20.2015

Why are you reading this?


2:23 PM on 02.10.2013

Games That I Like That Everybody Else Hates

I don't try to do this on purpose but I seem to have a habit of liking shitty games. It's kind of like how some people like B-Movies. A game can look like ass, have a horrible plot-hole filled story, be able to finish in a day and get really bad review scores but as long as it playable, I have the ability to like it. Here is a short list of games that I like but no one does.

Ghost Recon Wii

This game doesn't look, sound or play like any of the other Ghost Recon games. So, why is it called Ghost Recon? Good fucking question. I guess UbiSoft thought they could sell a few extra copies by getting the name Tom Clancy on the box. If you look pass the fact that its called Ghost Recon and play it for what it is, a 2 player co-op third-person on-rails shooter, there's some fun to be had.

Captain America Super Soldier Wii

This game has everything going against it.

Its a movie based game

Its a Marvel Comics movie based game

Its a Marvel Comics movie based game published by Sega

Its a Marvel Comics movie based game published by Sega for the Wii

After people got stung by the Wii verisons of Iron Man and the Hulk, I don't blame people not giving this game the time of day. Its a lot of fun though and better than the PS3/360 versions.

Golden Axe Beast Rider

Its a single player Golden Axe game. Kinda sucks. On the bright side, you get to run around as a half naked chick riding monsters and cutting people up with your sword.   read

10:07 AM on 12.15.2012

Games of 2012 : Blades of Time

Thanks to Jim Sterling this game got somewhat attention by the gaming community but most people don't know of this games existence.

The few people that do know about this game didn't give this game a chance simply because its a spiritual successor to Gaijin Entertainment's past work, X-Blades.

This is understandable because X-Blades is a piece of shit that should not be played by anyone for any reason. EVER.

Blades of Time is a hack-and-slash action-adventure game that stars a young woman named Ayumi, who runs around half-naked in temples collecting treasure.

Ayumi has many abilities, many of which she learns along the way. The one worth mentioning is the one called "Time Rewind", which allows you to rewind time and have multiple versions of yourself to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

Let me try to explain. If you're facing an enemy you can't attack head-on but only takes damage from behind, you can distract the enemy using "Time Rewind" and using your past self to attack the front while your current self attacks from behind. You even have the ability to multiple versions of yourself to cause multiple damage. "Time Rewind" is on a time limit which means you can only use it for a certain length of time and can only make so many copies yourself. It's a cool function that I have never seen in any other game.

This game also has beautiful graphics. The background in some of the levels are so detailed that there were a few times I stopped playing just to enjoy the scenery.

The controls in this game are fluid and never caused me any trouble. Switching between using your twin blades to your gun is awesome and involves you having to use a little strategy when fighting certain enemies.

My favourite level is the one where you're on a desert planet and you constantly need to find shade to protect yourself from the hot sun, which slowly takes away your health if you stay in it too long.

This game is no Walking Dead or Journey, I agree but it is one of the best games I've played this year.


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