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matty125 avatar 12:55 PM on 01.25.2011  (server time)
Gal Gun: Lock, Stock and A Pair of Smoking Panties

I'm going to skip any potentially offensive, but chuckle worthy snarks about school shootings and get straight to the game :3

Title: Gal☆Gun (ぎゃる☆がん)
Developer: Inti Creates
Publisher: Alchemist
Released: January 27, 2011
Platform: Xbox 360 (JPN)
Genre: Rail-gun

You can actually play this game right now, but first here's the gist of the story; rookie, pink-haired angel, Patako, is set out to do a simple task of shooting an arrow at average high schooler Tenzou in a way similar to Cupid. Patako must have set her love gun to full blast because she fills poor Tenzou full of [s]lead[/s] hearts instantly making him the school's heartthrob. Sounds like any guy's fantasy, right? Not unless you want to find your true love, so Patako loads up on pheromones to fend off the female frenzy and gets to work.

Now, how can you take part in the love bang action? First you need an Xbox 360. There, that's the hard part! What you need to do now is set up a Japanese account to use on the Japanese market place to download the demo. Just fallow the instructions laid out in this video:

It's quite simple. Basically, you just need to create a Live account on the web with all the settings set to Japan (country, zip code, etc.) and then create a Gamer Tag that is liked to that account. As of now, this is the only way to create a legit Japanese account on Xbox Live, but it's a lot less time consuming (and hundreds of bucks cheaper) than importing another Xbox system from Japan - not that there isn't a reason to import one anyway, but I'll save that for another time ;-)

Once you have your Japanese account on XBL set up, head to the demo section. It's the last box to the far right once you're in the Market Place, set up exactly like the American counterpart. You're almost there! Just scroll till you see the title (there aren't many), download it, load it up and get to work. The best part; you can also load the demo from your regular Xbox account, using your Japanese one to download whatever exclusive demos that may come your way there!

The game itself is incredibly fun. It's plays out the same way as your standard arcade on-rails shooter, like House of The Dead and such. Instead of shooting for the brain for an instant-kill, you have to shoot the "sweet spots" on the teenage horn-dogs, or what the game calls Ecstasy Shot. These spots can be discovered on several parts; the head, ankles, but the most common spot for the shot I noticed was the abdomen and thighs...


You'll notice these spots while you aim on the lasses when you see a yellow "ビクッ". Shooting a pink "doki" seems to do the trick and let them down with an orgasmic expression, as well.
Master this technique and you'll be able to avoid the girls painful love letters pushed to your gut or their shouts of "キスした" and "スキです" that pierce your soul before they knock you out.

So, what does happen when the love is just too painful to bear?

( ゚Д゚)



In the words of Jonathan Holmes' Sagat I say FUNK DAT. Kumi and I have other plans, but try the game out yourself. For a demo you get a chunk of time with about 30-40 minutes of gameplay and while the game isn't crisp, it is absolutely ADORABLE and CUTE. Not the words used to describe games involving shooting people, but there you have it. Gal Gun.
In the full game you chase after four gals and tinker with your stats ("ecchi" is one of them. Still not sure if that directly affects gameplay or not). Also, if an unwanted intruder barges in during gameplay, press the select button on the controller to use as an escape key and it ushers in an oldschool RPG screen. Very handy if you have shame, unlike me.

BTW, Kumi and I just got engaged and you're all invited to the wedding. Now, commence the ceremonial dance.

My love...

There's only you in my life...

The only thing that's right...


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