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matty125 avatar 5:06 AM on 08.11.2011  (server time)
Stab Charlotte in the ass in Madoka Magica Dungeon RPG!

This is Charlotte. She done you wrong. Have at it.

Namco Bandai and Nitroplus are banding together to bring us Madoka Magica Portable for the PSP. Andriasang says the game has two main features; adventure and dungeon. Judging by the screenshots it seems to have a similar setup to a game like how Persona 3 Portable is laid out. Shaft, the animation studio behind the anime series, is even making new transformation sequences for the game!

Check out what they have in store for the limited edition set!

There's the Madoka figma figure to cheer you on, a Blu-ray disc, a cute pink handkerchief to wipe the sweat after your intense battles, a Kyubei pouch to tuck away your game after a long night of slaying witches, and a picture label - all presented to you in a kickass looking box with Mami ready to shot your kneecap out.

If you already capped your Madoka Magica budget for the year, you can grab the standard release that also comes in a cool box and a DVD version the Blu-ray disc the LE set had. Get ready to collect Grief Seeds when the game is released on the PSP on March 15, 2012.

Oh, but your Madoka Magica gaming contract isn't up, yet! In a DLC pack released in Japan, you can play as Madoka herself in God Eater Burst. I'm not sure if this DLC is compatible with the N.A. release (word on the street is D3 Publisher won't release this pack in N.A. due to licensing issues), but it's worth checking into if you can't wait for Madoka Portable.
Check out these mad stats!

And for those wondering, "the hell is Madoka Magica?". Aniplex USA has licensed the 12 episode anime series that aired in Japan last Spring. It should hit retail in the U.S. relatively soon, but check it out. Don't let the magical girl premise throw you off. The show is seriously badass

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