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Hi, my name is Maxwell.
I love the following things: football, football(yes I did type it twice. football is not called soccer), games, spicy food, noodles, and wearing sunglasses.

The games that are on top of my list are: Metal Gear Solid (all four are great), the first two Syphon Filter, Pro Evo Soccer, Final Fantasy (9 in particulair), Gran Turismo, Forza 2, king of fighters 98, Star Fox, Spyro(yes the dragon), Resident Evil, Phoenix Wright, and many more.

At the moment I can't play games that are not shoot 'm up. I don't know why this is but these are the only games that excite me at the moment. Games like: Ikaruga, Mars Matrix, DoDonPachi, Thunder Force, and R-Type.

the games im playing now: ikaruga, FF V, maken x (jap), dodonpachi.
I own alot of consoles: sega dreamcast, megadrive, saturn, ps2, ps1, snes, nes, n64, and a arcade machine.

Xfire: maxio098ui
Skype: Maxio098ui

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Some may remember that about a year ago when MGS4 came out, I was on a quest to sell a lot of my consoles and get a PS3 plus that game. Well it worked and I reached my goal! But now I am facing a much harder task one that will require luck planning money strong arms and a lot of selling.

My home made cabinet

I came across this idea when I got more and more interested in shoot 'm ups. The combination of this and me playing on my semi home made arcade cabinet which is the American style 'Woodie' lead me to the Japanese style 'candy' cabinet. This is where I fell in love with the style. I had to have one. My only problem is that these kind of cabinets are hard to get, bar a certain sega cabinet. This makes it kind of frustrated because good priced cabs are offered to forum goers of the arcade community and most of the European offers are in the uk, a bit far away for me. But because of recent injections of cabs into mainland Europe even the Netherlands. I am pretty much in a prime position to get my arcade cabinet up and running

An example of a candy cab

I'm no stranger to the whole arcade cab business or community but still I am no expert. I have been researching what to do for a long time. And I am ready to take the last few steps to get to where I want. I am gonna sell a lot of my prised collection so I can buy a candy cab. And even though I haven't written anything here for a long time I'm gonna document it here. This is because I have the feeling a few people here would have a good read.

My first step is to of course sell some of my stuff.
I have put up a few ads in the local craigslist look alike. One with all of my game collection. And one with my unwanted consoles. I'm planning on selling: my limited edition pearl white Japanese Playstation never used and lovely to look at. Together with my second XBOX360. Now even though the XBOX is easy to sell I cant get enough for it really. I have put a maximum of 150 price tag and that is including halo 3 and halo wars. But my biggest problem is that the Japanese Playstation is hard to move because it is a very niche object, only people that plan to play japanese games are interested and people outside of europe are fucked on shipping. I need to get at least 150 out of it if these two sell I will have a total of 300 Euros. This is short of what I need but definitely a good amount to start with. I'm going to need around the 700 Euro to get a reasonable cab. There are cabs around the 500 mark but there is a quality problem especially with the screens of these cabs This is because the cabinets are from the nineties, and are pretty much all ex Japanese arcade cabinets. This means some of the games so called 'attract screens' have been on the monitors screen for years and some maybe even a decade. Screen burn in is the scourge of arcade cabinet buyers.

Some crazy screen burn

Up for sale I have the two consoles I mentioned above but those are not the things I'm most attached to in this effort. I also have up for sale: things like, Castlevania symphony of the night limited edition, DoDonpachi daioujou a game that I dont feel like releasing but I need the money. I have a signed metal gear solid 2 by Hideo Kojima. This is the one item I will avoid selling if possible. But I have a few games still on the list that will rake in good money. (If anyone is interested in something i have pm me and I will send you the link but I wont deal on dtoid cause that would make this an ad and thats not what i want)

My castlevania

So now I wait till I get some reactions on my Marktplaats ad and see if some of my stuff sells.
After that the search will begin!

I hate Mortal combat. i dont like it one bit. but sometimes. something epic happens. this.

So now that the game is out, I can bitch about it. But im not gonna do that. I'm going to be functional for a change. What im going to do, is im going to show you 5 better games than EC but still in the same genre. You might say, “too soon” or “leave Luc Bernard alone” then I will say: “don't care” and “no”. And ill say it I dont like the artwork. The games ill show you are what luc tried but then done well. Now maybe you would say; but these games had money!! well see that is not the point of this post. I am taking these games as a game and nothing more. As a package and that is all. Also these games are not in any set sequence. So no ranking here.

1.Heart of Darkness

Some of you might remember this game. I loved this game in 1998. and what is there not to love? It has good artwork it has good gameplay and its crazy.

