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matty125 avatar 9:38 AM on 09.19.2010  (server time)
The Resident Evil 3D film You SHOULD Have Saw

If you have seen Resident Evil: Afterlife this should make up for it. If you haven't, skip Afterlife and be glad you did. Check this out:

Ho-ly shit. Where's that in my Resi material these days? Well, that was Biohazard 4D-Executer and according to Wiki it was shown at theme parks in Japan and then later added 3D. Unfortunately, the 3D glasses I nabbed from my Toy Story 3 trip doesn't work with these clips, but you could probably make a safe bet that the blood would have squirted towards you as that dude's face was being literally torn apart. Damn... Sorry, Captain EO.


Street Fighter II: THE RIDE!

This was a simulator ride (think Star Tours at Disneyland with the chairs shaking, throwing and choking you). Neither of these films are in high quality, even then, but it does have the campiness that I enjoyed in the two games series I once loved.

"This place is weird, man!"

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