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maxio098ui's blog

11:02 PM on 06.17.2008

I didn't think Diablo 2 still had people playing it. A.K.A new D2 patch

Today i was stumbling and i came across a surprise. blizzard has released a new patch for Diablo 2. i seriously thought no one played this game no more. I guess I was wrong Diablo II Version History - Patch 1.12 ———...   read

8:44 PM on 06.15.2008

A week of epic. i passed exams, MGS4, football.

So this week was pretty much amazing. Not only did mgs4 come out, I passed my exams. Means I rock at the momenr. So what happened this week that made this week so epic? More like EPIC. First lets go over saturday: hideo koji...   read

9:08 PM on 06.12.2008

My MGS4 impressions. A.K.A: this game is amazing.(no story spoilers but enter at own risk)

So I've played the game for about 5 hours. Just bathing in awesomeness. I like the game so far and I think it's great. I'm happy that I bought a ps3 for this game, but I don't know if a ps3 game will ever match this game. I...   read

4:20 AM on 06.12.2008

Ok I have MGS4. Me is happy. no spoilers ofcourse

Ok im back from the shop. I have my copy of mgs. I already popped it in my ps3, now all I have to do is plaaaayyyyyyy. 1 minute later edit: all I have to do is playyyyyyy, AFTER it installs :( 8 mins later edit: omg omg omg omg omg 10min later edit : WTF WTF WTF WTF:P   read

11:18 PM on 06.11.2008

My first day impressions of my ps3. also haze sucks.

So i've had my ps3 for half a day and I would like to tell my first impression. The console itself isn't very attractive, it is not square like the ps2 but it is more curved than i'm used to. It is made of that annoying fin...   read

12:05 PM on 06.11.2008

I has ps3. And i touched MGS4

Well I woke up today to my sister hitting me on the head to get me out of bed. It worked, but I noticed she was home, Can't be I said. She skipped school with no reason. And wanted to go to town. I agreed and to be sure took ...   read

7:10 PM on 06.10.2008

This is was the day I realised how Street fighter 4 will rock me.

I was never really good at SF2 and I didn't even know there was a SF3. I'm more a Dead or Alive and tekken man. I didn't think SF4 was special or something. I thought it was just going to be another SF. I think I'm wrong, The...   read

6:11 PM on 06.10.2008

Wow EA your football 'simulator' sucks.

I love football. I think it rocks, If you were lured in here cause you thought this was about madden then you fail. this about the european version of win. For you americans its called soccer. for the rest of the world it'...   read

3:37 PM on 06.10.2008

What is the second game i should get for my ps3?

So i'm getting the mgs4 ps3 bundle, and after I have completed the game I am going to want a second game. What should I get ? I have a list of games that look interesting. Warhawk I looks like fun and I think it will be a...   read

3:55 PM on 06.08.2008

scammers keep me from the second hand market

Because of metal gear solid 4 I am now in the market for a ps3. I love buying new consoles. I love going real early to a store the day after I got enough money to buy a console. I love picking the new console up from the sta...   read

7:00 PM on 06.07.2008

I got hideo kojima's autograph. epic experience gives me epic giggles.

Hideo kojima the one man that changed my gaming taste, was in amsterdam 2day. Of all places he could of gone he came to amsterdam. I was shocked surprised and very happy with the news. The event was at Media Markt Amsterdam. ...   read

2:20 AM on 06.03.2008

your favorite game music accapella. EPIC?

Well if you are bored and have nothing to do then check these songs out. they are pretty short but fun enough to well have fun. there are final fantasy songs, zelda, donkey kong. all done in sweet mouth sounds. links adventure   read

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