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maxio098ui avatar 10:29 AM on 07.12.2009  (server time)
My Quest to buy a 'Candy cab' Arcade cabinet!

Some may remember that about a year ago when MGS4 came out, I was on a quest to sell a lot of my consoles and get a PS3 plus that game. Well it worked and I reached my goal! But now I am facing a much harder task one that will require luck planning money strong arms and a lot of selling.

My home made cabinet

I came across this idea when I got more and more interested in shoot 'm ups. The combination of this and me playing on my semi home made arcade cabinet which is the American style 'Woodie' lead me to the Japanese style 'candy' cabinet. This is where I fell in love with the style. I had to have one. My only problem is that these kind of cabinets are hard to get, bar a certain sega cabinet. This makes it kind of frustrated because good priced cabs are offered to forum goers of the arcade community and most of the European offers are in the uk, a bit far away for me. But because of recent injections of cabs into mainland Europe even the Netherlands. I am pretty much in a prime position to get my arcade cabinet up and running

An example of a candy cab

I'm no stranger to the whole arcade cab business or community but still I am no expert. I have been researching what to do for a long time. And I am ready to take the last few steps to get to where I want. I am gonna sell a lot of my prised collection so I can buy a candy cab. And even though I haven't written anything here for a long time I'm gonna document it here. This is because I have the feeling a few people here would have a good read.

My first step is to of course sell some of my stuff.
I have put up a few ads in the local craigslist look alike. One with all of my game collection. And one with my unwanted consoles. I'm planning on selling: my limited edition pearl white Japanese Playstation never used and lovely to look at. Together with my second XBOX360. Now even though the XBOX is easy to sell I cant get enough for it really. I have put a maximum of 150 price tag and that is including halo 3 and halo wars. But my biggest problem is that the Japanese Playstation is hard to move because it is a very niche object, only people that plan to play japanese games are interested and people outside of europe are fucked on shipping. I need to get at least 150 out of it if these two sell I will have a total of 300 Euros. This is short of what I need but definitely a good amount to start with. I'm going to need around the 700 Euro to get a reasonable cab. There are cabs around the 500 mark but there is a quality problem especially with the screens of these cabs This is because the cabinets are from the nineties, and are pretty much all ex Japanese arcade cabinets. This means some of the games so called 'attract screens' have been on the monitors screen for years and some maybe even a decade. Screen burn in is the scourge of arcade cabinet buyers.

Some crazy screen burn

Up for sale I have the two consoles I mentioned above but those are not the things I'm most attached to in this effort. I also have up for sale: things like, Castlevania symphony of the night limited edition, DoDonpachi daioujou a game that I dont feel like releasing but I need the money. I have a signed metal gear solid 2 by Hideo Kojima. This is the one item I will avoid selling if possible. But I have a few games still on the list that will rake in good money. (If anyone is interested in something i have pm me and I will send you the link but I wont deal on dtoid cause that would make this an ad and thats not what i want)

My castlevania

So now I wait till I get some reactions on my Marktplaats ad and see if some of my stuff sells.
After that the search will begin!

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