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matty125's blog

2:48 PM on 10.01.2011

NIS America: Black Rock Shooter Figma. You Interested?

Over at Siliconera, there is a poll set up to see just how many fans are interested in premium box package that is exclusive to the PSP game, Black Rock Shooter: The Game. Yes, it will include the figure you see here, so ...   read

1:33 PM on 08.30.2011

XSeed Games is bringing YOU to a Corpse Party!

Or rather they're bringing the PSP horror game, Corpse Party, to YOU sometime in the future. XSeed Games made a video of "Tom" announcing not so much the game, but that YOU are going to die. They linked it through their T...   read

5:06 AM on 08.11.2011

Stab Charlotte in the ass in Madoka Magica Dungeon RPG!

This is Charlotte. She done you wrong. Have at it. Namco Bandai and Nitroplus are banding together to bring us Madoka Magica Portable for the PSP. Andriasang says the game has two main features; adventure and dungeon. Judg...   read

9:44 AM on 07.27.2011

Level 5 Wants YOU to Vote!

Time Travelers Independent developer, Level 5, has been hustlin' quite a bit lately. Recently, they revealed their new international HQ office they just opened in North America, and now that the shop is up they want to kno...   read

6:51 AM on 07.20.2011

Idolm@ster 2 Starts Touring on the PS3

One of the Xbox 360's saving grace in Japan has been The Idolm@ster series, the game where you take the role as a producer and guide a young girl into idol stardom. Grace be gone with the Xbox because The Idolm@ster 2, the...   read

3:02 AM on 05.12.2011


Don't speak. Just listen... The voice of our generation? Well, maybe not, but it's a far cry from The Black Out Band. Jesus Christ. Via @Triphibian   read

3:51 PM on 03.28.2011

Focus Group act like numbnuts, rejects horror DS game

For those who don't know, Nanashi No Game ("The Nameless Game") is a horror title for the Nintendo DS by Square-Enix. I wondered for a while why such a fantastic game was not brought across the Pacific with the amount of p...   read

12:55 PM on 01.25.2011

Gal Gun: Lock, Stock and A Pair of Smoking Panties

I'm going to skip any potentially offensive, but chuckle worthy snarks about school shootings and get straight to the game :3 Title: Gal☆Gun (ぎゃる☆がん) Developer: Inti Creates P...   read

9:38 AM on 09.19.2010

The Resident Evil 3D film You SHOULD Have Saw

If you have seen Resident Evil: Afterlife this should make up for it. If you haven't, skip Afterlife and be glad you did. Check this out: Ho-ly shit. Where's that in my Resi material these days? Well, that was Biohazar...   read

3:58 AM on 09.15.2010

Grasshopper Manufacture's new game is "DMD"

That's the abbreviation that Suda51 wants people to use for "Shadows of the Damned", the action-thriller game. The game was announced at Electronic Arts's conference in Tokyo with Goichi Suda, Shinji Mikami, and Akira Yama...   read

8:57 AM on 08.08.2010

Arc System stuff, BlazBlue stuff, cute stuff all around

Who doesn't enjoy cute stuff once in a while? Well, retailers, it seems. Cutesy stuff are a hard sale. That's why we turn our perked noses towards over the Pacific, specifically, Yokohama, Japan. Arc System Works opened ...   read

6:45 AM on 07.24.2010

I'll stick to being a "gamer", thank you!

Go to any gaming site and you'll see a couple hopeful souls that want to break into the gaming biz. I don't want to say 'hope be gone with you' just yet (I'll leave that to the happy campers at Gamasutra in bit :P). It tak...   read

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