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matty125 avatar 3:24 PM on 03.22.2010  (server time)
Have Twitter? Want free copy of Cave Story?

Then you're in luck! Nicalis, publisher of Cave Story on the WiiWare, will be giving away the game through their official Twitter.

Here are the details from their blog post:

"You may have heard that we’re going to be giving away two copies of Cave Story everyday, starting tomorrow, Monday March 22nd through Friday March 26th and the again Monday March 29th through Wednesday March 31st.

All you have to do to be eligible is add us on Twitter (@nicalis) and send the following message: “#cavestory is available on Wii and I want it now! My friend code 1234 5678 901 2345! Now gimme my Cave Story! @nicalis” (don’t use quotations and be sure to list your own friend code, not the generic number listed). We’ll be selecting people at random.

– But don’t send it yet!

To be eligible you have to post that message day-of. That is, if you want to try to get a free copy tomorrow, post the message anytime after 9AM PST tomorrow. If you aren’t selected, you can keep trying everyday until March 31st.

Each day we’ll select two people to receive the gift of Cave Story on Wii. Keep reading for more details

To receive Cave Story you must add the following Wii Friend Code. If you do not addit, you will not receive Cave Story–even if you are selected and we attempt to send it. This is a security feature of the Nintendo code system.

Please add: 3571 3540 3808 3416

When the dual-registration has been confirmed, we will be able to send you Cave Story (on or after March 22nd, 2010 9AM PST) as long as:

- Your Wii is a North American Wii (We will not be able to send a gift to other regions)
- Your Wii has been registered with the Wii Shop Channel
- Your Wii Country is set to “United States” (regardless if you are in Canada or any other physical location); you must confirm you are from the United States if your Wii unit isn’t already set to “United States” (this can be changed after you download Cave Story)
- Receiving gifts is turned ON in the Wii Shop Channel settings (this one is pretty important, too)"

Great deal, especially when you consider the game cost 1,200 Wii points. However, I hear the game is worth every point, so be sure to check it out, either way!

Via NintenDaan through Nicalis

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