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Over at Siliconera, there is a poll set up to see just how many fans are interested in premium box package that is exclusive to the PSP game, Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

Yes, it will include the figure you see here, so if you fancy the figure, cast your vote over at the site here! The poll closes on October 2, so make haste!

Just be sure to note that if NIS America does decide to release this set that it will not include the UMD version of the game. You would still get the figure, an artbook, and a soundtrack CD (the track by One OK Rock excluded, sorry!). Kind of an odd way to present goodies with a game without a copy of the game itself, unless, they're planning to include a digital code of some sort? Details of that and the price are not disclosed, as this is just to see how many are interested in the set, but stay updated on NIS America's Newsletter to see how things go down.

If things don't pan out for the North American release you can still import the game with the figure at AmiAmi for 8,560 yen, or look at the pretty pictures at Mikatan's Blog for free!

Or rather they're bringing the PSP horror game, Corpse Party, to YOU sometime in the future.

XSeed Games made a video of "Tom" announcing not so much the game, but that YOU are going to die.
They linked it through their Twitter feed, but just have a look at the link:

Yes, that is something! Thank YOU, Tom.

Now, how would one know this is Corpse Party? Take a close look at the trailer and you'll see a cute drawing of kids stabbing a dude repeatedly. Compare that picture to the article at horror game fansite, Chris' Survival Horror Quest, and YOU got yourself a confirmation! Although, when XSeed has pretty much been hinting at bringing over a horror game on the PSP, I mean, there can only be so few, yeah.

If YOU have a Japanese PSN account you can play the demo of the game, but the story is basically kids get stuck in their school and ...things start to happen.

No word on the release date, but YOU can out for this possibly before the end of the year.

This is Charlotte. She done you wrong. Have at it.

Namco Bandai and Nitroplus are banding together to bring us Madoka Magica Portable for the PSP. Andriasang says the game has two main features; adventure and dungeon. Judging by the screenshots it seems to have a similar setup to a game like how Persona 3 Portable is laid out. Shaft, the animation studio behind the anime series, is even making new transformation sequences for the game!

Check out what they have in store for the limited edition set!

There's the Madoka figma figure to cheer you on, a Blu-ray disc, a cute pink handkerchief to wipe the sweat after your intense battles, a Kyubei pouch to tuck away your game after a long night of slaying witches, and a picture label - all presented to you in a kickass looking box with Mami ready to shot your kneecap out.

If you already capped your Madoka Magica budget for the year, you can grab the standard release that also comes in a cool box and a DVD version the Blu-ray disc the LE set had. Get ready to collect Grief Seeds when the game is released on the PSP on March 15, 2012.

Oh, but your Madoka Magica gaming contract isn't up, yet! In a DLC pack released in Japan, you can play as Madoka herself in God Eater Burst. I'm not sure if this DLC is compatible with the N.A. release (word on the street is D3 Publisher won't release this pack in N.A. due to licensing issues), but it's worth checking into if you can't wait for Madoka Portable.
Check out these mad stats!

And for those wondering, "the hell is Madoka Magica?". Aniplex USA has licensed the 12 episode anime series that aired in Japan last Spring. It should hit retail in the U.S. relatively soon, but check it out. Don't let the magical girl premise throw you off. The show is seriously badass
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Time Travelers

Independent developer, Level 5, has been hustlin' quite a bit lately. Recently, they revealed their new international HQ office they just opened in North America, and now that the shop is up they want to know what you want to see them cook up! Or, rather, which one of the their games seems "most exciting" to you. We can assume this is to give them an idea of fans outside Japan are like and possibly direct them to the type of games we would want to see from them.

It's not a shabby selection, either! Level 5 is known for making engaging games that have a nice style to them (they worked with Studio Ghibli on a game, for goodness sakes), and, of course, the ever popular Professor Layton games.

If you have a Facebook account you can cast a single vote here. You can vote on one of the seven choices available. I'll try to list them here:

Ni no Kuni (PS3)

The Little Battlers (PSP)

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney (3DS)

Inazuma Eleven Strikers (Wii)

Ni no Kuni

Inazuma Eleven (DS)

Time Travelers (3DS)

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle

Fantasy Life (3DS)

Girl's RPG Cinderelife

So, which one are you most excited for?

One of the Xbox 360's saving grace in Japan has been The Idolm@ster series, the game where you take the role as a producer and guide a young girl into idol stardom. Grace be gone with the Xbox because The Idolm@ster 2, the latest in the franchise, is set to appear on the Playstation 3 on October 27. A regular edition and limited edition is set to appear on that date.

What makes this a remarkable thing is because ever since the original Idolm@ster game was first released on the 360 in 2007, fans who didn't have the means to import the region locked system had to settle for the PSP games or the DS one that only offered a scaled down experience of the main games. While the vanilla release of IM@S 2 at 7,980 yen is nothing to scoff at, you can bet that's a lot easier to swallow than getting that PLUS a Xbox 360 that you have to import. You can say what you want about the music and dancing, but you got to admit, there are very few cel-shaded games that look as good as this:

To pour salt on the Xbox 360 Idolm@niacs' wounds, the PS3 version will get a few of the DLC released so far on disk. That speaks volumes for fans (and Namco Bandai) as that includes clothes, accessories and even songs. There is no shortage of DLC for the series in general.
You can't say you didn't see this coming, though! Besides the PSP games (that Namco Bandai generously separated into three retail games) IM@S has already debuted on the PS3 for a "concert" in PS Home. Or maybe it was timed to coincide with the Idolm@ster anime series currently airing? (how are people enjoying that, by the way?)

Those who begged high and low on publishers forums to localize the game, well, keep begging, but at least here's your chance to at least play the game if you have a PS3 on hand. (and about a hundred bucks on the other hand to buy the game, of course.)
Although we missed out on classics such as "Colorful Days" and "Ippai Ippai", we can soon share the experience with the next generation. With 100% more hamburger:

Source: Siliconera and NeoGaf via Famitsu.
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Don't speak. Just listen...

The voice of our generation? Well, maybe not, but it's a far cry from The Black Out Band.

Jesus Christ.

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