In the game you play a kid that is afraid of the dark. While watching an eclipse his dog disappears. So he jumps in his spaceship and crashes in the darklands.In the game you fight shadows and jump platforms. This is one of my favorite games on ps1. And it is a better game than EC so if you have the time for EC rather spend it on this game. Or spend it on:

2.Oddworld: Abe's Oddysey

Now I know you have atleast heard of this game. It is so much fun aswell. Its pretty much one big puzzle. And it is pretty hard. When I was 9 and I played this for the first time, I failed miserably. Couldnt even get past the 1st monster. But I still loved the game, because even then I thought the game was funny. So I popped it into my ps2 last week and I got much further than I did 9 years ago and it is a very good game.

The point of the game is that you are a slave to a pretty much better race. What you have to do Is get your racemates out of this slavery. And its fun. You can speak to your friends and fart but also you can use GameSpeak, possession, activation or deactivation of mines or levers, and rocks, grenades, or meat chunks that can be picked up and used in a variety of situations. Did a particulair word strike you as amazing? I bet if one did it was “possession” yes you can posess the enemys and turn them against eachother. That there is just sweet gravy ontop of the already great package. and with all these tools you have to solve this giant puzzle.
If you dont care about sequels or prequels and that kind of stuff. Maybe the sequel Is a good place to start.

2.5, Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus

As you can imagine this game is similar to oddysey. But that is a good thing. It is a game that takes something that is not broken and it keeps it the way it is and it works. Now you have tiny tweaks that help the game anyway they can. The AI is a tad smarter, and all the original dynamics are kept persevered. But it is now expanded. You can posess more that one kind of enemy. And its oh so great. Please if you have not played any of these two games. Play one now! use that time you were gonna use on EC and spend it on this. Even if you torrent it, I dont care! ( I do not endorse piracy and you will burn in hell if you pirate this game. But it is the only way to keep it cheaper than EC)
the artwork is genius and the story is good. If you are up for something newer than you are weird but id be a better host if i'd cater to more guests.

3.N, N+

In N, the player controls a ninja who runs and jumps around levels, picks up gold, opens and closes doors through switches, and avoids enemies in an attempt to trigger a switch which opens an exit door, and get to it safely. Gameplay involves three keys—moving left, moving right, and jumping — combinations of these moves on various types of terrain allow the ninja to do much more than simply run and jump, such as jumping from wall to wall and onto platforms.

That there was straight from wiki but that is the game and if you dont know this game run and die on the way. This is a game that does it right. Sure there isnt really an artwork. But its all about the gameplay and it works. It works so well even that it is gonna be retailed. Called N+. and I cant wait till it comes out on ds. Really this is so much better than EC that if you have 1 hour to play EC. Id rather you play this for 10 minutes. Its that much better.
If you dont like sellouts then take a look at this game.

4.Cave Story

this game is FREEWAREEEEEE. And it is classic. And that is why it is great. It has life capsules like old school games there are different weapons similair to metroid. Its a long game. Runs about 4 to 6 hours. And did I mention how it's free. So even if you think im full of shit atleast download this game and play it from time to time. LINK TO FREE GAME
there is also a patch to patch it from jap to english. link to language patch
also there is another freeware game that is better and has multiplayer, also it has mr destructoid in it.


tadaa the game that contains mr destructoid and is better. Put your time in this when there are ppl in the server do it tonight even. Its a fun game. And is made by a REAL community member.


just play this instead. Its better than EC and you probably already have it.

If you made it this far. Good!! dont play EC and use your time for something fun.

or read some good blogs. like:
this one or this one

A relatively new friend of mine. Just made herself my best friend ever. (She deserves the Ass kissing :)) she made my amazing banner. I am a person of simple taste and she has captured a few of my favorite things in a banner. And I love her for it. Also, she is beautiful If you like it comment, ill make sure she reads it.

Now for something completely different. I just found a site that features pretty much all the fmv's in rpg's . now this is just full of win.

Best site ever?

I shall retire to watch the pure win. See you laters.

The Achievement whoring will continue

I have loads of snes games. A lot of good ones as well. But i don't have a snes anymore, well at least not a working one. I have a converter for ntsc to pal but the problem is that super metroid detects the converter and pisses on my chances of playing. My other problem is that I live in the Netherlands, so I cant get my hands on a ntsc snes.

Now i'm looking for someone who can help me get my hands on one. Ill pay any money needed.
Also the person who helps me can have all the cables and controllers(if they want) so I can save on shipping. Pleaassssee someone help me:) also anyone who wants something from europe, I can help:)